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Five companies to bring 370 new jobs to Stafford

Five companies are expanding in Stafford, bringing in 112,000 feet of additional office leases and 370 new jobs to the county. 

Among the companies that have helped drive economic growth in Stafford are Dispersive Technologies, MLT Systems, the Bowen Group, IPKeys Technologies, LLC, and SimVentions, according to a county release. 

“The Board has been very strategic in its economic development efforts, and these recent expansions indicate that our work is making a difference. We have worked hard to make our community more business friendly, streamlining our processes and working closely with prospects to ensure that we can provide what they need to be successful here, as well as offering to our citizens high quality jobs right here in Stafford,” said Gary Snellings, Chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, in a release.  (more…)

Even Aware, It Can Happen To Anyone

062814-mushungI just reported on a woman being robbed in the parking lot of Target in North Stafford. And already social media commenters are saying people should be more aware of their surroundings, or they need to carry mace and have their car keys in their hands ready to use as a weapon. But it’s not so simple.

To recap, the woman and young child had walked out of the store to her vehicle. She then placed the child in the carseat. When she stood back up, she was shocked to find a man standing next to her. She asked him to step back. He showed a gun and demanded money.

A similar thing happened to me years ago in another area. I am normally very aware of my surroundings. I had served in the Civil Air Patrol, and our motto was Semper Vigilans, which is Latin for “always vigilant” — always alert and ready. I took that motto to heart. 

Yet, one day at the park, after I had placed my child’s stroller in the trunk of my car, a man appeared out of nowhere standing VERY close to me. He asked for money. 

He didn’t get any.

The trunk of my car was still open, and I had a sword in it. Yes, a sword. 

I had recently given a presentation on what it was like to live in the Middle East as an American and had brought various souvenirs as well as historic cultural symbols. One of them included a sword. 

I last saw him running across the train tracks with a bicycle in his hands that he didn’t have with him earlier. He was running fast. I never saw him again. 

I was fortunate the man did not appear to have a gun. Mace, car keys, and even being aware enough to notice a criminal before he gets too close doesn’t help if that criminal has a gun.

I still don’t know how this man got right up next to me so quickly and so silently in an open area when there was no one else around for at least 50 feet except a gentleman sitting in an adjacent truck who called police after I was approached. 

So I ask you not to judge the victim of the crime. If you choose to judge anyone, let it be the perpetrator. 

To read the original story, click here.

Woman with child robbed at Stafford Marketplace


An armed man robbed a woman in the Target parking lot in Stafford Marketplace in North Stafford while the woman’s young granddaughter was with her.

According to Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Bill Kennedy, the woman and child had walked out of Target to her vehicle. She then placed the child in the carseat. When she stood back up, she was shocked to find a man standing next to her. She asked him to step back, and he responded by asking for change. She declined. That’s when it got scary. 

The man started yelling at her and opened his hoodie to display a gun, said Kennedy. He then demanded money.

The victim handed over an undetermined amount of cash then, shaken, drove home and called police. 

Dep. Brandon Gates responded to the robbery. Additional officers canvased the area to search for the suspect but did not locate him.

The suspect is a thin black male, possibly with a mustache, approximately 5 feet 6 to 5 feet 9 inches tall, wearing dark clothing including a black and blue hoodie.

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 540-658-4400, or they may call Crimesolvers anonymously at 540-659-2020. 

What does a Confederate battle flag over I-95 say about Stafford County?

A Confederate battle flag stands tall over Interstate 95 in south Stafford County.

Seen by drivers traveling along the East Coast, it was placed there by “The Virginia Flaggers,” a group that remains proud of its southern heritage.

 The group filed for the permit to fly the flag at a home on Beagle Road, on a property owned by one of the group’s members.

‘Flaggers’ say heritage, not hate

According to group spokesman Barry Isenhour, the group places Confederate flags in locations around the state as a response to people looking to remove the flags.

“The reason we put that [flag] up was to commemorate the Confederate soldiers who actually fought and died in that area, defending the state of Virginia,” Isenhour said.

