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Potomac Nationals Debut Improved Field

Woodbridge, Va. – A new field at Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge has been unveiled, making for a refurbished, safer place for the Potomac Nationals to play.

Unveiled on Tuesday, the baseball diamond has been regarded and is now to professional baseball standards, a new irrigation system is in place, and the pitcher’s mound and home plate area completely reconstructed.

“The field had not been rebuilt since ball park construction in 1984 and initially when built was not in compliance with major league requirements. What we now have is state of the art which will provide a superior playing surface, but more importantly one that will minimize player injury,” said Potomac Nationals owner Art Silber.

The improvements to this field come as Silber and county officials are working out details on an agreement for a new stadium site somewhere in Prince William County. Officials have been tight-lipped about where a new stadium will be located, but Prince William Potomac District Supervisor this week said the team will not leave Prince William.

In year’s past, Silber had threatened to move the team to Loudoun County and said a new stadium located along the Dulles Metro Rail extension would be ideal for the team and fans.

Pfitzner Stadium sits behind the Prince William County Government Center in Woodbridge. The Potomac Nationals begin their regular season there April 13.

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