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1 shot and killed, 2 others injured after gunfire exchanged in North Stafford

[Photo: Mary Davidson/Stafford Local]

One person was shot and killed and two others injured this afternoon outside Wings to Go in North Stafford.

Here’s the latest in a Stafford County Sheriff’s Office press release:

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office is reporting a fatal shooting occurred this afternoon, Sunday, February 15, 2015 at approximately 3:00 pm in the Garrisonville Road area of Stafford County

At 3:00 this afternoon, Sunday, February 15, 2015 deputies responded to a shooting of a person call at 435 Garrisonville Road.  The address is the Wings to Go Restaurant and the shooting occurred in the parking lot.  The initial investigation indicates that two vehicles were involved in the incident and individuals in those vehicles exchanged gun fire. 

One male subject, who had left his vehicle sometime during the incident, was shot and fatally wounded in the parking lot.  Two individuals who were in the second vehicle were also shot.  They fled the scene and went to an area hospital for treatment.  Those individuals are currently being treated.

Stafford Count Deputies and Detectives are on scene, in both locations, investigating the incident.  The investigation is obviously in the early stages and no further information is available.

The victims in this case remain unidentified. We don’t yet know if anyone faces charges. 


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  • Why should you take the time to get a permit to carry concealed? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because ‘things’ can happen anywhere. There are free classes at porter library so you really have no excuse.

    • Gun control is hitting what your aiming at dumb***.

  • kyle

    that’s wy we need stricter gun control lol

    • Ummm

      No it’s not.

    • Suzy sweetheart

      No it’s not! Your an idiot. It was probably an incident about drugs you idiot

      • Lauren


    • No one reads avout gun control anyways so why do we need better gun control when no one reads it anyways

    • duuuh

      If that’s the case, how does California who has one of the strictest control laws has so many shootings??

    • Geo

      EXACTLY!! Because just think, if the people that survived didn’t have a gun no one would have gotten hurt. The other gunman would have politely said “oh you are unarmed? Im sorry” then disarmed himself and waited for the police right?

      What?? According to Senator Dian Feinstein :
      “When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.”

      • john

        At no point in your incoherent rambling did you even create a rational thought, let alone answer the question. All of us are now dumber having listened to your response. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your sou

    • Bob

      Only a gun control advocate is dumb enough to misspell “WHY.”

  • Bob

    Gun control only keeps honest citizens from owning guns.

  • Jay

    individuals with training and lawfully owned guns and permits do not get in shoot outs on public streets. The whole, we need stricter gun control laws doesn’t apply when you have illegally owned guns in the hands of morons.

    • Marty monts

      amen! all the people I know with permits to carry are individuals brains and not morons!

  • Stella

    Someone lost their life, show some respect

    • Mike

      Thank you I show grace to you cause you don’t know if the victim’s family is reading your post !! May God be with you

    • VA

      Thank you

    • I agree we should show respect but how do you show respect for idiots who do stupid things such as this? I have no idea what happened. Perhaps they were angry over a wings order or a parking space or a drug deal gone bad but the use of guns and a life lost is no way to show your anger. Ti is just foolish ,childish , stupidity where tempers rise and lack of control takes over and before you know it bang bang you are dead! Only it is for real and not a video game!

  • Mary

    We do need stricter gun control.

    Who said these people weren’t Lawful gun owners? All you need is at least Two “Lawful” gun owners who think they’re in the Right to use their “lawful” guns.. and then you have a dead body on your hands.

    It’s naïve to think that just because you have a permit and “training” that you will always make the best judgment when it comes to using your gun.

    People WITH guns are more likely to USE those guns. People WITHOUT guns CANT use guns.

    • Amanda

      Mary, you’re an idiot. It’s naive to think that a law will keep this from happening. People who shoot other people, don’t have a good moral compass and will steal guns. “Stricter gun control” is not going to keep this from happening.

