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Dumfries is accepting youth interns for summer program

The Town of Dumfries Community Services Department has long committed to providing services and programs for all of its citizens.

Amongst those programs is the Summer Youth Internship Program that provides local students between the ages of 15-18 with the opportunity to apply for the six-week paid internship in which they will gain firsthand experience in participating in a local government setting.

During the six-week period, students will learn about many of the Towns responsibilities through hands-on activities and training in departments such as Public Works, Community Services, Public Safety, and Town Administration including the Town Manager, Town Clerk, Town Attorney, and the Town Council. Activities past interns have participated in included a police ride-along, accompanying the Town Attorney to court, planning and executing Town events, and working with the Public Works and Zoning departments to address issues throughout the Town.

A new aspect of the Internship program that Director Brittany Heine is excited about it the addition of a mentoring aspect to the program.

“This year the Town will be taking on seven interns. Each intern will be assigned a mentor who is on Town Staff. They will set up times to meet and discuss things such as what they are learning and how they feel it impacts them as members of the local community. It also provides a platform to discuss future education and career goals that the students may have and allows for staff to offer guidance or suggestions” stated Heine.

More information about the 2016 Summer Youth Internship Program, as well as the application, is available on the Town of Dumfries website and can also be picked up from the front desk of Town Hall which is open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The deadline for application materials has been extended to Wednesday, June 22nd at 5:00 PM. Completed Applications can be dropped off at Town Hall or they can be mailed to Town of Dumfries, ATTN: Summer Internship Program, 17755 Main Street, Dumfries, VA 22026.

Any questions about the Summer Internship Program can be directed to the Director of Community Services, at bheine@dumfriesva.gov or by calling (703) 221-3400.

Here’s the application form.  


Dumfries installs traffic barrier on Graham Park Rd.

New traffic delineator posts on Graham Park Road in Dumfries are in place to help control traffic.

The new posts are standing at one of the busiest intersections in the town at Graham Park Road and Route 1, between Dunkin Donuts and Triangle Shopping Plaza. This section of Graham Park Road is used by drivers from Route 1 north and south, and by drivers coming out of the Prince William Estates, Williamstown, and Graham Park Shores neighborhoods need to access Route 1.

Before the $2,000 delineators ware installed last week, drivers making a left from Graham Park Road into Triangle Shopping Plaza would stop traffic on the two-lane road. This caused backups on Route 1 north, said town manager Daniel Taber.

Drivers who want to turn left into Triangle Shopping Center now must turn left onto Route 1 south at a signal light, and then turn left into the plaza entrance from Route 1.

The traffic delineator is the next in a line of traffic improvements made to the busy intersection, to include retiming the two traffic signals at the intersection. A yet-to-begin improvement project at the intersection will install a new control box for the signal lights, consolidating the number of control boxes from two to one. Additionally, the project will add a new northbound lane alongside the southbound portion of Route 1 from Tebbs Lane to Graham Park Drive, so northbound drivers no longer have to turn right on southbound Route 1, exit the town, turn around, and drive north, said Taber.

A separate road project about two miles north of Graham Park Road, to add two new turn lanes from Route 1 north to Route 234 north is nearly completed. Severe traffic backups along Route 1 caused by drivers turning left onto Route 234 prompted the new lanes, said Taber.

The project was administered by Prince William County and VDOT.

WJPN is on the air: John Paul The Great Catholic High School launches FM radio station

John Paul The Great Catholic High School is on the air.

The school near Dumfries debuted a new low-power FM radio station 106.3 WJPN. The radio station will be used to broadcast classes, community information, and to simulcast the EWTN Catholic Radio Network.

“The sky is really the limit as to what we can with it,” said Jennifer Cole, director of enrollment and communications at the school.

A three-minute interview of the Principal Sister Mary Jordan Hoover recorded by two 11th grade students using an iPad was the first content to air on the station. Next year, the school will begin a communications course to teach 25 to 30 interested students about radio broadcasting, and to create more original content for the station that could include broadcasting sports games. The school still must build a radio studio for students to use.

