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Updated: Police called to possible hostage situation, shoot teen with crowbar

HAYMARKET — Prince William police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in Haymarket.

We’re told no police officers have been injured. Further details on the incident have yet-to-be-made available by a police spokesman.

County school officials stress to parents that children inside schools in the Haymarket area are safe

Prince William County Schools spokeswoman Irene Cromer released this statement:

Haymarket area schools are safe and advised of NO NEED for precautionary actions despite police activity in the area. Instruction continues as normal at all schools.

More as we have it.

2 p.m. 

A male juvenile was pronounced dead at the scene this morning after a police-involved shooting in Haymarket. 

From Prince William police: 

INCIDENTOfficer Involved Shooting | Haymarket; Detectives are currently investigating an officer involved shooting which occurred in the 6800 block of Hartzell Hill Ln in Haymarket (20169) around 10:45 this morning. No officers were injured. The individual shot was identified as a male juvenile and was pronounced dead at the scene. More information will be released when available. The investigation continues.

A road closure this afternoon will prevent parents from picking up children, as well as stalling bus traffic at schools in the area. 

From Prince William County Public Schools spokeswoman Irene Cormer: 

Due to road closure at Hartzell Hill Lane in Haymarket, parents are asked to meet their child’s bus at  Market Ridge and Heights Way.  No buses can go on Harzell Hill Lane. This may affect school buses from Battlefield High School, Reagan Middle School, and Haymarket Elementary School.

2:50 p.m. 

Police say the male juvenile is a teenager. 

4:45 p.m. 

The Prince William County Police Department is still actively investigating an officer involved shooting which occurred outside of a residence located in the 6800 block of Hartzell Hill Ln in Haymarket (20169) around 10:45AM this morning. Officers initially responded to the residence to investigate a possible hostage situation.

As officers were responding, information was received that one of the parties involved had a bomb strapped to his chest and was holding a family member hostage. When officers arrived, they observed a male individual in front of the residence. During the encounter, the individual brandished a crowbar and began walking toward the officers in a threatening manner.

The officers gave the individual multiple commands to drop the crowbar which he refused. At that point, one of the officers fired their Department issued weapon towards the individual, striking him in the upper body. Officers provided immediate first aid until rescue personnel arrived.

The individual was pronounced dead at the scene. No officers were injured.

The individual shot was identified as a 15-year-old male juvenile. More information will be released when available. The investigation continues.

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  • KLo

    Its a shame people pay taxes in PWC and the police force look like a mf white out.

    • It’s a shame that maybe other people don’t join the police force to protect their communities. And what do taxes have to do with it? Go troll somewhere else.

  • scavok

    How can you be police officers if a group of you can’t even handle a 15 year old with a crowbar without using lethal force? Pathetic and weak.

  • kaytmay

    Could be an emotionally disturbed child. Mental health is rampant and nothing is done to help.
    I’d think a 15 year old armed with only a crowbar could be managed without s discharged weapon.
    This is very scary to an family who had a child maybe not as normal as every other child. Is this our answer to helping these kids?… Just shoot them?
    There better be a valid reason for this kill shot…
    I’d want to know what person could live with themselves after taking a kid’s life.

  • Lynda Galligan

    Cold blooded murder.

  • Nym

    Waving a weapon and approaching officers who have drawn weapons, and ignoring repeated commands to drop the weapon… will result in you getting shot. Just because you are 15 doesn’t mean you are innocent.
    This family refused to comment on this teens mental state. Clearly the kid was troubled. But they investigate the officer doing his job and do not question the parents who should be providing care for the kid. Get children proper care for mental illness, parents! Come on!

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