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Slug Tales: Radio Stations Offend Some

If there’s one thing that I enjoy more than sharing my own Slug Tales, it’s hearing the tales from others who also Slug.

Whether you are a commuter or not, the stories are usually pretty entertaining – and especially as a commuter, I can relate to some of the experiences my fellow Slugs have shared. Often times I’ll check my Facebook account during the morning commute, and every now and then I’ll run across a friend’s post, either complaining about a slow driver or dirty car, or enjoying the driver’s chosen radio station.

As far as radio stations go, I honestly don’t mind what a driver chooses, as long as they don’t leave the radio off completely. Although I’d never complain directly to the driver, I just don’t like the awkward silence. Some noise is better than nothing at all. And I’ve ridden in cars with all types of music playing – typically the news on WTOP-FM, but some drivers prefer country stations, hip-hop stations, Christian rock, and so on. One of my personal favorites is The Kane Show on 99.5, which is pretty funny. The host, Kane, airs prank calls, which tend to get the whole car laughing out loud.

While I’d say I’m pretty easy going when it comes to the radio station, I do recognize that not every Slug feels the same way. I’ve heard complaints from Slugs about music being too loud, or too vulgar for their taste, or perhaps they don’t like listening to stations with a religious or spiritual theme. Personally, I think people tend to be too easily offended these days, but that’s just my opinion. The few times that I have picked up Slugs, I’ve purposely chosen a generic pop or news station and make sure to keep it at a reasonable volume, so that everyone is comfortable.

Last week I overheard two ladies in the Slug line talking about a driver one of them had ridden with recently, who listened to loud rap music on the drive in one morning, and then called into the radio station to win a contest. I laughed on the inside as the lady described the driver going as far as grabbing a pen and paper to write something down before calling in, while speeding on the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on Interstate 95. Her friend shook her head and told her what she would have done in her situation, but the lady explained that she didn’t feel comfortable complaining or asking the driver to stop and focus on driving safely.

One of my Facebook friends recently posted that she was riding with the “slowest Slug driver ever,” which also made me laugh because I could relate. I think all Slugs probably feel that way at some point during our travels. And it always seems to happen to me on the day that I’m in a hurry to get to work, too. But again in that situation, complaining to the driver or asking them to “speed it up” is not really an option, as much as I’ve wanted to do just that.

It’s true that Slugs are somewhat at the mercy of their drivers for a safe and comfortable ride, and the way each Slug chooses to handle difficult circumstances is up to the individual. But if there’s one thing we can do to make it easier, it’s by sharing our stories and laughing about them later.

If you are a Slug and have a funny or unbelievable Slug Tale of your own, we welcome you to share it! Please follow Slug Tales on Twitter @SlugTales or post to the Facebook wall, #SlugTales!


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