      • Pro NRA

        I literally laughed out loud when you called Mary out Amanda. Thank you to everyone who is actually pro-guns here. Let not forget that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If they wanted that guy dead then they would have done it whether it be a gun or a knife, guns are usually just cleaner and safer when trying to kill someone. This is so tragic that there even had to be a shoot out but come on think it through. If three bad people with guns, legal or not, knew that other people in the immediate had guns, do you really think they would have shot? No. Because then they would have died too. Even if you ban guns completely there will always be gun violence. It’s a proven fact that almost all concealed carry weapons are never shot even once because the situation has never come where it would be necessary. Even in the military, most of them will never have to take the shot. I’m done

      • Joe


        When seconds matter the police are minutes away.

        Lets say you went to pick up your wings. Person A starts to Shoot Person B. Then Person A decides to shoot anyone that saw what happened, um well that would be the innocent person that went to get wings. What are you going to say .. “its illegal to shoot me” or maybe try .. “this is a gun free zone”. Neither of the above will work… That’s why I carry.

        • Janis Jackson

          I from around that area and at that time a day there would have been many witness’.

    • Marline Cook

      No they just wind up dead!

      • Mary

        Look….everyone has their own opinions.

        I just think its naïve to think that ALL murders that take place are because of some “gangster” with an illegal weapon.

        I think we can all admit that LAWFUL GUN OWNERS CAN MAKE MISTAKES and BAD JUDGEMENT CALLS.

        We have all heard off plenty cases where innocent people are WRONGFULLY shot dead in the streets at the hands of a LEGAL WEAPON.

        • Mike

          I totally agree with you !

        • VA

          I absolutely agree.

    • James

      People without guns are called VICTIMS. People with guns ARE more likely to use them — to defend themselves against unlawful assaults.

    • kris

      Your an idiot. Most peeps who legally own guns are not out killing peeps. You say people who legally own guns are more likely to use them. Yet 85% of the shootings in this country are by criminals who have an ilegal fire arm. Get your facts straight before shooting off at the mouth.

    • Suzy sweetheart

      I think you should blast yourself in the face with a gun!

    • mr righteous

      looks like it was a drug deal gone bad. These mother f****** could have been selling to your kids or they could have been holding the gun so step back and reconsider the situation. The problem is with all these kids doing heroin! Wake up and smell the poppies!

      • Janis Jackson

        That’s true…drug deal gone bad!

    • brin

      Say get rid of guns now but when your house gets robbed you are gonna wish you had a gun
      guns give protection and what about people who like to hunt.
      Stop listening to obama amd try listening to founding fathers who actually were intellegent

    • Matt

      Mary, please tell me you are being facetious. The idea that ANY of these young men killing each other are registered gun owners shows how out of touch you may be with the reality of why they are carrying THEIR guns, and how they came about them. The fact that they are now shooting each other in broad daylight in our neighborhoods [I was next door at the auto parts place] with total disregard for the people around them is exactly WHY those of us who are law-abiding need to arm ourselves. You want to rely on the state to keep you safe, just like those students at Va Tech. You can go ahead and live in your utopic little world of idealism, but it won’t help you when these guys decide to shoot it out right next to you.

    • anonymous

      Dumb Dumb 2nd amendment.. government has guns we have guns. Criminals have guns I have guns get shot if you want I’m safe.

    • Bob

      Mary, you are so stupid I really don’t know where to begin.

      Only a tiny fraction of gun crime comes from legally owned guns. You would know that if your head wasn’t planted firmly in your ass. I could tell you all the reasons you are an idiot, but I don’t think you have the intellect required to process that information.

      Please, just go home and drink the stuff under the sink. The gene pool will thank you.

    • Cay

      I think it’s very naive to think that laws banning that 2nd amendment right to bear arms will do ANY good. It will only prevent people wanting to protect themselves and their families from doing so. A good example: the war on drugs. There are hundreds of laws against drug use and sale. Yet still they run rampant on our streets! Just because a law says not to do something doesn’t mean CRIMINALS won’t sill obtain and use them ILLEGALLY! All it will do is leave the innocent defenseless!