Throughout the Confederacy between 1861 to 1865, more than three iterations of the flag were used for several different reasons.

The flag placed alongside I-95 was specifically used when Confederate soldiers stepped into battle, known as the battle flag.

The Virginia Flaggers formed 3-years ago, and they pay for all of the flags and flag poles using donations.

“What we’ve seen [are] negative positions on our Confederate ancestors who fought bravely for the state…and they started taking flags off of the Confederate War Memorial Chapel in Richmond. [And our group] said ‘enough is enough’ – these are ancestors of ours, they were honorable men, honorable veterans and there’s no need to start rewriting history in the modern eyes,” commented Isenhour. (more…)

Sen. Kaine leads economic development roundtable


Sen. Tim Kaine speaking at the Stafford Economic Development Authority roundtable April 8. Also present were Stafford County supervisors Jack Cavalier (left) and Laura Sellers (right).  [KJ Mushung/Stafford Local News]

Sen. Tim Kaine speaking at the Stafford Economic Development Authority roundtable April 8. Also present were Stafford County supervisors Jack Cavalier (left) and Laura Sellers (right).
[KJ Mushung/Stafford Local News]

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine paid a visit to Stafford County, where he led a roundtable discussion at the Stafford Economic Development Authority on April 8. More than a dozen business and political leaders were present, including Stafford County supervisors Jack Cavalier (Griffis-Widewater) and Laura Sellers (Garrisonville).

The group touched on many different topics, but the need to fund cyber-security initiatives and the effect of BRAC got much of the attention. 

BRAC stands for base realignment and closure. According to the U.S. Department of Defense website, BRAC is “the congressionally authorized process [the DOD] has used to reorganize its base structure to more efficiently and effectively support [U.S.] forces, increase operational readiness and facilitate new ways of doing business.”

Kaine said: “BRACs are obviously very tough. I mean, nobody wants to contemplate dramatic scale-downs of infrastructure when they’re such significant job creators, economic centers of gravity for communities where a military installation is [located]. At the same time, the defense budget Priority One is not a job creator. Priority One is national defense. And if you spend more on installations than you need to, then you’re spending less on something else [like cyber-security].”

Sen. Tim Kaine speaking at the Stafford Economic Development Authority roundtable April 8. Pictured on the left of Kaine is Stafford County Supervisor Jack Cavalier and Gabe Patricio of Patricio Enterprises.  [KJ Mushung/Stafford Local News]

Sen. Tim Kaine speaking at the Stafford Economic Development Authority roundtable April 8. Pictured on the left of Kaine is Stafford County Supervisor Jack Cavalier and Gabe Patricio of Patricio Enterprises.
[KJ Mushung/Stafford Local News]

“I’m not sure the BRAC process is really the best way to come at the rationalization of physical infrastructure,” he added.

Past base closures didn’t save money, they cost money, said Kaine. He told roundtable that the Pentagon claimed BRACs that didn’t save money weren’t done efficiently. And when a BRAC is announced, every community hires attorneys and lobbyists to try and protect what they have, even in communities where the installation is not at risk. It becomes a massive check to the lobbyists and lawyers, said Kaine.

“You’re never out of the woods if you have an installation in your community.”

Sen. Tim Kaine speaking at the Stafford Economic Development Authority roundtable April 8, 2015.  [KJ Mushung/Stafford Local News]

Sen. Tim Kaine speaking at the Stafford Economic Development Authority roundtable April 8, 2015.
[KJ Mushung/Stafford Local News]

Also present at the meeting were Stafford EDA Chairman Joel Griffin, Curry Roberts, Howard Owen, George Judd, Patrick J. Gallagher, Ken Fried, Gen. E. Gray Payne, Rich Sackette, Suzanne Milem, Martin Arase, Cristina R. Barnes, Kent Farmer, Mark Kavanaugh, Ken Farquhar, Gabe Patricio, Joshua Kovacs, Jeff Speights, Shannon Howell, Sarah Kirkpatrick, and M.C. Moncure.

Massage Envy offers free ‘tax day’ massages in Stafford

On April 15, people can get a free massage from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. by massages therapists at the Massage Envy location in Stafford.

