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Body Found in Aquia Harbour

Investigators cordoned off an area near Aquia Creek in the Aquia Harbour neighborhood Saturday after a body was reportedly found along the shoreline. (KJ Mushung/

By KJ Mushung


Sheriff’s authorities confirmed a body was found this afternoon in the Aquia Harbour neighborhood, classifying the victim’s death as ‘unattended,’ a term often used in cases of suicide.

No foul play was suspected in the case, said Stafford sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy.

Sources said the victim is a woman, age 40 to 45, who was found suffering a fatal gunshot wound.

Police cordoned off an area of the neighborhood which drew the attention of residents.

One man told investigators he repositioned the victim’s head after he found her lying on the ground.

 Original post 2:30 p.m. 

North Stafford, Va. — A body was discovered Saturday on the banks of Aquia Creek in Aquia Harbour after a fisherman heard a gunshot, sources said.

About 11 a.m., Chris Lawson was in his bass boat when he heard what sounded like a pistol firing.

By noon, 10 emergency vehicles were on the scene on Washington Drive by the Aquia Harbour Marina. Police tape cordoned off the tree-covered hill that led to the water.

Aquia Harbour Police Chief Patricia Harman and Stafford sheriff’s authorities have yet to comment on the incident but did say an investigation is underway.

The front gate of Aquia Harbour continued to operate normally after the body was discovered. By 1:30 p.m., two undercover police cars joined the scene. Aquia Harbour Dockmaster Glen Sirbaugh said that, to his knowledge, the waterway by the crime scene was not blocked off by police.

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