  • Andre

    Glad I didn’t get my haircut today right next door.

  • Mary

    There is no reason anyone had to be hurt today. Imagine if no one in this situation had a gun.

    But for whatever reason, a couple people felt that it was their God-given right to bring a gun to Wings-To-Go. -_- Come on now…

    • Andre

      It’s actually a constitutional right, but close enough.

      • Mary

        That’s very good you know the definition of an amendment

        • Andre

          Well you seemed confused as to why they were carrying something they have every right too, as far as we know…

          • Mary

            I don’t think I seem confused.

            I think you just didn’t like my choice of words. Because it wasn’t 100% literally, and technically correct.

          • TMN

            Mary does seem confused. Have you heard about how things go in England? NO ONE is allowed to have guns so the murder capita for deaths by use of knives overtake our deaths in America by guns. It doesn’t make any sense for stricter gun laws. The decent Americans have guns legally but can still make wrong choices and the idiots who have absolute no moral compass at all in life will just steal their gun or get it illegally. Time to take your head out of the clouds here on this topic and think gun control is really the right and only answer here.

    • Frank Poirier

      Mary, so you assume these were lawful carriers? Really? Facts mean nothing to you. You do know that most murders are committed using unregistered guns, right?

      • U R Confused

        “most murders are committed using unregistered guns”
        In VA, you only register fully automatic weapons. Semi-auto or less is not registered. Therefore most guns in VA are not registered…

        • Janis Jackson

          That’s true. I was at the dog park the other day and this guy walks in with a side arm in. So naturally I cozy on up to him and chat him up. Just trying to assess his mental state… Well he seem really normal, so I asked him about gun laws in Virginia. He said you didn’t need to register little guns etc. I was amazed by this. I think people should have to take a common sense type of test and get a license that says the person is if sound mind. There’s so many crazy people out there and if they get a gun it wouldn’t turn out well. You. Know what I mean?
          I’m pro-gun but there’s got to be laws that say you have to lock them up and exactly how. I can’t imagine this shooting in this busy street! I hope the all go to jail!

    • Bernie Wright

      If it wasn’t a gun, then they could have used knives or a baseball bat or a car or…..
      get the point. It isn’t the gun, it is who is holding the gun…or the knife or car..
      get it now???

      • Mary

        I think we have all heard that little reference 100 times.

        So basically we should continue to have guns widely available because…people are going to kill each other anyway? That’s your point?


        Lets hand out Registered guns to every qualified person. I’m pretty sure that will lower murder rates and shooting incidents.

        • Rick

          Actually, Mary, you are right on this one. Switzerland requires all able bodied males to own, maintain and train with firearms. No gun related crimes there. I think your idea is an excellent one.

        • Bernie Wright

          Here is an interesting article about gun ownership..

      • Mike

        If that’s not a fact tell me what is ?

    • James

      “Imagine if no one in this situation had a gun.”

      Then they would’ve stabbed or bludgeoned each other, or used the vehicles as battering rams — and somebody would still be dead, probably — maye more than one.

      ALSO — we have no details about this situation, so we don’t know who was victim and who was criminal, etc. We all just be swapping ignorance here.

    • mike

      Drive by style shooting in front of a chicken wing restaurant…clearly thugs! I can almost bet neither of the people involved had a concealed carry permit nor any type of gun safety training. No law abiding gun owner will ever get out of his vehicle to run from the scene and no one but a down right thug will try and shoot someone from a car! Wake up!!

    • Bob

      Lol, Mary is so dumb she thinks that criminals are thwarted by laws. What a complete retard.

  • Donnie

    I are right they shouldn’t sell guns in stores. Ever since crack was taken off the shelves no one uses it now.

    • Mary

      Hahaha. That’s funny

  • Donnie

    You are right they shouldn’t sell guns in stores. Ever since crack was taken off the shelves no one uses it now. Your argument is completely ignorant laughable.