The massages are complimentary, and are being done to help residents and tax preparers relax during ‘tax day’.

Additionally, there are several local tax preparers in the area that have partnered with various Massage Envy locations to provide free massages to clients and staff on-site that day.

Photo contest honors historic local resource

Joy Cox's winning entry in the photo contest.

Joy Cox’s winning entry in the photo contest.

The first ever Government Island photo contest, called “Picturing Government Island,” just concluded. The contest, run by Tour Stafford Virginia via their Facebook page, features five winners.

The photo contest was judged by photographer Buddy Secor of Ninja Pix and historian Jane Conner, who is the author of book about Government Island called “Birthstone of the White House and Capitol.”

Stones from an old quarry that used to be on the small island inside Aquia Harbour in Stafford, Virginia, were used to build the White House and Capitol. Government Island is now a park with hiking trails.

Maria Cannata's winning entry.

Maria Cannata’s winning entry.

Maria Cannata received Honorable Mention in the Nature and Landscape category and will receive a copy of Jane Conner’s book.

Laura Stoffel's winning entry.

Laura Stoffel’s winning entry.

Laura Stoffel received Honorable Mention in the People category and will also receive a copy of Jane Conner’s book.

Joy Cox received Honorable Mention in the Animals category. She, too, will receive a copy of Jane Conner’s book.

An entry by Alyssa Douglas.

An entry by Alyssa Douglas.

The Fan Favorite, with 346 votes, is Alyssa Douglas. She won a $50 gift certificate to Zibibbo 73 Trattoria Italiana & Bar.

The Grand Prize Winner and recipient of a $50 gift certificate to Zibibbo 73 Trattoria Italiana & Bar is Brant Stevenson.

Brant Stevenson's grand prize-winning photo.

Brant Stevenson’s grand prize-winning photo.

Power Kix Martial Arts teams bring home medals

Joey Rohal of Team Power Kix. [submitted]

Joey Rohal of Team Power Kix.

Team Power Kix, based in North Stafford, gave impressive performances at multiple events in the U.S. and Mexico.

First, they competed in the 2015 US Open TaeKwonDo Championships in Orlando, Florida this past January. Over 2000 athletes from more than 15 countries competed at this event, according to a press release.

Joey Rohal won a bronze medal in the Junior Division.  

Other participants included Devon Lewis, Alison Fetchko, Jordan Stewart, Wardell Samotshozo, Ernest Samotshozo, Charlie Buset, Kym Buset, Taylor MacLeod, Matt Gallagher, Matt Allen, Keegan Chaney, Brandon Curry, Joey Rohal, Hunter Cobb, Mathew Vickers, Landri Vickers, Emily Allen, Brayden Hanny, Adeeb Shuhaite and Omar Shuhaite.  

Keegan Chaney and Coach Bardatos.  [submitted]

Keegan Chaney and Coach Bardatos.

Keegan Chaney, who was unable to participate in the 2015 Virginia State TaeKwonDo Championships Official USAT National Qualifier last month, made a road trip to South Plainfield, New Jersey with Team New Jersey Head Coach Peter Bardatos. 

Keegan won gold and qualified for 2015 USA National championships that will be held in July in Austin, Texas.

Team Power Kix in Mexico with Coach Arlene Limas in the center.  [submitted]

Team Power Kix in Mexico with Coach Arlene Limas in the center.

Then, Team Power Kix were successful at the Pan American Games Qualifying event where U.S. athletes claimed 11 medals and secured four quota spots for the 2015 Pan American Games at the Mexico Open International TaeKwonDo Championships.  

Team Power Kix brought home two bronze medals, which is very impressive for the Pan American Games. Charles Buset won bronze in the Senior Division, and Hunter Cobb won bronze in the Junior Division. 

Other participants included Devon Lewis, Alison Fetchko, Jordan Stewart, Wardell Samotshozo, Charlie Buset, Taylor MacLeod, Matt Gallagher, Keegan Chaney, Brandon Curry, Joey Rohal, Hunter Cobb, Mathew Vickers, Landri Vickers, Brayden Hanny and Adeeb Shuhaite.

