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Fire, smoke damage FBI Academy

Quantico, Va. –– An electrical fire caused damage to the FBI Training Academy at Quantico on Saturday.

Flames broke out in the basement of the building about 5 p.m., prompting fire crews from Quantico Marine Corps Base to respond to the facility.

No one was injured and officials say the fire was minor, but it produced heavy smoke which caused damage to the building. (more…)

Despite design grant, funds to widen U.S. 1 missing

The Iwo Jima statue greets visitors to Quantico Marine Corps Base in Triangle. (Mary Davidson)

Stafford County, Va. –– Everyone seems to know U.S. 1 at Quantico needs to be widened, but no one seems to know who is going to pay for it.

Earlier this year both Stafford and Prince William counties applied for $2 million in federal money for the study and design phase of widening the highway from four to six lanes, between Quanitco’s main in Triangle gate to the Quantico Corporate Center in Stafford’s Boswell’s Corner.

Stafford officials say they’ve received their portion of the money  – just over $1 million –  and say the study is a huge step forward.

But no organization has stepped up to cover the estimated $25 million that will be needed to actually widen the road. (more…)

Quantico protestors: Release Army whistle blower


Josh Stieber and 25 others protested the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the incarceration of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning in the town of Quantico on Sunday. Manning faces 52 years in prison after video and classified military documents surfaced on the Internet. (Mary Davidson/PotomacLocal.com)

Quantico, Va. ­­–– The Potomac River and Town of Quantico served as a backdrop Sunday for protesters who demanded the release Pfc. Bradley Manning.

The U.S. Army intelligence analyst was charged in June for violating military code after investigators say he leaked a video showing soldiers shooting and killing unarmed Iraqi civilians and journalists, as well as handing over classified military documents which were later posted to the Internet.

He faces 52-years in prison if convicted, and has been jailed on the neighboring Quantico Marine Corps Base since his arrest.

Protester’s signs stated “blowing the whistle on war is not a crime,” and the 25 protesters who showed up – a smaller number of participants who last month came to Quantico to protest – shouted “Bradley Manning is our youth. Set him free to speak the truth.”

“Were concerned because we believe there are war crimes being committed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and when crimes are committed it helps when there is a whistle blower to report them. We’re a little annoyed with the term ‘criminal leaker’ is being used, when Bradley Manning is really a whistle blower,” said rally organizer Pete Perry.

His organization, the Bradley Manning Support Network, held several rallies across the country this weekend that urging U.S. officials to drop the charges against Manning. (more…)

Crews finishing rail repairs

A CSX crew member walks along the track where a 79-car coal train derailed Thursday at Quantico. (Quantico Public Affairs)

Quantico, Va. – Train service between Washington and Richmond should be restored this afternoon.

Officials with CSX, the owners of the rail line, say repairs should be completed this afternoon and train traffic on the rails will be able to return to normal. (more…)

Derailment impacts east coast travel

A freight train transporting coal derailed on CSX tracks within Quantico Marine Corps Base, Va. late Thursday afternoon, August 5, 2010. (Cpl. Sean P. Cummings/Quantico Public Affairs Office)

11:30 a.m. Update

Quantico, Va. – The coal train that derailed Thursday at Quantico has spurred cancellations and delays for most of the east coast.

Thousands of Amtrak passengers were left stranded overnight as crews worked to clean up the seven coal cars that toppled over about 3 p.m. Thursday. (more…)

Windows may rattle this week

The Iwo Jima statue greets visitors to Quantico Marine Corps Base in Triangle. (Mary Davidson)

QUANTICO, Va. – It’s going to get loud near Quantico Marine Corps Base this week.

Marines will be conducting munitions training this week, which could rattle windows and some nerves of those who live near the base.

On Tuesday, the training is scheduled from 6 a.m. to midnight.

Marines will use the same training schedule on Wednesday and Thursday, according to a statement from Stafford County officials.

Weather conditions can affect how much noise you will hear from the base. If skies are overcast, chances are noise vibrations will increase, officials warned.

BRAC Employees Could Reject Area

Joe Martin, Board Chair of Quantico/Belvoir Regional Business Alliance, discusses the benefits of having BRAC workers relocate to the area. (Photo: Mary Davidson)

MOUNT VERNON, Va. – Traffic congestion may force some of the 20,000 federal employees that are expected in the region next year because of BRAC to stay away. One local business group aims to convince them otherwise.

BRAC, the military’s acronym for base realignment and closure, authorized in 2005 by congress, will force the relocation of the tens of thousands of federal and military employees to Ft. Belvoir Army Base and Quantico Marine Corps Base.


Crashes cause southbound delays

A head-on crash has forced the closure of U.S. 1 in Triangle.

Just before 4:30 p.m., a Ford F-150 collided with a sports car just south of the Marine Corps Museum. Fire and rescue units were called, but it appears no one was seriously hurt.

Police closed the northbound portion of the road due to the crash and the southbound side of the road, already full of cars, experienced even longer delays. (more…)

Predator fish caught in Quantico Creek

WOODBRIDGE, Va. – Once you catch a Snakehead fish you have to kill it immediately.

And that’s what Joey Campbell did after reeling one in July 1, while fishing on Quantico Creek and the Potomac River.

His Snakehead weighed in at 13.6 pounds, about average for a fish that can grow to be 33-inches long.

The Northern Snakehead is an invader from Asia and Korea, and since 2002 has been found in the Potomac and in Aquia Creek in Stafford County, to points north in Prince William, Fairfax and near Maryland shores.

It’s still a mystery as to how this creepy fish found its way to here. One thought is someone who owned one as a pet and then released it into the river. (more…)

Police remove woman from VRE train

QUANTICO, Va. — If the woman would have taken the free ticket maybe police wouldn’t have forced her from the train.

A conductor on Virginia Railway Express train #308 from Fredericksburg to Washington on Tuesday asked a woman for her ticket, so he could validate that she paid to ride.

But the woman became angry and told the man that the ticket machines at the station where she boarded were not working and then refused to show a ticket, said VRE spokesman Mark Roeber.

She became more confrontational when the conductor pressed her on the issue, telling her she couldn’t ride without one. (more…)

Passenger blamed for stalling VRE train

An “unruly passenger” has made commuting difficult this morning for those in Virginia Railway Express train #308 from Fredericksburg to Washington, accoring to the commuter railroad.

The train was stopped at the Quantico station just before 8 a.m. VRE said the passenger was the reason for the delay. The train eventually moved about a half-hour later, making its way to the Rippon station in Woodbridge.

We’ll have more on this story when it becomes available.

Frustrated official: No money for U.S. 1 improvements

Questions are mounting about the widening of U.S. 1 between Stafford and Prince William counties. And they’re coming before an influx of federal workers is expected to relocate to Quantico Marine Corps Base in 2011.

The road is currently being widened from four to six lanes in Triangle, between Joplin and Brady’s Hill roads, as part of the planned Triangle Village near the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Improvements to the small stretch of road are being paid for by Prince William County taxpayers.

But it seems there won’t be any federal help when it comes to additional road improvements for the BRAC relocation to Quantico. (more…)

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