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Garces Postpones Kickoff

Democratic candidate Esteban Garces is seeking the 2nd District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. (Campaign photo)

Woodbridge, Va. –– Esteban Garces cancelled his first official campaign appearance Monday night.

The 30-year-old Democrat said a family emergency kept him from greeting his supporters at Todos supermarket in Woodbridge. Thankfully, he says, things are OK with his family but he did not elaborate on what the issue was.

There are plans to reschedule the campaign kick off on July 25 but did not say where it would be located, and did not say why he is choosing to postpone the event to the end of the month.

Garces placed a short press release on his website on June 22 stating he would seek the seat for the newly shifted 2nd House district, a product of the decennial political redistricting process.

By phone Monday night, Garces said his campaign will focus on improving transportation in the region, stopping foreclosures and education.

“There are a lot of working families that are struggling right now, and there doesn’t seem to be that much concern for them in Richmond,” said Garces.

The self described liberal posted few details about himself on his campaign website or Facebook page. His Facebook page, however, does have several photos of Garces posing in positions with arms crossed, some with him smiling and others a with a stern look on his face.

He graduated from the University of Mary Washington and lives in Woodbridge.

His opponent, Stafford County Board Chairman Mark Dudenhefer, has  more political experience than Garces, but Garces says his campaign expects to do well across the district – which includes heavily democratic precincts in Woodbridge and  conservative precincts in North Stafford.

“We expect to win,” said Garces.

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