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Manassas Museum Offers Chance to Get Dirty

[Photo: City of Manassas]

Several events planned for November


The Manassas Museum asks “What’s Under Your Feet?” and features some “wild women” in November. On Nov. 8 at 9 a.m. the Manassas Museum will host a four-mile family-friendly bike tour around the City.

Riders will see lesser-known historic sites as they ride along at a leisurely pace. For tickets, visit manassasmuseum.org.


Wild women of Washington, D.C.


On Nov. 9 at 2 p.m. the Manassas Museum will host a free book talk by author Canden Schwantes. She will talk about her book, Wild Women of Washington, D.C.: A History of Disorderly Conduct from the Ladies of the District. The book includes stories of fiery suffragettes, unconventional first ladies and rebellious socialites of Washington, D.C. who shattered the expectations of the tightly corseted society.

Stories include: escaped slave turned spy Mary Touvestre who risked it all to scuttle Confederate plans tobreak the Union blockade; Dr. Mary E. Walker, who traded petticoats for trousers to work at Civil War Union hospitals, winning both the Medal of Honor and a police record for impersonating a man; and First Lady Florence Harding, who hosted jazz soirees and served up cocktails in the White House gardens during Prohibition.

Pre-K Tuesday


On Nov. 11 at 10 a.m. children ages 3 to 5 years old with their care givers are invited to Pre-K Tuesday at the Manassas Museum for story-telling, crafts, songs and more. For tickets, call 703-368-1873 or visit manassasmuseum.org.

What’s under your feet?


What’s Under Your Feet is a new exhibit at the Manassas Museum that runs through Feb. 15. This exhibit features the stories associated with archeological finds and treasures from local historic sites. Visitors who wish to experience the “thrill of the dig” can get their hands dirty with an archeology activity. For more information, visit manassasmuseum.org.

Disabled Train Sits on Tracks in Manassas

Disabled train at Godwin Drive in Manassas


A broken down train is causing headaches for drivers in Manassas.

A railroad crossing at Godwin Drive near Ashton Avenue and Rixlew Lane is blocked after a disabled train came to a stop.

Manassas spokeswoman Patty Prince said they don’t know when the train could be moved from the tracks.

The rail line is operated by Norfolk Southern and it carries freight rail traffic to Front Royal and beyond.

Mecedes Driver Struck, Dragged in Manassas Park


Victim hit while outside car


A man was struck by a car and dragged on Wednesday.

Police said the driver of a 2000 Honda hit the rear of a 1994 Mercedes while traveling on Euclid Avenue in Manassas Park.

The driver of the Mercedes got out of the car, but the driver of the Honda sped off and struck the victim dragging him “several feet,” said Manassas Park police spokesman Karen Barton.

The victim was taken to Prince William Medical Center. The extent of his injuries was unknown, said Barton.

Police then fanned out searching for the Honda. A witness told police they spotted the car headed away from Manassas Park.

The driver of he Honda was later stopped by a Prince William police officer at the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Hoadly Road near Woodbridge, said Barton.

Eshaka Kargbo, is charged with malicious hit and run and is being held at the Prince William County Adult Detention Center under no bond, said Barton.

Kargbo’s age and the name of his hometown was not released.

Growing American National University Campus to Offer Cyber Security, Business Degrees

american national univertisy, anu, school, college, degree, manassas

Students at American National University Northern Virginia Center in Manassas, Virginia.

School took early root in Virginia, expanded to 5 states


American National University’s Northern Virginia Center opened its doors in Manassas in February, and it is the university’s 31st and newest campus.

Doug Earhart, a retired Army Officer, has been working in higher education since his retirement. In 2009, Earhart was the Director of Financial Aid and eventually became a Dean at a large university before becoming the Director of the Northern Virginia Center of ANU. Earhart has seen the Manassas location grow from a few employees into a “viable campus,” complete with courses, faculty, and educational resources.

American National University has a long-standing tradition of higher education excellence in the Commonwealth dating back to 1886 when it began as a local business school in Roanoke, Virginia. It expanded quickly into a national business school and developed multiple campuses within the state, including in the cities of Charlottesville, Danville, Harrisonburg, and Lynchburg. Eventually, it expanded into West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee.  Since its expansion, American National University has added on various academic and medical programs including its highly acclaimed Medical Assistant Associates (MAA) Degree. 

