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More Commuter Parking On The Way

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Construction of a new commuter lot in Woodbridge is underway next to the largest commuter lot in the state.

Dubbed the Telegraph Road Lot, when it’s finished, the new lot will boast 700 commuter parking spaces and will sit next to the Horner Road Lot at Prince William Parkway and Interstate 95. The Horner Road Lot is the largest commuter lot in the Virginia with more than 2,300 parking spaces, making it popular with carpoolers and commuter bus riders.

The new Telegraph Road Lot will be constructed in two phases and will sit on the old site of a commuter bus garage once owned by the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Comisssion, operators of OmniRide and OmniLink bus services.

Prince William County officials in December awarded a $2.4 million contract to Tavares Concrete as part of the first phase, which will see 500 parking spaces constructed. The remaining spaces will added in the second phase of the project, according to county transportation officials.

The parking lot comes after state and county officials last year announced several transportation improvements in the Potomac Communities. The Telegraph Road Commuter Lot was one of the identified projects.

Prince William County Transportation Department Director Thomas Blaser said the first phase of the new lot should be open by Labor Day.

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