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Top Stafford Educators Honored

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — Stafford’s top educators have been recognized by that’s county’s public school system, which awarded the Educator of the Year Award at a reception at Mountain View High School last week.

Principal of the Year: William Boatwright, A.G. Wright Middle School

William Boatwright has worked with Stafford County Public Schools since 1994 when he came on board as a counselor. He briefly left the system for a stint as an assistant middle school principal in Fredericksburg, but returned to Stafford where he was appointed Assistant Principal at Brooke Point High School, according to a document from the schools system.

Since 2004, Boatwright has led A.G. Wright Middle School where he initiated the “A of the Day” program which recognizes achievements of the students there.

Assistant Principal of the Year: Jeanna DeCarli, North Stafford High School

Jeanna DeCarli served as Assistant Principal of Brooke Point High School in 2000, and then moved to the Stafford County Public Schools Central Office to serve as the division’s literacy coordinator.

DeCarli was appointed Assistant Principal at North Stafford High School shortly thereafter, according to documents from the schools.

DeCarli worked to develop the North Stafford High School Improvement Plan, and is a member fo the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the Association for Supervison and Cirriculim Development, as well as other associations, according to school documents.

First Class Teacher of the Year: Nicholas Kennedy, Anthony Burns Elementary School

Nicholas Kennedy teaches fifth grade at Anthony Burns Elementary School in Stafford County, where he’s known as a cooperative, energetic, enthusiastic teacher who is dedicated to his students.

Kennedy is also known for incorporating technology into the learning process by developing interactive lessons that engage students, according to school documents.

Kennedy is the Safety Patrol Officer at his school, as well as a representative and member of the school’s basketball team. He also is involved in the school’s D.A.R.E. program and holds tutoring sessions for students so they can brush up on skills needed to pass the Virginia Standards of Learning exams.

Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher: Nicholas Martino, Mountain View High School

Whether he’s helping to clean up the Rappahannock River or helping to rebuild a remote village in a foreign country, Mountain View High School Anthropology Teacher Nicolas Martino has a focus that extends beyond the classroom.

Martino, who teaches IB classes, has developed partnerships with local and international non-profit organizations that help to build better communities.

Martino is also the Head Golf Coach at Mountain View High School, as well as the Assistant Lacrosse Coach.


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