Listeners in their cars can hear the low-power FM station within a 10 to 12-mile radius of the radio station tower affixed to new field lighting at the high school. “The signal is strong here locally, but as it travels farther out things like hills can kill the signal,” said Dave Morales, the school’s technology director.

The school spent four years and $250,000 developing the new radio station to cover permit costs, legal fees, to purchase equipment. The bulk of the expense came with the purchase of stadium lights for their football field, which ended up being the only feasible place to install the radio antenna. 

The seed money for the radio came from Tom Vetter of Montclair, and the donation for the stadium lights from Corrine and Mike Kosar of Woodbridge. Until now, the school regularly rented large lights for outdoor events before the installation of the new lights, said Cole.

The new lights meant the school did not have to build a radio tower. The FM transmitter is now placed on one of the light poles 102 feet above the football field, the highest spot on campus, said Morales.


The school held a ceremony Friday night to celebrate the new lights and the radio station’s inaugural broadcast.

The FCC will not allow the school to sell advertising the same way a commercial radio station does due to its low-power status. However, the school may thank contributing families and businesses on air similar to the way NPR announces its underwriting companies.

“It’s no longer just about what is happening within these four walls. Now we want to share our message with the community,” said Cole.

Motel 6 opens in Dumfries. Is it the right fit?

A new motel is open for business in an old place.

Motel 6 opened its doors at the site of an old Holiday Inn near the intersection of Route 234 and Interstate 95 near Dumfries. The Holiday Inn is now located across Route 234.

The motel was built in the mid-1970s and has 118 rooms, a full-service restaurant, four event rooms. The motel has a swimming pool and courtyard that gives the model the feel of a small resort versus the closed-in roadside hotels built today.

A large number of rooms and full restaurant make the property unlike any other Motel 6 in the area.

“If you told me I would be working at a Motel 6 last year, I would’ve told you are are crazy,” said Richard Lyle, marketing manager for the motel. “There is something about this property, though, that makes it interesting to be here.” (more…)

Victim attacked with glass bottle and knife

A Dumfries woman is charged with robbery, attempted malicious wounding, and destruction of property. 
According to police, the accused and victim were involved in an argument which escalated into the accused attempting to stab the victim with a knife. The victim’s cell phone was thrown against a wall during this encounter. According to police, while attempting to leave the scene, the victim was attacked with a glass bottle by the accused.


Coal ash water treatment process ‘unprecedented’

At the top of the hill overlooking the Possum Point Power Station you get a clear view of the Potomac River.

Helicopters are buzzing in the air near Quantico Marine Corps Base.

There’s also a large pond below the hilltop, one of five that contain the deadly heavy metals arsenic, boron, and chromium to lead, mercury, selenium, and zinc, all sitting at the bottom of the pond. The heavy metals combine to form coal ash — a byproduct created when coal was burned at Possum Point to generate electricity from 1947 to 2003. (more…)

Dumfries Mayor arrested, accused of stealing campaign sign

Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman is accused of stealing a campaign sign from a property in the town.

The twice-elected mayor was arrested Saturday afternoon. Vice-Mayor Willie J. Toney said the stolen campaign sign belonged to him.

The arrest comes prior to Tuesday’s General Election for Dumfries Town Council. Foreman was reelected as Mayor last year and is not running this election cycle. (more…)

Dumfries 7-Eleven robbed at gunpoint

An 18-year old Woodbridge man is charged with robbery, malicious wounding, burglary while armed, and use of a firearm in commision of a felony. The second suspect has not been located.
According to police, the suspects robbed the 7-Eleven located on Jefferson Davis Highway near Dumfries by using a handgun to demand money. One of the suspects was struck on the head by an employee with a stick causing a large cut. The suspects fled on foot with an unknown amount of money, said the police. 


SUV overturns near Dumfries

A overturned SUV halted traffic on Interstate 95 near Dumfries today.

The driver of an Acura was traveling north on the highway and crashed about 12:56 p.m. and turned onto its side in the left lane of the highway just before milepost 152.

Rescue crews and Virginia State Police were called the scene. Minor injuries were repoted, said Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller.

Several motorists stopped and got out of their vehicles to help the occupant of the SUV. The bystanders began pushing on the car in an attempt to right the vehicle.