ANU’s MAA program is one of the few in the region fully accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

The Manassas center offers an English as a Second Language (ESL) program at its English Language Institute, including preparation for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). In addition, the Northern Virginia Center offers the MAA program as well as Pharmacy Technician and Medical Coding and Billing diplomas.  Next year the campus will expand its academic programs to include bachelor degrees in Cybersecurity and Business Administration.

The Northern Virginia Center has developed valuable educational programs that caters to both international and local students. Earhart said that many students have come from embassies to learn English at the Northern Virginia Center and upon completion, they can have a “seamless” transition into an academic program.

The Northern Virginia Center’s medical assistant program began on Sep. 15. One student, Earhart said, was a single mom, working at a fast food restaurant when she chose to attend ANU. The student had to make a “hard decision” to go, but now with medical assistant coursework under her belt she will graduate and go on to find a job and a limitless futures said Earhart.

“Another student had faced significant life challenges but after enrolling in that same program, she now has plenty of options and can essentially start over.  The people who are ‘perfect’ for ANU are those who may be “lost…[or] unemployed” and have General Education Development (GEDs) that are not allowing them to reach their full potential. On average, the students at the center are in their late 20s and 30s, with some exceptions,” said Earhart.

Earhart believes American National University stands apart from other colleges and universities in the area by their CAAHEP  accredited programs, by offering internships and by placing students into careers. Unlike at many other colleges and universities, at the center, career placement is not only a “nice thing to do” it is something that Earhart regards as both his and the university’s “responsibility” to find students good jobs that “directly correlate” with their degrees.  The university’s success is ultimately measured by this factor.

Lastly, Earhart explained that there is much more focus on career training than on socializing the students. Career training is the main goal of the school and so far, that and ANU’s crucial formula has resulted in great “success” for the Northern Virginia Center.  Finally, Earhart added “students do have fun while learning” and urged anyone looking for more information to check out ANU on Facebook or at an.edu.

5 Tips to Remain Injury Free While Raking Leaves

092611 fall leaves

The time of year is upon us where the leaves start changing to beautiful shades of orange, red, yellow, etc…, which of course is followed by their inevitable fall to the ground.

like-us-facebook-Transparent-300x143For many of us, this annual occurrence adds an item to our Fall “to do” list. Some, with a tree or two in their yard, may find this task quite simple. However, others may feel like they live in a forest by the time the piles of leaves have been raked, bagged and dragged to the curb. Keep the following in mind when you head out to clean up the yard this fall.

Pace Yourself – The good news is that raking your yard can be a good form of exercise. However, if you’re not accustomed to regular exercise, it is important not to overdo it. Inflexible muscles & overuse of those muscles may have you laid out rather than upright this fall. Complete one quadrant of your yard at a time, make it an activity you can do with your children or partner with a neighbor to get both yards done.

Posture is Important – Do not hunch over while you rake – this will put unneeded stress on your low back. Stand up straight and use small strokes. Furthermore, use your legs when you need to turn from side to side to avoid repeated twisting at the waist. Finally, try switching from side to side as you rake – this may feel a bit awkward at first – but chances are your body will thank you as this will help balance the muscles your body is using while you work.

Have the Right Tools – Use a rake that is the proper height for your size. This will help avoid unnecessary reaching and twisting. Wear gloves to avoid blisters. Dress in layers so you can adjust to the temperature. Remember the exercise part of raking leaves? You may work up a sweat. Finally, make sure your shoes have some tread & can grip the ground. Leaves can be slippery – especially wet ones.

Lift with Your Legs – This is good advice any time of year when lifting – of course it is one we often forget – so it bears repeating. Don’t overfill your bags – especially if they are wet. If it’s an option try not to rake after a rainy day. When moving those bags to the curb, lift by bending your knees, avoid bending at your back. Hold the bag close to your body and turn/twist by moving your feet – not your waist.

Cheat – Why not hire the industrious neighborhood boy or girl that wants to make a few bucks to rake your leaves? Maybe invest in a leaf blower – just be sure to be neighborly and not blow all your leaves into the next yard. We would hate to add “black eye” to the list of leaf removing injuries.

Hopefully, these tips and reminders will help you avoid becoming one of the 38,000 people who suffered an injury in 2012, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This should leave you free to enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Spice Kabobs, Pumpkin Spice Creole, Pumpkin Spice Gumbo, Deep Fried Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Spice Soup, Pumpkin Spice Stew, Pumpkin Spice Salad, Pumpkin Spice and Potatoes, Pumpkin Spice Burger, Pumpkin Spice Sandwich, Pumpkin Spice Shrimp….I think that’s about it.

