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Sentara warns of phone scam

From an email: 

Earlier this week, Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center received notification from community members they had been contacted by a would-be scammer offering a lower interest rate from a 703-670 prefix with caller ID displaying “Potomac Hospital.”

The caller reportedly told the recipients a lower interest rate was available if personal information, like a credit card or social security number, was given. In the course of the investigation, it was determined the caller had used old exchanges from when Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center operated as Potomac Hospital.

Sentara values our patients’ trust and are troubled that thieves would use our good name to commit fraud. Sentara does not call patients, or former patients, and ask for personal information. If you get such a call, hang up, never give personal information over the phone and contact your service provider with the caller’s details.  

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  • tbornottb

    I have been getting these calls for months and yes the caller id said Potomac Hospital but the calls I got were all about me winning a trip to a resort/timeshare. I contacted the hospital more than once but they did not seem interested in the abuse. Guess Sentara doesn’t care about what scammers do with the former name of the hospital…kind of sad. Now I get the same calls and the caller ids still have local ‘670’ phone numbers but they have changed the caller id ‘name’ from Potomac Hospital to the originating phone number.

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