Dumfries woman charged with assaulting sheriff’s deputy

A Dumfries woman is charged with one count of assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, two counts of obstruction of justice, and one count of assault and battery. 
According to police, the accused threatened a 25-year-old man with a knife after they were involved in an argument. When authorities attempted to detain the accused, she hit an officer in the face. With the assistance from another officer she was detained, says report.
Here is more in a press release:


Brewer: Dumfries needs to finish infrastructure projects, stimulate tax relief

Charles Brewer is running to keep his seat on the Dumfries Town Council.

He is one of five candidates seeking a seat on the Town Council. Voters will head to the polls May 3, 2016 to cast their votes.

Find your polling place

We sent a questionnaire to the incumbent and he responded with the following statements: (more…)

2 main reasons to workout with a trainer at Manassas Park Community Center

With the temperatures warming up outside, it’s natural to feel the urge to get up, get out, and get active.

There is still plenty of time to reach your fitness goals before beach season hits, but as we get closer and closer to summer, you may find it difficult to stay on task and stay motivated. That’s where personal training can come in handy.

To help you reach your fitness goals, the Manassas Park Community Center will give you an additional 10 free 30-minute personal training sessions when you renew or purchase an annual Basic or All-Access Passport membership throughout the month of April.

If you’re like me though, you may not exactly understand what personal training is or how it can benefit you. I sat down with our Deputy Director, Jay Swisher, who has worked as personal trainer and oversees our personal trainers here at the community center and asked him some questions I had about personal training.

Shriner: So, what exactly is a personal trainer?

Swisher: A personal trainer is someone who provides not only guidance in the technical sense but also moral support to someone in an effort to help them reach their fitness goals.

Shriner: I’m fully capable of going to the gym and working out or running on the treadmill. What is the advantage of using a personal trainer versus just going to the gym on my own?

Swisher: There are two main reasons to work out with a trainer:

First, you’re working with somebody who is specifically trained in an exercise science based discipline. That specialized knowledge will allow them to prescribe the most effective program to help you fulfill your fitness goals. Exercise prescription includes everything about your workout routine – the recommended exercises, repetitions, sets, weights, frequency, and so on. This knowledge is derived from different places including past experience or background, which can include education and formal training.

Second, you’re gaining a support system. A trainer will motivate you and hold you accountable. Sure, you can go online and download sheets of exercises or watch YouTube videos but those videos aren’t going to text you to make sure you’re keeping up with your routine or encourage you to keep going when you feel like you’ve plateaued. In addition, your trainer will be able to monitor your form by demonstrating how to properly perform exercises. You can put yourself at risk by performing exercises incorrectly, but also incorrect form means you aren’t achieving your maximum potential and getting the most from each exercise.

Shriner: Okay, so I’m convinced. What do I need to look for in a personal trainer? How can I make sure I’m picking a good trainer?

Swisher: The first thing you want to do when you’re considering using a trainer, or even when you want to work out on your own, is figure out what your fitness goals are. Search for a trainer whose skill set best matches your needs. If you have very specific fitness goals, you’d want to seek out a personal trainer who has expertise in that same area.

It’s important to vet your trainer to make sure they are truly qualified. Check their background, ask about their experience and certifications. When it comes to certifications, check for reputable agencies such as AAFA, ACE, or ACSM. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for a mini session. Tell them about yourself. Say you’re a 44-year-old male with high blood pressure who has been sedentary for the past 15 years and one of your goals is to lose 10 pounds. Listen to what the trainer would recommend and see what they demonstrate. How do you feel about their training style? Ask them about their fitness philosophies – do they make sense to you? What it boils down to is you need to ask questions, listen to the answers, and observe their style. (more…)

Live Well Festival to feature health and wellness activities, farm to table brunch

Spring has sprung and it’s time for the year’s first festival in historic downtown Manassas! The 10th Annual Live Well Festival, formerly known as Spring Cleaning Day, will be held Saturday, April 16 from 9 a.m. – 2 .p.m in the Harris Pavilion and along West Street. Health and wellness information, exercise classes, a farm-to-table brunch, and more will be available. (more…)

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