Have a wonderful fall everyone.

Editor’s note: This post was provided by Advantage Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, LLC, with clinics located in Manassas and Gainesville, working with those who desire to restore and improve motion and achieve a long-term quality of life.

Violent Altercation at Manassas 7-Eleven

MANASSAS, Va. On October 16, police found and arrested a man for striking a 23-year-old male victim in the face and then using a crowbar to strike a second male victim, 42, on the head outside of a 7-Eleven store. Police were told by the victims that the three men were involved in an argument inside of the store before the incident happened. 

Here’s the latest from Prince William police; 

Malicious Wounding | Assault & Battery – On October 15th at 2:02PM, officers responded to the 7-11 located at 7420 Old Centreville Rd in Manassas (20111) to investigate a fight. The victims, a 23 year old man and a 42 year old man – both of Manassas, reported to police that they were involved in a verbal altercation with another customer inside the store. The altercation continued outside and escalated physically. During the encounter, the other customer, later identified as the accused, struck the younger victim in the face before retrieving a crowbar from his vehicle. The accused then used the crowbar to strike the older victim in the head. The accused left the area prior to police arriving at the business. Minor injuries were reported. The victims were able to provide police with the suspect vehicle’s license plate which identified the suspect. The accused was later arrested on October 16th.

Arrested on October 16th:

Vaughn Anthony WADE, 47, of 3220 Old Lee Hwy in Fairfax

Charged with malicious wounding and assault & battery

Court date: November 17, 2014 | Bond: unavailable 

Woman Strikes Man With Lamp, then Runs Him Over

MANASSAS, Va. - On October 12, a woman was arrested for striking a 37-year-old man, whom she knew, with a lamp and then running him over with a car once the victim tried to approach her. The woman initially fled before police could find her and the victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. 

Here’s the latest from Prince William police:

Malicious Wounding – On October 12th at 2:50PM, officers responded to a residence located in the 10900 block of Tower Pl in Manassas (20109) to investigate a domestic assault. The victim, a 37 year old man of Manassas, reported to police that he and the accused, a known acquaintance, were involved in a verbal altercation which escalated. During the encounter, the accused stuck the victim with a lamp before exiting the residence and getting into a shared vehicle. The victim approached the accused, at which point, she accelerated forward and struck the victim, knocking him onto the hood of the vehicle. The accused fled the area prior to police arriving at the home. The victim was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Following the investigation, officers obtained warrants for the accused who was located and arrested without further incident.

Arrested on October 12th:

Kahina BENIDIR, 27, 13949 Preacher Chapman Pl in Centreville

Charged with malicious wounding and hit & run

Court date: pending | Bond: unavailable

McAuliffe Announces Healthcare Grant in Manassas

Manassas health center serves as backdrop to announce new push to get more on Obamacare


Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe continued his push to get more residents on the rolls of the federally-funded healthcare program known as Obamacare.

The state’s top leader was in Manassas on Friday at the Evergreen Health Center where he announced Virginia is one four states to receive a $9.3 million grant awarded by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS).

If the “coverage gap” left by not expanding Medicaid were closed, McAuliffe said that the state would have saved $ 138 million, monies that could’ve went to education. To relieve this burden, Governor McAuliffe has now in place a “10-point plan” called “A Healthy Virginia” that will use state resources to get at least 200,000 insured. The grant will not only help the state financially, Governor McAuliffe said, it will also allow Virginia to create jobs and hire “100 enrolling assisters“, whose duty is to educate and guide those wanting health insurance.

Between Nov. 15 and Feb. 15, McAuliffe said his goal is to sign up at least 160,000 Virginians for health insurance. This goal is one McAuliffe is confident about meeting and surpassing because during the last enrollment period 216,000 Virginians signed up without the state embarking on any campaign to do so and only last year 1,500 Virginians enrolled at the Evergeen Health Center alone.

McAuliffe also announced a new website, coverva.org, which will allow Virginians to simply and easily enter in their address to connect them to someone who can assist them in the enrollment process. A series of television, radio and bus ads will also be purchased to echo the governor’s message about healthcare enrolment.

