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Bonefish Grill in Woodbridge closed


We’ve heard from Elizabeth Watts at Bloomin Brands, a spokeswoman for Bonefish Grill. She sent this statement via email.

The decision to close the Potomac Mills Bonefish Grill was a difficult one based on business circumstances.  

We’re offering as many employees as possible the opportunity to transfer to open positions at nearby affiliated restaurants. Employees who do not transfer will receive a severance package.

The last day of business was Sunday, February 28.

A total of 45 employees were affected by the closure. 

Original post

The one thing an employee at Bonefish Grill in Woodbridge could say: “It’s sad.”

The restaurant on Prince William Parkway that just this past Saturday had a parking lot full of cars is now closed. The eatery posted a sign on its main entrance telling patrons to visit other Bonefish Grill locations in Gainesville and Fredericksburg.

We’ve placed several calls to a company spokeswoman to find out why the restaurant closed and are still waiting to hear back.

Bonefish Grill opened with fanfare in 2013 to large crowds. The restaurant replaced what had been Uno Chicago Grill, which closed that same year.

More as we have it.

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  • Davin Peterson

    Covenant’s Presbyterian Church Woman were to have their retreat at the restaurant next month

  • Anonymous

    I think that Bonefish is having some major issues and are closing restaurants all over the country.

  • Woodbridge Resident

    Year over year sales were down at all bonefishes last year, and just a couple weeks ago corporate announced they were shutting down 14 restaurants over the next year and a half. The Woodbridge one wasn’t the only one that shutdown yesterday.

    It is sad – this was a great restaurant for Woodbridge and a huge turn around for the location over the previous Unos. They did an awesome job with the renovations and I would hate to see it go vacant for so long.

  • Nicky

    The fact is Bonefish is Just not that good, especially for the price. It seemed to be better years ago. The last time I went there I decided it would be my last.

  • Anonymous

    We stopped going there after 3 visits to this restaurant because the service and waitstaff were so horrible. I don’t go out to eat to have rude waiters be condescending and forget that their level of effort is directly tied to the 20% tip that I usually leave…assuming my drink class is refilled and our meals arrive hot. When I don’t get those simple things and then compounded with snarkiness or inattention, then I only leave 15% and don’t return to this location. Instead I chose to drive to the location in Fredricksburg b/c of their friendlier waitstaff and cleanliness.

  • Anonymous

    We have enjoyed this Bome Fish Grill on numerous occasions and have never been dissatisfied with either the food or service. This closure is a real dissappoint.

  • ASH

    I had good food and service each time I was at this location – my biggest problem with them was the value for the food – the food was good, but for the generally small portion sizes at the prices they wanted, the value wasn’t always there (except for their fish and chips, that was a great value).

  • Chris

    Not a surprise, Red Lobster is a few blocks down. That location had horrible service, went once it was bad and gave it another chance, just as bad. Nothing like the one in Springfield. Huge disappointment all around.

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