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Vampire Lover Pleads Not Guilty

Christopher Rodriguez, 28, is charged in a bizarre underage vampire love case. (Submitted)

Update 10:25 a.m.
Stafford, Va. –– The man charged in a bizarre sex case involving a 14-year-old girl and a website about vampires plead not guilty today.

Christopher Rodriguez, a 28-year-old former Navy sailor, will stand trial July 6 on after Stafford County investigators say be used an internet chat room about vampires to meet the girl, then traveled last fall from his home in Florida to meet her so the two could have sex.

While in Stafford, Rodriguez planned to administer a mixture of crushed sleeping and anti-depressant pills to the teen’s family but was unsuccessful, investigators said.

Rodriguez and the teen went to a Halloween party where he planned to give the girl the same crushed mixture of pills and then have sex with her, investigators told the Miami Herald.

But a chaperone did not allow Rodriguez inside the party, and the teen –– a willing participant up until this point –– called her parents about Rodriguez who then called the Stafford County sheriff’s office.

Rodriguez showed up later that night outside the girl’s home, tossed rocks at her window, and told her he would return when she was 18-years-old so the two could be married.

“This case is unusual for sure,” said sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy. “Thankfully the girl changed her mind and decided she did not want to be involved with the suspect.”

Sheriff’s investigators have not charged the teen, but do say the girl and Rodriguez already considered themselves to be married via the vampire chat room.

Rodriguez travelled to Stafford County with the intention of having sex with the teenage knowing she was a minor, said Kennedy.

Stafford, Va. –– The Florida man behind a real-life vampire love story is schedule to appear in court today.

Christopher Rodriguez, 28, was indicted in December accused of traveling to Stafford County to see a 14-year-old girl he met on an internet chat room about vampires.

The former Navy Sailor was extradited to Stafford this month after investigators claim he met up with the girl, took her to a Halloween party and attempted to slip the girl a crushed-up mixture of sleeping pills and antidepressants.  He was unable to so because someone confronted him at the party, investigators told the Miami Herald.

Rodriguez fled the party and the girl’s mother picked her up and took her home, where later that night Rodriguez returned the girls home, threw rocks at her window and told her he would be back to marry her, investigators said.

Rodriguez is married but is separated from his wife, and has a fascination with vampires and renaissance fairs, the Miami Herald reported.  Relatives told the Florida newspaper he Rodriguez thought the girl was 18-years-old when he traveled by train to Stafford to meet her.

Rodriguez faces charges of using a communications device to solicit a minor as well as distribution of a controlled substance to a juvenile, according to Virginia court records.

If convicted, Rodriguez faces 80 years in prison.

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