“Any family of three,” said Governor McAuliffe, with a yearly income between $19,790 and $79,000 “are qualified and can now get financial assistance.” Those who are qualified, said McAuliffe, need to have their home address, social security number, employer and income information, and what they estimate their income will be in 2015. If adults have children, their children will be able to register before November 15 and at Evergreen they average about 75 – 100 kids per month who enroll in health care, said Governor McAuliffe.
This grant, added McAuliffe, seeks to relieve emergency room cases and cut down costs for taxpayers.

Congressman Gerry Connolly, D-Fairfax, Prince William, said healthcare is as a “privilege” and not a “right” and that outside of “economics,” universal and affordable healthcare is at the “center of [American] value system.”

The grant will also directly benefit the Evergreen Health Center.

“It’s very exciting because we’re getting additional resources…[and] because those resources will translate into more people in Prince William getting affordable access to insurance for themselves and their families..” said clinic director Frank Principi. “We want to improve the quality of life for everybody that we serve…we can be a more productive society because of the steps were taking starting today. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.”

During the previous enrollment period that lasted six months, the Greater Prince William Community Health Center helped to enroll 7,000 families and has high hopes and expectations for the upcoming enrollment period thanks to Governor McAuliffe and his fellow leaders, and the community.

evergreen-manassas-1 evergreen-manassas-2 evergreen-manassas-3


This story has been corrected: Gov. Terry McAuliffe wants to hire 100 people to assist residents with signing up for the federal healthcare program. 

Manassas City Council Candidates Talk Taxes, Economic Development and Schools

Manassas, virginia, debate, politics

Partnership with George Mason University should strengthen Manassas schools, says candidate


The four candidates for Manassas City Council gathered at Town Hall to speak at a candidate forum to speak about issues important to the voters, including taxes, education and economic development.


Among the topics discussed, taxes were a major forerunner that the candidates spoke on. For Ken Elston (D), a teacher and administrator for George Mason University, taxes are a necessary component to keeping the City of Manassas running.

“There are only a few levers that government has with which they can get anything done,” Elston said. In addition, Elston also addressed his concern about the city’s rainy day fund levels and Manassas’ bond rating. “We certainly know that we want to do the things we need to do, and that will take a forward looking City Council,” Elston commented.

For Patricia Richie-Folks (D), a former business owner turned advertising account executive, the answer to handling the city’s taxes lies within expanding the tax base through economic development. “We need to focus on becoming more business friendly,” Richie-Folks said, continuing, “We want services. We want amenities – which we deserve, because we are making an investment in this city. I believe that we should continue to focus on economic development growth, to increase the tax base, and by prioritizing services of what the residents want.”

Incumbent Councilman Marc Aveni (R) expressed his discomfort with the idea of continuing to raise taxes on families in Manassas. “We really only have two choices – we raise taxes, or we cut programs. The Council has generally preferred to raise taxes…We can’t just keep going to taxpayers like ATMS – in my opinion – and say, ‘You need to pay more, you need to pay more’” commented Aveni.

Former Councilwoman and businesswoman Sheryl Bass (R ) felt that it was important to reach out to the community to get their take on the services they’re paying for with their tax dollars. “There’s a fine balance. It’s not just raising and it’s not just lowering and looking at programs. It’s exhausting work and it’s work [where] we have to be out in the community to talk and see where people would like their services maintained, improved and such,” Bass said.


Education was another major topic during the forum, as each candidate pointed to strengths and weakness in the city’s current public education system. Several candidates praised the current Superintendent and stated that their needs to be a positive focus on Manassas schools.
“The main thing we can do is build up our schools, not tear them down. We need to tell a positive story. Sure, there are challenges, there are problems, but there are so many more positive stories out there that we need to communicate,” Bass said, going on to speak about the new Baldwin school which aims to alleviate present overcrowding in city schools.

Richie-Folks spoke on one of the challenges that the school system is currently facing; the influx of students who speak English as a second language into the community. “We do have challenges in our school system. We have ESOL students, that is a challenge to our schools, which we have to develop the programs in order to move education along for these students. We can’t turn any students away, and I believe the community’s involved in that,” said Richie-Folks.

One thing that helps the school system in Manassas to stand out is the partnership with George Mason University. “We have a unique situation here in the City of Manassas. We have an embedded university – George Mason University. It is a situation that should really allow us…a public-private institution. It is a potential model for real creative education innovation. And we have a constitutional responsibility as a City Council, to financially support the School Board,” Elston said.