The Virginia State Taekwondo Championship Qualifier will be held Saturday, May 9, in Fredericksburg, Virginia at Riverbend High School. 

Team Power Kix is a non-profit organization lead by 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist Arlene Limas. Coach Limas is currently one of the AAU National Team Coaches and owner of Power Kix Martial Arts.

CVTV public access network to partner with Dragon Talent

CVTV and CVTV Kids are proud to announce their latest partnership! Dragon Talent & Performance Coaching will bring over twenty years’ experience nurturing young, professional and pre-professional theatrical talent to the Fredericksburg area.

Want to work in theatre and television? How about one of CVTV Kids exciting new shows?

Located at the heart of the new CVTV studios in Fredericksburg VA, Dragon Talent & Performance Coaching is poised to assist with training young, emerging talent entering the commercial and theatrical professions.

Get on the list for Summer Camp and Fall Sessions. Contact Jennifer Gregory before end April 2015.


Make-up plan approved for Stafford schools

The seal of Stafford County Public Schools.

The seal of Stafford County Public Schools.

The Stafford County School Board has approved a make-up plan for all of the days students missed in school this winter, due to inclement weather. 

The school board voted to use the waiver method to make up the school days missed, according to Valerie Cottongim, Public Information Officer for Stafford County Public Schools.

According to a release, the last day of school in Stafford will now be June 12, and will include an early release day.

Early release days that were scheduled for April 3, May 22, and June 10 were all removed, said a release. 

Despite the removal of these early release days, June 11 will remain an early release day for middle and high school students, and will be a full day for elementary students. 

Additionally, June 15 and 16 will remain as teacher work days, according to a release.

Full moon beautiful even when not eclipsed

We may not have been able to see the total reddish lunar eclipse yesterday morning as the West Coast could, but the full moon made a big, bright appearance in the skies over Stafford, Virginia that evening. 

Photo by: KJ Mushung


The full moon as seen from Stafford, Virginia.  [KJ Mushung/Stafford Local News]

The full moon as seen from Stafford, Virginia.
[KJ Mushung/Stafford Local News]

Helicopter Swoops in for Water Rescue

A helicopter assists in a water rescue at Willow Landing Marina.  [KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

A helicopter assists in a water rescue at Willow Landing Marina. [KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

On Saturday afternoon, a call came in for a boat in distress at Willow Landing Marina, which is on Aquia Creek in eastern Stafford County. Two men were on board. 

A flat-bottom boat had reportedly run aground in the low tide of the creek. That wouldn’t be as much of a problem had it not been for the high winds that were blowing on the sunny, 59-degree day. According to, the day’s wind speed was around 20 miles per hour, with gusts up to 33mph. The National Weather Service reported wind speed to be 23mph with gusts of 28mph. 

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

The hard-blowing winds on the water may have complicated matters. 

Mark Doyle, Assistant Chief of the Stafford County Fire & Rescue Department, told Potomac Local News that in low tide, as it was when the boat ran aground, high winds push water out of the creek and hold off the tide. This hindered navigation of the vessel so it couldn’t reach shore.

Attempts to help the two people by water were unsuccessful, so a helicopter was brought in to lift them to safety. 

According to Doyle, fire and rescue crews from Stafford made several attempts to reach the men with different boats, but were unable to access them.

A helicopter assists in a water rescue at Willow Landing Marina in Stafford, Virginia. The rescue basket being lifted is circled. [KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

A helicopter assists in a water rescue at Willow Landing Marina in Stafford, Virginia. The rescue basket being lifted is circled. [KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]


[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

Initial reports indicate that, despite the temperature being in the 50s, hypothermia was a concern. It’s unclear how long they had been out on the water or if they had made a physical attempt to get the boat moving that might have caused them to get wet.

“We felt the safest course of action was to call for a hoist rescue,” said Doyle later in a release.

They requested a helicopter hoist rescue from the U.S. Park Police Aviation Section.  

