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Dale City Farmers Market draws crowds

There was no shortage of sweet corn, fruits, vegetables, popcorn or even dueling banjos at Sunday’s Dale City Farmer’s Market.

The popular open air market drew farmers from Central Virginia, Stafford and other points that all came to sell produce, flowers, seasonings and other goods they had produced.

Evelyn Scott with traveled from Saluda in Middlesex County, about an hour west of Richmond, to sell lilies, perennials and other fresh-cut flowers.

“I only set up shop at producer-only farmers markets because it would be hard to do business next to a wholesaler,” she said. “Since my flowers are all locally grown, you’ll get a better deal from me.”

At 11 a.m. at least 60 people were still strolling through the market that sits near the intersection of Dale Boulevard and Minnieville Road, sampling free tomatoes, flavored butters and homemade salsas.

In the process they were entertained by some very unlikely music.

“We just like pickin’ around,” said Martin Stamper, who along with band mate Travis Ferrell was dueling banjoes Bluegrass style. “We both live in Manassas, so it’s fun for us to just come here and play.”

The two have been playing together in their band, Stomper, for eight years, he said. They play mostly local gigs.

The market, which is featured on the state’s tourism Web site, opens each Sunday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. Its season lasts from April 4 through Nov. 21.

*This story originally appeared on on Tuesday June 15, 2010.

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