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Prince William Democratic Committee chief calls Delegate Jackson Miller a ‘white supremacist’

MANASSAS, Va. — The Chairman of the Prince William County Democratic Committee had some choice words for  Delegate Jackson Miller on Wednesday.

Harry Wiggins on Facebook posted “Trump and Jackson Miller two unqualified bigots and white supremacists.”

“I can sit here and say nothing and watch Jackson Miller pat himself on the back and pretend like he is a wonderful person or I can state facts,” Wiggins told Potomac Local.

Miller, a Republican, represents the 50th House of Delegates District (Manassas) and is running to be the next Clerk of the Prince William Circuit Court.

Miller’s support in the House of Delegates to require voters present IDs at polls, and his refusal to support the restoration of voting rights to convicted felons as reasons for this Facebook post.

“As you know, those things affect minorities disproportionately,” said Wiggins.

Miller serves as the House Majority Whip and was elected to the House of Delegates in 2005. Prior to that he served on the Manassas City Council and was a cop in Arlington and Prince William counties. 

“Yes, I’ve seen Harry Wiggins’ disgusting Facebook post. My hope was that the media would not report on his shameless political stunt. Mr. Wiggins is getting exactly what he wanted. He is a seasoned politician who now has the media reporting his false accusations,” Jackson Miller told Potomac Local. “Instead of our campaign talking about how important the Clerk of the Circuit Court is to our community, we are now defending ourselves against his baseless and false narrative. Any unbiased account clearly shows that Jackson Miller is more qualified for this position than his opponent. Creating fake news and attacking his character is the Democrats’ best chance of winning.”

Jaqueline Smith, with Democratic support, is challenging Miller for the Clerk of Court seat, an elected position with an eight-year term. A special election will be held April 18 to replace Michele McQuigg, who was re-elected as Clerk in 2015 and died last month.

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  • Tanisha Watkins

    This is by far the worst news reporting I have ever seen on Potomac Local. I hate Donald Trump and I don’t even care about Jackson Miller, but you are giving race-baiters a megaphone-type platform without any accountability. This will only encourage more name-calling like this, which will fuel racial tensions in our community even more. Lazy journalism like this is part of the race problem in America.

  • Dastardly

    Typical. Resort to Name throwing and slander to silence some you disagree with. Bullying isn’t cool on the playground nor in politics. Bullying is not an American value to be used to stifle and censor people you disagree with.

  • Debbie Hanssen Edenhart

    Short and sweet…. I”ve known Jackson Miller for many years. There is no way he is racist or a white supremacist. This is a horrible attacking spin because the Democratic candidate does not have near enough experience and the Democratic party is grasping at straws to belittle the opposition. Shame on you.

    • Firestorm

      I am no Jackson Miller fan but I don’t think he is a white supremacist. I would not characterize the Democratic candidate as inexperienced. She has at least run for the office she is seeking. Her performance was impressive. Jackson has not run for that office.

      I think that Wiggin’s flame throwing remarks should be noted. They should not be held against the Democratic candidate. She did not say them.

      • So, running for an office and losing counts as having experience in the office? Who knew?

  • Aubrey Preidis

    If you’re willing to publicly accuse someone of something so heinous, I believe that you should be called to the carpet on it. This isn’t “lazy journalism”, this is simply reporting what a local politician decided to claim in a public forum. Does it deserve attention? Yes. Does it mean Jackson Miller is a white supremacist? No. If anything, this draws negative attention to Wiggins because it shows how low he will stoop to defame someone. Ignoring this issue and failing to report on it, only allows Wiggins a bigger platform to further make outlandish claims.

    • Firestorm

      Totally agree, Aubrey.


    Harry is over the top here, but Ms. Smith is much more qualified than Mr. Miller for this job. She is competent and dedicated to doing the job right. Mr. Miller is looking for the next wrung up the ladder, and wants a well paying gig close to home. His political skills will best serve us in Richmond, Ms. Smith’s actual knowledge about the Clerk’s Office will serve us well here. And, by keeping Mr. Miller in the HOD, we save ourselves the cost of a special election.

  • Harry

    To Bill Card, I agree that Miller is “..good and decent man…” if he was a plantation owner in Virginia in 1850, all the other plantation owners would consider him a good and decent man. What you and Miller don’t get it is NOT 1850 but 2017. Miller’s time as a Delegate in the Virginia General Assembly and as Republican Whip has been about suppressing minority votes. He has done everything, including what the court ruled, packing African Americans into districts to dilute their voting power, voter ids, birth certificates to prove you’re a citizen to vote, life time voter bans on 310,000 African Americans. When you look at Miller’s voting record in Richmond, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn.

    • Bill Card

      Utter nonsense – you’ve gone way too far this time Harry.

      Your attack is not only entirely false, it’s also despicable. This democrat tactic of throwing down the “Race Card” at every opportunity diminishes the fight against democrats that went on for decades to pull you knuckle-draggers into the 20th century.

      You diminish the heroic actions of those who fought for equality against institutionalized democrat inspired and supported racism. You’re disgusting.

      Are you drinking again?

    • Tom Fitzpatrick

      Wiggins, I believe that citizens benefit from a full, open and HONEST debate. Accordingly, though conservative, I believe citizens would benefit from at least two vibrant political parties, debating the facts, and competing for votes based upon merit. I, and I believe most citizens, simply want what is best for PWC, and want the person in office who will work towards that end.

      It is unfortunate, and telling, that the Democrat machine in PWC has chosen as its leader such a despicable example of political trash such as yourself. With you as its leader, ANY candidate who does not disavow you and your lies should be disqualified from any consideration for office by thoughtful and concerned citizens.

      If a Democrats in PWC want to improve their standing in the community, they must begin with a condemnation of actual actions by you rather than fabricated fantasies regarding actual public servants who have served long, honorably, and, not incidentally, successfully.

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