The two were airlifted one at a time in rescue baskets from the ship between 2:15 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Both men were evaluated by Stafford County paramedics and, although both were slightly hypothermic, they refused transportation to the hospital.

Manassas Airshow Bringing in the Big Jets

The Manassas Airshow is bringing in Breitling Jet Team
The Manassas Airshow will take place Saturday, May 2.
This is the flattest run in the area, on the runway.
The 3rd Dimension Parachute Team.

On May 2, 2015, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. the Manassas Airshow is bringing in Breitling Jet Team, the largest professional civilian flight jet team. This team demonstrates aerobatics with precision, speed, mastery and style. The Breitling Team coordinates a meticulous ballet in which planes sometimes fly within three meters of each other at speeds of over 700 kilometers  per hour.

They are really a sight to see and the event is free to the public. 

Also performing this year are the 3rd Dimension Parachute Team, the American Helicopters Demonstration Team, Andrew McKenna P-51 and T-6 Aerobatics, the Flying Circus Stearman Flight, Scott Francis MXS Aerobatics, Jack Knutson Extra 300 Aerobatics, Matt Chapman CAP 580 Aerobatics, Randy Devere CJ-6 Aerobatics and there will be an RC Modeler Jet Demonstration. Along with these performers, the Manassas Airshow offers aircraft displays, military re-enactors and much more.

Also at the Manassas Regional Airport on April 26 at 7:30 a.m. runners will be getting ready to race the Manassas Runway 10K/5K presented by the Bull Run and Manassas Rotary Clubs. This is the flattest run in the area, being held on the actual runway.

The Texas Raiders B-17 will be at the Manassas Regional Airport from May 3 to 6 offering rides on their B-17, which is one of only eleven B-17 flying fortresses still flying today. On May 8 from noon to 1 p.m. 15 historically sequenced warbird formations will participate in the World War II Victory Capitol Flyover in honor of the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day. While several of these majestic warbirds are visiting the Manassas Regional Airport, they will be giving tours, May 9-10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information on any of these events, visit

Stafford to demolish Berea water tank, with plans for new $2.5M ‘Celebrate Virginia’ tank

The Stafford County Department of Utilities has started the bidding process for a new 1 million gallon water tank to be built in Stafford on Greenbank Road.

The project has been budgeted for $2.5 million in the capital improvements plan for the county, said Mike Smith, Director of the utility department.

Residents are currently served by the water tank on Berea Church Road, which will remain in service until the new tank is completed, according to Bryon Counsell, manager for the project at the Stafford utility department.

According to a county release, the Berea tank will be demolished after the new water storage tank is in service.

“The Berea tank, which currently serves that area, has outlived its useful life and is too small to provide adequate water and storage for future needs of customers in that area,” said Shannon Howell, Public Information Officer for Stafford.

According to Howell, the water tank is being called the Celebrate Virginia – England Run water storage tank due to its proximity to Celebrate Virginia Parkway.

The project for the new water tank will include construction of the large water tank itself, the access road, and pipes to connect the tank to the county’s water main system, according to a county release.

‘Drive to Donate’ program raises over $78K for fire and rescue departments

The Drive to Donate program, hosted by Transurban, raised over $78,000 for area fire and rescue departments on March 21. 

More than 20,000 drivers took to the 495 and 95 Express Lanes to participate the in the program. All of the toll money collected by these drivers on the toll lanes was donated to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, Prince William County Fire and Rescue, and Stafford County Fire and Rescue.

According to a Transurban release, each of the fire and rescue departments received over $26,000 to help them purchase equipment and continue to protect area residents. 

“We are pleased that so many drivers chose to travel on the 495 and 95 Express Lanes on March 21 to help us support a great cause. As safety is the top priority on the Express Lanes, it was important to us to support our local fire and rescue organizations. This donation is one way we can thank our local heroes for keeping the communities surrounding the Express Lanes corridor safe each and every day,” said Jennifer Aument, North American Group General Manager for Transurban in a release.

All three fire and rescue departments were grateful for the donation from drivers that participated in the program.

