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Obama Makes Mom’s Apple Pie Her Own

OCCOQUAN, Va. — Molly Glenn and her coworkers at Mom’s Apple Pie in Occoquan got a call about 1 p.m. Thursday. A person on the other end of the line informed them “someone from D.C. was coming.”

Hoping to make the bakery known for its homemade pies and breads even more presentable than usual, Glenn and coworkers hurried to clean. Later, another phone call – this time from the Secret Service – informed them that their D.C. visitor would be First Lady Michelle Obama.

Obama stopped by the Occoquan Mom’s Apple Pie on her way to VFW Post 153 in Dale City, where she delivered a campaign speech for her husband, President Barack Obama, and greeted a crowd of about 450 people.

But the impromptu gathering in Occoquan was an intimate affair. The First Lady took time out to give everyone inside the bakery a hug, listen to a child play violin, and then – with her own money – bought an apple and cherry pie, said Glynn.

“I was so happy, and she was, honestly, so sweet. She was very, very kind,” said Glynn, who admitted she was surprised to see the Obama in their bakery.

In an email, even Occoquan Mayor Earine Porta chimed in about the First Lady’s visit.

“The First Lady could not have been more gracious, taking time to speak and take photographs with customers and staff–and to purchase some of Mom’s fine offerings,” stated Porta.

For Glynn, she’s never been visited by a president or a first lady, and this is not something she’ll soon forget.

“No, it was insane, it was really cool,” she said.


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