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Is Mt. Vernon right for a dog park?

Mt. Vernon, Va. –– Residents want a dog park in the Mt. Vernon area.

But first, officials say, there has to be a plan for one.

The 22-acre West Grove Park on Fort Hunt Road has long been eyed for a potential dog park, and if built would join seven others in Fairfax County that allow dogs to roam without the leash.

While residents want it, officials still need to make a master plan for West Grove Park that will govern what types of amenities are placed there, from playgrounds to facilities.

“It is a park but there is no master plan for it yet,” said Fairfax County Park Authority spokeswoman Judy Pedersen. “We’ve heard from citizens who want the dog park but we need to see it put into a master plan before we could allow it.”

The park is the former site of a sewage pumping station, and a master plan is not in the works now but it could be soon, said Pedersen.

The entire process would take about a year, allowing for a public comment period and time to review the master plan for the park.

Park officials would also look for a non-profit group to back plans for the park and help maintain it if built.

West Grove Park is located at 6801 Fort Hunt Road, and is one of more than 400 county-owned parks in Fairfax.

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