“The Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue is grateful for the support provided by those drivers who traveled the Express Lanes on March 21 and to Transurban for supporting both driver safety and local fire and rescue departments through the Drive to Donate program,” said Prince William County Assistant Chief, Lance McClintock, in a release. 

The Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department will use some of the raised funds for their Operation Warm Coats for Kids Program.

“Thanks to the Drive to Donate campaign, we believe we will be able to provide a warm coat to every Stafford County student who needs one this coming fall and winter,” said Stafford County Fire and Rescue Chief, Mark Lockhart in a release, continuing, “This incredible donation will move us closer to that goal.  Every child should have a coat to keep them warm; we are grateful that the Drive to Donate program will help us take care of Stafford’s children.” 

Lane closures on I-95 in Stafford tonight

Two lanes of northbound and southbound Interstate 95 traffic will be closed tonight for bridge joint repair work at the Route 17 overpasses in Stafford County, just north of the Rappahannock River bridge at Exit 133/Falmouth. 

Work will begin on the northbound overpass. When work is complete, all northbound lanes will be re-opened, and crews will shift to the southbound I-95 overpass.

Lane closures will occur on the following schedule:

  • 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. – Two northbound I-95 lanes closed
  • 10 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.? Two southbound I-95 lanes closed

All lanes will be re-opened by 4:30 a.m.

Crews are performing bridge deck repairs on the overpasses, which have had temporary pothole repairs recently.

For real-time updates on lane closures and work zones, please visit VDOT’s 24-hour traffic information website,

Motorists can also access 511Virginia by calling 511 from any telephone in Virginia, or downloading VDOT’s 511Virginia free mobile app.


Pets to adopt at Stafford County SPCA

We cannot display this gallery


BC is an 11 month old DSH cat that is UTD on shots and neutered. He has a huge personality and gets along very well with the other cats in his room. He enjoys interacting with volunteers and is a silly, curious boy. He is by far our favorite goofball!


Rose is a 1 year old Jack Russell Terrier/Pomeranian mix that is UTD on shots, spayed, and microchipped. Rose is a bit quieter than her brothers and sisters and is usually the first one in your lap if given a chance to cuddle. If you’re looking for a cuddle bug this is your girl!

Lost dog

Willy – LOST DOG – Last seen 3/26 at 12 PM. Just a year old, blue collar, name tag, rabies tag, county tag and is micro-chipped. If you see him, PLEASE call 703-899-0604.

-Information provided by the Stafford SPCA. Contact them for more information on any of the animals shown above.

Stafford sheriff’s office lights torch for Special Olympics event

Last weekend, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office partnered with the Special Olympics to light the torch at the opening ceremonies for their annual Special Olympics Basketball Championships in Stafford.

The championships, which take place every March, included more than 800 participants with a wide array of special needs.

The competition has been happening in Stafford for more than 15 years.

“It’s one of the six state level events that we offer…athletes usually compete locally and regionally, and then have the chance to come to this state event. It’s the culmination of their season – they’ve been practicing, playing and training for six weeks for the final event,” said Holly Claytor, Public Information Officer for the Special Olympics.

The organization used eight schools in Stafford to host the athletes in full court, half court and individual skills competitions, said Claytor.

According to Claytor, the Sheriff’s office has always been a big supporter of the event.

“The Stafford Sheriff’s office is extremely supportive, so they’re always out and involved in our opening ceremony…the Stafford sheriff’s [deputies] along with athletes bring in the flame of hope and light the cauldron,” Claytor.

Additionally, several of the sheriff’s deputies volunteer in Special Olympics programs with the individuals.

“We have great support from the local community – a lot of them come out and cheer and watch the games. The Special Olympics program is free for our participants…through sponsor support, we’re able to put on the event in addition to bringing 800 athletes in town,” said Claytor.

Claytor stated that while the championships for this event only take place once a year, the Special Olympics are looking for more special needs and community residents to take part.

“Even though this is a big state level competition, we are year round…people have a chance to be a part of our program at any point in all communities, and we have some really great opportunities that we’re focusing on, trying to get more youth and students involved,” said Claytor.

