Controversial ad lands principal in hot water

Nardos King has been principal of Mt. Vernon High School in Fairfax County since 2006.

Nardos King has been principal of Mt. Vernon High School in Fairfax County since 2006.

MT. VERNON, Va.–A principal has apologized for placing a controversial ad inside of her high school’s yearbook.

Nardos King, who has been principal at Mt. Vernon High School in Fairfax County since 2006, placed an ad for her private “Body Magic” business, which she conducts outside of school, on a page of the 2010 yearbook, according to Fairfax school officials.

Earlier this month, a Fairfax County Public Schools assistant administrator held a private meeting with Nardos and about 10 other members of the community who were concerned about the negative impacts of the ad, said Fairfax County Schools spokesman Paul Regnier.

According to the Mt. Vernon Gazette, among other things the ad claimed, “Body Magic” would give users a slimmer waist line and enhance their sex lives.

Attendance to the meeting was by invitation only and no details about the gathering were released to the public.

Nardos is slated to return to the school as principal next year.

“The assistant superintendent wanted to meet with members of the community who expressed their concerns, but we wouldn’t be able to discuss any disciplinary action that would have been taken” said Reginer.

Parents and community members have called the Fairfax Public Schools administrative offices about the advertisement. The faculty and staff at Mt. Vernon High School have been instructed not to talk about the ad with community members, but rather forward all concerns to the school administration offices.

Reginer said Nardos issued a written apology to parents, students and staff at the school.

Before the year book controversy surfaced, Fairfax County Public Schools awarded Nardos the 2008 Outstanding First-Year Principal Award.

Nardos taught special education at Mt. Vernon from 1997 until 2001 and was later promoted to subschool principal in 2002, according to information from Fairfax public schools.

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