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Wegmans Gives Healthy Eating Tips

MANASSAS, Va. — Wegmans provided healthy eating tips to a Boys and Girls Club in Mansssas this week.

Approximately twenty students participating in a Wegmans internship program brought presentations on eating healthy to the club on Wellington Road on Tuesday.

Children were encouraged to play basketball and dodge ball, as well as an educational game about healthy eating choices, and to try samples of fruits and vegetables. More than 75 children were in attendance, and all received take-home activities and were treated to a movie, “Puss In Boots.”

“We were asked to bring a presentation with us to the club specifically talking about healthy eating choices, half plate healthy (eating half a plate of veggies and fruits and the other half protein) and eating a rainbow (eating all the different colors of the rainbow for veggies and fruit),” said Paxton Cope, a Wegmans intern.

The children were also able to write down and draw what they had to eat that day.



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