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Region Flirts with Triple-Digit Temps

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — The first day of summer will bring the heat today as forecasters said it could feel like 102 degrees outside.

A heat advisory goes into effect at noon today until 10 p.m. Thursday Temperatures will approach the 100 degree mark as hot, humid air moves over the region.

Heat illness can be an issue when the mercury rises to these levels, so the National Weather Service has urged everyone to stay indoors, drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks, wear light-colored clothing, and to check on neighbors and the elderly.

In Woodbridge, a cooling drop-in next to the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission’s bus terminal will offer extended hours for those who need to cool off, take a shower, and have a bite to eat. Many who take advantage of the center live in homeless camps in the surrounding woods.

The scorcher continues Thursday with sunny skies and a high of 96 degrees forecast. Cooler weather is expected by the weekend.


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