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Letter: Vote for Fred Sweat

Fred C. Sweat (Submitted)

I am writing in support of Fred Sweat for Supervisor in Stafford County’s Griffis-Widewater District.

I’ve gotten to know Fred because he owns Sunnyside Nursery near my home in North Stafford. It’s a wonderful nursery and unique gift shop and I am there often meandering about the flowers, sculptures and beautiful water features. And while his nursery operation is impressive, I am more impressed with the man himself.

Fred Sweat is instantly liked by most people with his always sunny disposition, but more than that he is a leader in our community. He sets the example everyday by getting involved with this community, the Griffis-Widewater community, where he lives and works. He gets involved, and more importantly he gets you involved. He listens to the people and knows firsthand issues that affect our neighbors, he promotes the other small businesses in this area, he encourages us to buy American, and he urges us to work together as a community.

Fred has hopes to implement a gardening program to educate the young people on how to be self-sufficient and how to live off what you grow in your garden, and I love that idea. Bottom line: Fred Sweat has integrity, compassion, and works hard. I can think of no better qualifications for a public servant. I am most fortunate to call Fred Sweat my friend, I hope you all have the same opportunity to meet Fred, and if you do, I am confident that you will benefit from it.

Fred Sweat is the candidate I trust to represent me, and to protect my interests when it comes to making the decisions that come before the supervisors of this county.

Kelly Reynolds
North Stafford

Editor’s note: Fred C. Sweat is a Democrat vying to represent the Griffis-Widewater District on Stafford’s Board of Supervisors. Voters will go to the polls on Nov. 8. Submit your open Letter to the Editor by emailing it


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