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Crew Called to Fire at Radio Tower

A crew from Dumfries Triangle Volunteer Fire Department investigate a report of a fire at the base of one of three radio towers on Mine Road in Dumfries. (Uriah Kiser/

Dumfries, Va. –– A single red fire truck was called to investigate a fire at one of three radio towers on Mine Road in Dumfries about 2:20 p.m. Saturday.

No one was hurt and there was no serious damage at the tower, though the  fire crew said they could see and smell smoke once they arrived on the scene.

No one ever saw any flames, making the fire seem less suspicious in nature and could have possibly caused by malfunctioning electrical equipment, one Dumfries Triangle Volunteer Fire Department official said. 

The towers stand high above Dumfries and are easily seen from Interstate 95.

At the base of the towers is a large field, and surrounding that field are country homes. From their porch steps, those who live in those houses looked on at the late summer afternoon commotion on their otherwise quiet street.

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