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Crows Nest Hunter’s Lotto Announced

The Redhead duck is one of the common species found at Crows Nest.

Stafford County, Va. –– Hunting season is about to begin at Crow’s Nest State Natural Preserve, and a lottery is being held to see who will be allowed to pull the trigger.

The wildlife preserve, acquired by the state in 2008, allows a managed waterfowl hunt on the property one day per week during the fall and early winter months. In September, its early goose and teal season, early duck season in October, and the regular duck season between November and January.

Those who want to hunt on the preserve located in the Brooke area of Stafford County must pay a $5 non-refundable fee by Aug. 12 to be entered in the lottery.

“These hunts provide [Virginia’s Department of Conservation and Recreation] a means by which to balance the use of the Crow’s Nest marshes and shorelines, allowing public waterfowling on a controlled basis – one day per week during the designated seasons. For the remaining days of the week, this approach allows the preserve to function as migratory bird and bald eagle resting and overwintering areas – as well as prime bird watching locations,” DCR spokeswoman Julie Buchanan.

Hunting hours will be on Fridays from one half hour before sunrise to sunset.

Those who are selected to be allowed to hunt at Crows Nest will be notified by mail within two weeks of the drawing and will have the option to purchase up to three permits at $100 each.

Hunters must also show proof of completing a hunter education safety course, said Buchanan.

This is the fourth season hunters have been allowed to hunt waterfowl at Crows Nest. The state also allows managed waterfowl hunting at two other preserves: Dameron Marsh and Hughlett Point, both in Northumberland County.

Crows Nest is a 4,000 acre peninsula that is bordered by the Potomac and Accoceek creeks that was spared from development.

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