Local Representatives Show Support for Howell in Stafford

Speaker of the House Bill Howell (right) chats with a supporter March 22, 2015. [KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

Speaker of the House Bill Howell (right) chats with a supporter March 22, 2015. [KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

There’s been a lot of publicity about Susan Stimpson, former member of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, vying for the Republican nomination against William J. “Bill” Howell (R-Stafford), Speaker of the House of Delegates and reportedly Stimpson’s former mentor. Since she announced her candidacy in December, Stimpson has been outspoken about the race, but Howell hasn’t engaged the narrative as much. However, on March 22, local political and business leaders put the attention on Howell’s message.

The Spring for Bill Howell event was held at the Hampton Inn and Conference Center that sits by exit 143 just off of Interstate 95 in North Stafford. It was organized by Stafford County Supervisor Paul Milde III as a fundraiser and a way to gather county residents to talk about why they should vote for Howell in the upcoming primary. 

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

Approximately 160 people attended and nearly $15,000 was raised, according to Milde, who matched the money raised from ticket sales. Another $2,500 in food, labor, space, mailings and postage was donated in kind, he added.


“It would be a mistake to replace Bill Howell with Susan Stimpson,” said Milde. “She has nothing to offer of any benefit that we’re not already getting from Bill Howell. She’s no more conservative, and I would venture to say she’s a lot less effective. She has spent more time campaigning than she ever did governing.”

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

In speaking with Potomac Local, Howell pointed out that five of the seven members who served with Stimpson on the Stafford Board of Supervisors support him. Of the other two, one is a Democrat and therefore not involved in the Republican primary, and the other is Meg Bohmke, whom Howell described as Stimpson’s hand-picked successor and who will therefore stand by her, he said. 

Howell has been a delegate for nearly 28 years. If he wins the primary and reelection, he said he plans to focus on much of the same issues he’s been working on, like helping to create jobs, improving K-12 education and reforming the Virginia Retirement System. 

“I’m proud of my record,” he said.

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

Stimpson lost a bid to be the Republican candidate in a 2013 primary for Virginia’s lieutenant governor.

The Republican primary is Tuesday, June 9, and anyone of any political party (or of no party affiliation at all) may vote. 


[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

[KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News]

Stafford area public access network to open new studio space

On Saturday, the Central Virginia Public Access Television (CVTV) network, will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for their new studio space.

The space, which is 5,300 square feet, is located off of Route 3 in Fredericksburg, according to Charles Thomas, the CEO for CVTV.

According to Thomas, the project has been a work in progress for over six years, and they have seen huge growth in the past few years.

“We were all over the place before – then we found a couple of classrooms up at the Career and Training Solutions location – they were gracious enough to allow us to come in there and do some of our programming there,” said Thomas.

The new space will have three studios and other space for volunteers and staff to prepare television programming.

“Now we’re moving into a 5,300 square foot studio [space] and office. We’ll have three studios – one will be large enough to hold 50 people, so we’ll have an audience studio. We’ll have a news studio. And then we’ll have a multi-purpose studio, which will have a green screen and a couple of other sets set up in there. We’ll also have office space, so we can have people come down and sit – they can do any type of work they need to do to prepare for their program…we’re very excited to be moving to our new location,” Thomas commented.

In addition to the new space, they’re hoping to expand their coverage area, which currently includes Stafford, Spotsylvania, and Fredericksburg, with the hope of spreading into King George. Thomas also stated that they’re working on increasing their program lineup.

“We’ve expanded on our programming a great deal. Last season, we actually did all of the high school football games. We’ve got about 30 programs we’re seeing right now – hopefully, we’ll get that to 50 by this summer,” Thomas said.

Thomas stated that the biggest thing he has learned while running CVTV is that you have to stay consistent.

“The biggest thing I’ve probably learned is that you have to…my level of persistence had to grow. When you’re dealing with an all-volunteer organization, you have people that come and go, and it can be tough having any consistency on a long term [basis]. It’s just one of those things you have to keep painting the vision; you have to be persistent and you have to keep selling the dream,” Thomas commented.

CVTV is currently looking for volunteers to get involved, with plans to hire staff as they continue to grow.

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