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Super Q Mart Closes

Woodbridge, Va. –– An ethnic grocery store in Woodbridge has closed its doors.

Super Q Mart International Food, known for its wide selection of low-priced produce and ethnic specialties from around the globe closed their doors last week.

A store manager who did not give her name said there are no plans to reopen the store, and noted customers had been calling to find out why they closed.

The manager offered no explanation for the closure, and said there was no one available at the corporate level to speak about the abrupt closure.

The supermarket occupied a space left vacant by Giant Food, on River Ridge Boulevard in the River Oaks neighborhood.

Super Q Mart also has two other stores, one in Manassas and in Frederick, Md. that remain open.

According to the grocery chain’s website, the remaining stores offer more than 50,000 international foods and products.

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