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Woodbridge fighter to get second chance

Kris McCray, the 28-year-old mixed martial arts championship fighter who appeared Saturday on cable television in an Ultimate Fighting Championship match, hails from Woodbridge.

At the match in Las Vegas, he was competing for a contract that comes with a six-figure salary to become a full-time UFC fighter. But he came up short when he lost to his opponent, Court McGee.

His friend and trainer for the past 10 years, Elijah Harshbarger, says he’ll get another chance to step into the ring.

“We talked to the UFC guys and they should be calling us in the next few weeks, so we’ll be there to pick up the phone when it rings,” said Harshbarger.

He didn’t say when or where the match could take place, but did say McCray cannot participate in any other fighting events as long as he is involved with UFC.

Harshbarger was in McCray’s corner during Saturday’s fight and said McCray was prepared for the match, but McGee had an overall better game plan from the start of the bout.

McCray congratulated McGee on his win Saturday during the show’s live season finale.

McCray and Harshbarger met as wrestlers in high school. Harshbarger graduated from Gar-Field High School and McCray from Woodbridge Senior High School.

Both went on to coach for their respective schools and that’s when McCray decided he wanted to be a professional fighter, said Harshbarger.

Three years ago, Harshbarger opened Gold Medal Grappling, a gym in Woodbridge where McCray trains at least two days a week.

He says McCray gets a lot of support from his hometown.

“We have fans from everywhere and when go out to clubs and hang out we don’t have to stand in line, we shake hands and take a lot of pictures,” said Harshbarger.

UFC fighters use a mix of kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, karate and boxing when they’re in the ring. The events are televised on Spike TV.

*This story originally appeared on on Monday June 21, 2010.

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