Economic Development

As a way to fund the city’s efforts and continue it’s growth, all of the candidates agreed that economic development was an essential component, with much of this development surrounding tourism to the area, and an increased volume of businesses in the area.

“We have an economic development director, who started in August. I think absolutely, economic development is critical to this city. If you think of what we have in this ten square mile city, there’s kind of the ‘Big Six’; we have our schools…we have a VRE and train station…we have an Old Town…we have a hospital… we have an airport and we have a beautiful lake, Lake Manassas. We have six or seven items that make us truly unique in Northern Virginia,” Aveni said.

“I want our city to be a destination,” Bass stated, calling for the development of a strategic plan in order to map out the city’s economic development goals for the coming years.

Two incumbent councilmen, Vice-Mayor Andrew Harrover and J. Stephen Randolph are not seeking reelection. The election is now 15 days away and will be held on Nov. 4.

The forum was sponsored by the Manassas City Public School Education Foundation, Historic Manassas and the Old Town Business Association.

manassas-council-1 manassas-council-2 manassas-council-3 manassas-council-4


Police Catch 2 of 4 in Assault of 18-Year-Old

MANASSAS, Va. - On October 8, two out of four suspects were arrested in connection to the armed robbery and assault of an 18-year-old male victim on October 6. The victim told police that he was in the area to meet a female friend when he was assaulted by a group of men, who then stole his cell phone and money before leaving the scene. Police are searching for the remaining two suspects.

Here’s the latest from Prince William police:  

Armed Robbery | Assault by Mob – On October 6th at 3:23PM, officers responded to investigate an assault which was reported to have occurred in the 11800 Medway Church Lp in Manassas (20109). The victim, an 18 year old man of Manassas, reported to police that he had made arrangements to meet up with a female acquaintance in the area above. During the encounter, a group of unknown men approached and assaulted the victim using blunt objects. The men took the victim’s cell phone and money before fleeing the area. The victim went to an area hospital for treatment where police were contacted. Detectives from the Robbery Unit were able to identify four of the suspects involved in the incident. Two of the four suspects were arrested between October 8th and October 9th. The remaining two suspects are currently being sought on active warrants.

Arrested on October 8th:

10152014 hong

Kyu Hwa HONG, 20, of no fixed address

Charged with robbery and assault by mob

Court date: November 19, 2014 | Bond: held WITHOUT bond


10152014 lamborn

Arrested on October 9th:

Joseph D. LAMBORN, of no fixed address

Charged with robbery and assault by mob

Court date: November 19, 2014 | Bond: held WITHOUT bond


10152014 pak

Wanted: [Photo from March 2013]

Richard Jong Chan PAK, 23, of the 13400 block of Wood Lilly Ln in Centreville

Described as an Asian male, 6’0”, 200lbs with black hair and brown eyes

Wanted for robbery and assault by mob


10152014 saunders

Wanted: [Photo from January 2014]

Kelly Dawn SAUNDERS, 20, of the 9000 block of Quarry St in Manassas

Described as a white female, 5’8”, 125lbs with brown hair and hazel eyes

Wanted for robbery and assault by mob

Gas Prices Dip Below $3

Stafford, Woodbridge, gas prices, fuel, pump

Gas prices topped $3.60 a year ago


Gas prices continue to fall across the region.

The price of a gallon of unleaded fuel fell to $2.93 a gallon just this morning at a Shell gas station on Route 610 and Patton Drive. It’s the lowest price for a gallon of gas in the North Stafford area.

Other gas stations, including two Wawa convenience stores and a Valero gas station have regular unleaded fuel priced at $2.97 per gallon. It’s $2.99 at a 7-Eleven and Circle K stores on nearby U.S. Route 1.

Prices in Woodbridge fell even lower than they have in Stafford. At a Citgo station at U.S. Route 1 and East Longview Drive was priced at $2.92 pre gallon. Prices throughout the Woodbridge area are mostly under $3 per gallon.

Steadily decreasing prices on the world’s oil market are what’s to blame for the drop in prices at the pump.

And these prices are much lower than what we saw about six months ago. Earlier this year in Woodbridge, the average price per gallon was $3.60, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic. One year ago, gas prices averaged $3.25 per gallon.

Ebola Prompts Leaders Urge Governor to Ban Travel from Africa

Prince William Medical Center to serve as Ebola treatment center


A hospital just outside Manassas will play a critical role in the event someone in our area contracts Ebola.

