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Manassas tries again to sellout rooftop July 4 bash

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. 

Historic Manassas, Inc. is making a second attempt this year at selling out a party that will take place on the top of the city’s downtown parking garage on July 4. 

The garage will be closed to vehicles, as it always is on Independence Day, but revelers with paid tickets will be invited up to the fifth level to watch the region’s largest fireworks display, eat, and drink.

HMI tried to hold this same party last year, but it didn’t work out. We asked HMI spokeswoman Brittany Bowman what makes this year’s celebration different.

PL: Can you tell me more about the idea to have the party on the top deck of the parking deck? 

HMI: Several years ago a long time resident of Manassas approached City Staff and expressed his desire to see the fireworks bigger, more wow, more everything, and he was willing to pay for half of that cost, his only request was to remain anonymous.  So this has continued over the years, and now the City of Manassas has what is known as the largest fireworks display in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, this donor is ready to retire, and as much as they would like to continue their support, it’s not feasible. Rather than reducing the number of fireworks, or increase the budget, we hope that this party would raise enough funds to offset that additional expense.  

PL: How many people do you expect to attend? How many tickets do you have to sell? 

HMI: The tickets will be maxed out at 250 people. There will be a limited number of tickets available for those who want to bring their children with them as well.

PL: Is the party incumbent on selling tickets? I remember last year’s event was canceled due to low ticket sales.

HMI: The party is incumbent on selling tickets. We are not able to cover the cost of a loss on this party, expenses must be covered, and income over expenses will be designated for the fireworks display.

PL: What’s being done differently this year to make sure the event is a success? 

HMI: Unfortunately, last year the decision to host the party on the rooftop was made later than necessary to successfully plan a rooftop event. This year, we have had more time to plan and also lowered ticket prices to attract a larger audience of interest.

PL: The top level of the parking garage has historically been closed on July 4. What led to the decision to open it for this event? 

HMI: Yes the garage is closed, and that won’t change this year, no cars will be allowed to park in the space The reason for this is if the garage were open, event participants would fill up every space in the garage and then all try to leave at the same time, and with the heavy pedestrian traffic, it’s just not safe. But the views from the top of the garage are spectacular making it a perfect place for a special ticketed event.


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