Designated as an Ebola treatment hub is Prince William Medical Center by the company that owns it and other hospitals in North Carolina, as well as the Haymarket Medical Center here in Virginia: Novant.

“We want to bring additional comfort to our communities who have expressed concern than an isolated room is not as safe as an isolated dedicated unit,” said Tom Zweng, MD, chief medical officer for Novant Health. “Our current protocols are safe and follow CDC recommendations; however, we wanted to take extra caution should the need arise.”

Prince William Medical Center will also accept Ebola patients from other area hospitals that are not equipped to treat the disease. So far, no area resident has contracted the deadly virus.

But Thomas Duncan, a man who passed through Dulles International Airport on his way from Liberia, Africa to Dallas late last month, became the first person in the U.S. to die from Ebola. Since the two other nurses who treated Duncan inside a Dallas hospital have fallen ill from Ebola.

Three Virginia politicians are now urging Gov. Terry McAuliffe to urge the Federal Government to place a ban on travel from west African nations to the U.S.

Manassas Delegate Bob Marshall, Frederick County Delegate Mark Berg, and Virginia Senator Dick Black all signed a three-page letter to the governor that outlined their case for a travel ban. The letter states that African countries Senegal and Nigeria banned travel to and from affected Ebola countries, and since then has seen the rate of infection drop.

“The most preventive method is: don’t expose Americans to it,” said Del. Bob Marshall.

But some have opposed banning such travel from the U.S. due to the negative economic impact it could have on already poor west African nations. Marshall says Dulles Airport is the second most used gateway to the U.S. for travel between here and Africa. John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International is third.

“Dead people don’t buy anything,” said Marshall on the prospect of negative economic impacts.

The Delegate was clear to point out that medical teams should still be allowed to charter flights to west African nations to send help to treat the virus.

Back at the hospital, this the latest new piece of Ebola-related announcement from the healthcare organization. Officials there are calling this a “centralized” approach that will allow the company to focus its training and resources into a handful of centers rather than having all of their hospitals equally equipped to treat patients who have contracted the virus.

Nevada Ranchers Could Cause Manassas Traffic Delays

Grass March - Cowboy Express ride will march through Manassas Battlefield National Park on Oct. 16. [Photo: Grass Ride - Cowboy Express Facebook page]

Horse parade to travel through Battlefield Park at 10 mph


Ranchers from Nevada could cause delays for the morning commute Thursday in Prince William County.

The Grass March and Cowboy Express is expected to wind its way down Route 234 where it meets busy Route 29 at Manassas Battlefield National Park. The march will begin at 4 a.m. and marchers will travel about 10 mph down the roadway on their way to the nation’s capital.

The group of ranchers from Nevada left California on Sept. 26 and have marched their way east. They’re going to Washington, D.C. to present politicians a petition to fire an employee of the Bureau of Land Management.

“The parade of horses and vehicles can only travel at about 10 mph, so motorists are advised to use caution and expect potential delays,” said Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller.

Many drivers use Route 234 to connect to Route 29 to commute into Fairfax County. A signal light at the intersection of the two major routes sits in the heart of the park and already does a fair job of backing up traffic in the mornings.


Osbourn Park Student Dies

PWC police car

Teen moved to area from Texas, part of NJROTC


A senior at Osborne Park Senior High School outside Manassas has died.

Macy Lyu, 18, of Manassas was pronounced dead after police were called to the teenager’s home in the 11200 block of Stonebrooke Drive, just off Davis Ford Road, at 1:15 p.m. Sunday.

The official cause of death has not been released, and there are no signs of foul play, said Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok.

A Prince William County Public Schools spokesman said he was not aware of any funeral arrangements that have been made for Lyu.

A source told Potomac Local the teenager died of natural causes after hitting her head on a bed post inside of her home. She had just moved to the area with her family from San Antonio, Texas and was a member of the school’s NJROTC, according to our source.

She had just moved to the area with her family from San Antonio, Texas and was a member of the school’s NJROTC, according to our source.

Fall’s First Major Storm Should be a Rain Maker

Image: National Weather Service

Flooding, high winds possible


Possible flooding is in the forecast for our area Wednesday as a large cold front is expected to march across our region tonight into tomorrow.

Damaging winds could also accompany the cold front, coupling with heavy rains to make Wednesday a complete wash out.

The rain should arrive during the overnight hours, and then we could see a thunderstorm after 5 a.m., according to the National Weather Service. During the day, Wednesday, the wind picks up with gusts up to 23 mph, and rainfall totals of a half to three-quarters of an inch are possible during the day.

Showers and thunderstorms will continue into the evening, until about 10 p.m., when we could see another half inch of rain. While it’s likely we won’t see severe thunderstorms from this weather system, the rain is expected to be heavy at times.

The storm bringing all this rain to our region is a low pressure system from the Great Plains region of the U.S. The cold front associated with the weather system is vast, stretching from the southern U.S. to southern New England.

Manassas Council Candidates Ready to Debate

[Photo: City of Manassas]

Economic development, city’s schools likely topics




On Friday night, candidates seeking a seat on the Manassas City Council will try to convince voters why they should get the job.

Three of the seven seats on the council are open and only one incumbent, Marc Aveni, is seeking reelection to what is currently a board dominated by male Republicans.

Democrats say that is not reflective of the



changing, more diverse nature of the city. On Election Day Nov. 4, they hope voters will agree.

“I am a Democrat, and with no women currently on the Council, yes it’s a challenge for me to run and face that but somebody’s got to step up to the plate,” said Patricia Richie-Folks, an advertising executive making her first bid for political office. “Our city is very diverse and it needs to be depicted that way on the City Council.”

Joining her Friday night will be fellow Democrat Ken Elston, director of the George Mason University’s School of Theatre. Republicans Marc Aveni, an incumbent Councilman, and former Councilwoman Sheryl Bass, who is looking to reclaim her seat after she lost a reelection bid in 2010.

Historic Manassas Inc, an organization tasked by the city to draw more people to its historic Old Town neighborhood’s shops and restaurants, will host the event. Economic development is expected to be a key topic.

“We need to find new ways to market our city and promote its schools to get more people to move here. Once you have the rooftops to support retail, more retail shops will come,” said Elston.



The Manassas City Schools Education Foundation will co-host the voter forum, so, naturally, schools will be discussed, say candidates. The city’s schools get a bad wrap for things like low test scores. And, this year former Jennie Dean Elementary School Principal Robin Anthony Toogood resigned after state officials discovered he forged his Bachelor and Doctorial degrees.

“The situation in the past with the schools, it was bad, but more people are seeing changes with the new superintendent with a new strategic plan that is aggressive,” she said.



Bass, who was one of the first women ever to serve on the Council when she was appointed in 2008 to complete the term of former councilman, also says the Council could use a female on the board. Everything about her campaign, from her website to the campaign yard signs with her name on them, is branded pink.

“I’m a real gal and I think people see that I’m ready to work to make the city a better place,” said Bass.

Not returning to City Council are Vice Mayor Andrew Harrover and Councilman J. Steven Randolph. Both have spent years on the Council.

The candidates’ forum will begins at 7 p.m. Friday in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.

Gerstein, Missing Since Sunday Night, Found

Photo: Prince William police

Photo: Prince William police


*UPDATE: Katina Gerstein, who was reported as missing and endangered last night, has been located and is safe. Thank you to everyone who shared the original post.

Original Post 

Katina Gerstein is missing from her home in Manassas.

The 20-year-old woman was last seen at 5 p.m. Sunday at her home in the 10100 block of Parkview Drive. Police say they are concerned because the woman “may be in need of assistance which qualifies her as being endangered,” according to a police press release.

Gerstein is white, 5 feet tall, 125 pounds, with light brown and dark blonde hair, with blue eyes. She was wearing dark pants, a brown shirt, and glasses, say police.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Prince William police at 703-792-6500.

‘Battle of Route 28′ Competition for Brentsville, Patriot High Schools

Chick-fil-a, bristow, chicken, fast food, manassas

Chick-fil-A at Bristow owner Mike Lovitt standing at the drive-through window of his restaurant on Route 28 near Manassas.


Brentsville, Patriot high schools have chance to win cash from Chick-fil-A


It’s being dubbed the “Battle of Route 28,” as two high schools will have a chance to show which school is the most spirited, and to win some cash.

Chick-fil-A at Bristow has partnered with Brenstville District and Patriot high schools in Prince William County for a spirit competition. According to Chick-fil-A at Bristow owner Mike Lovitt, fliers were distributed to both schools detailing the competition.

Those who dine in at the restaurant on Route 28 near Manassas and drop off the flier will help tally up points for their respective schools. Fliers dropped in a special box will be tallied each night and the school with the most fliers wins

The restaurant will also give 15% of the proceeds based on those who came into the restaurant, said Lovitt. The winning school will also receive matching funds from the restaurant, he added.

The contest begins Monday, Oct. 13 and runs through Saturday, Oct. 18.

The competition is part of “SPARK,” the education foundation and philanthropic arm of the Prince William County Public Schools div

Neibauer to Speak to Entrepreneurs, Sales Teams

Dr. Chris Neibauer, Founder of Neibauer Dental Care, is scheduled to be the guest speaker at a luncheon hosted by the Prince William Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 16 from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Entrepreneurs and sales teams are invited to hear his inspirational story at the Best Western Battlefield Inn in Manassas.  The luncheon is sponsored by MTCI-Management Training and Consultants, Inc.

According to his bio, Dr. Neibauer’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from his earliest years when he sold potholders door to door to make money.  But it was not until he returned from Cameroon, Africa where he was a missionary that he decided he wanted more. 

He opened a one-man dental practice and after years of study and applying the principles of Unconditional Responsibility, he expanded that single practice into 25 dental practices in 6.5 years with annual revenues greater than $55 million.

As our guest speaker, he will teach us the same 7 Principles that he used to create the life he wanted.  No matter where you are in your pursuit of a life of health, happiness and success, this seminar will prove invaluable to you.  You will want to bring your staff to this!  

Novant Prepares for Ebola, Reviews Plans


Novant notes Ebola risk as “low” for region 


Novant Healthcare, which operates hospitals in Manassas and Haymarket, says they’re preparing for the spread of Ebola, though they say there’s an “extremely low” chance it will impact our area.

The healthcare provider says its been reviewing its plans and processes so doctors can more quickly diagnose and treat a patient with Ebola if one appears in our area. Nearby Dulles Airport has already had a brush with the deadly disease when Thomas Eric Duncan passed through the airport late last month when traveling from Ebola-stricken Libearia to Dallas. Duncan died from the disease yesterday in a Dallas hospital.

Back in Northern Virginia, Novant says the community should feel at ease knowing they are ready to handle what comes their way.

 “We have spent additional time reviewing our plans, equipment, supplies, training and engagement with community health partners,” said Tom Zweng, MD, chief medical officer for Novant Health. “Our team members and communities should feel secure knowing we are prepared to provide the right care in a safe environment for all.”

Staff members at Novant are following CDC guidelines provided for infection control and containment. The hospitals are also taking extra precautions to protect their staffs, as well.

Novant has set up a special phone number to call if you have questions about the disease: 888-251-8808.

Zandra’s Taqueria Opens Thursday in Manassas

manassas, tacos, moza, carmellos, restaurant

Owner of popular Monza tries hand at tacos


 Zandra’s Taqueria will celebrate its Grand Opening on Thursday, Oct. 9 at 5:30 p.m. 

Festivities will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a ribbon cutting followed by fun giveaways and entertainment by Harlen Simple, a local Manassas band.  All are welcome to come out and celebrate the grand opening. 

Owners Nicholas Kowalewski and Miguel Pires are excited to open their doors to the public with this fun, casual, gourmet handcrafted taco concept.

“Our specialty is our handcrafted tacos – corn tortillas with fresh ingredients and fun atmosphere.  We are looking forward to having guests try us out,” said Kowalewski.   Owner Pires added, “Nick and I worked on opening this concept for over a year and we are very excited to celebrate and be part of the City of Manassas community.” 

Zandra’s Taqueria of Old Town Manassas, Va. was established in 2014 and is owned by local restauranteurs and young entrepreneurs Nicholas Kowalewski and Miguel Pires of Manassas.  

The contemporary American taqueria offers handcrafted gourmet tacos. Kowalewski, age 31 and a graduate of the Stratford University culinary program and Zandra’s Taqueria executive chef, general manager and owner, uses local and fresh ingredients to add a new twist to tacos. 

Pires, 31, grew up in a family-owned and -operated restaurant business and is part of the history of the long-established Carmello’s and Monza of Manassas.  As the general manager for 10 years, Pires decided to continue to expand the culinary experience in Old Town Manassas and open Zandra’s Taqueria. 

For more information, go to zandrastacos.com, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or call 571-359-6767.

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