    • Mary

      Obviously can’t take ANYTHING 100% off the streets. But why is their a war on drugs? To limit its influence.

      I’m just saying we should limit GUNS influence a little bit more. Instead of having them so widely available to the public.

      • Andre

        You realize the “war on drugs” backfired horribly don’t you? Wait..of course you do lol

        • Mary

          Are you just going to pick apart every comment I make?

          Or are you going to add any Constructive input at some point?

          • Andre

            I would be enlightening you on a subject you’re clearly ignorant on. For me to give constructive input you’d have to already have a sound understanding of firearm regulations, violence stats, and the laws already in place regarding the sale of firearms. Try Google!

  • Frank Poirier

    Mary, so you assume these were lawful carriers? Really? Facts mean nothing to you. You do know that most murders are committed using unregistered guns, right?

    • Mary

      I’m not assuming anything is my point.

      MOST murders. Keyword= MOST.

      I know we are all well aware of many cases in the media and NOT in the media where Innocent people have been killed by REGISTERED guns.

      I don’t know why everyone is pretending that lawful people don’t make mistakes.

      • U R Confused

        Where are you people… in VA you dont register guns….

        • Rt smalwood

 a gun from the store like most law bidding citizens and they ARE REGISTERED.

          • Rt smalwood

            All store bought guns are registered. u think they track u don’t HAVE TO re register them if you sell it to some one.but then if they commit a crime with it ur screwed.

        • anonymous

          Mine all are

      • Don

        Are firearms registered in Virginia?

        With the exception of machine guns, firearms are not registered in Virginia.

        Straight from the VA State Police website. If you are going to make an argument and sharpshoot someone on semantics, please take the time to Google the facts first. It’s amazing how ignorant people are concerning guns and gun rights. There isn’t, and never has been, a requirement to register a gun in VA, with the exception of the federal requirement to register certain tyes of controlled devices. Please read the following list, straight from the ATF:

        Some examples of the types of firearms that must be registered are:

        Machine guns;
        The frames or receivers of machine guns;
        Any combination of parts designed and intended for use in converting weapons into machine guns;
        Any part designed and intended solely and exclusively for converting a weapon into a machine gun;
        Any combination of parts from which a machine gun can be assembled if the parts are in the possession or under the control of a person;
        Silencers and any part designed and intended for fabricating a silencer;
        Short-barreled rifles;
        Short-barreled shotguns;
        Destructive devices; and,
        “Any other weapon.”

        A few examples of destructive devices are:

        Molotov cocktails;
        Anti-tank guns (over caliber .50);
        Bazookas; and,

        A few examples of “any other weapon” are:

        H&R Handyguns;
        Ithaca Auto-Burglar guns;
        Cane guns; and,
        Gadget-type firearms and “pen” guns which fire a projectile by the action of an explosive.

        [26 U.S.C. 5845]

  • jimmy

    If it was over drugs, all three of them should have been shot and killed. My sister, and the mother of my beautiful niece an nephew works there. Let the criminals kill each other. Get a concealed weapon permit and protect yourself.

    • Mary

      “All three of them should have been shot and killed…..go and get a concealed weapon permit”

      Listen to yourself……..

      Someone saying KILL EM ALL is NOT someone who should be advocating for guns! You sound like A CRAZY PERSON influencing more CRAZINESS.

      • VA

        Most of these people sound crazy. Harsh name calling like they’re still in high school, suggesting you shoot yourself in the head, demeaning tone…and for what? Because you have a valid point? An opinion. SMH

  • Mark

    stafford county actually has a real crime to investigate, instead of eating donuts and chaseing taxpayers around trying to wright bullshit tickets to justify their job, POS’s
    They can’t figure it out when they have a real crime as we can see, guess that’s why they just chase around people that their tax dollars pay their salaries.
    Prices of trash.

    • Mary

      My exact thoughts as soon as I heard the news. That’s funny.

      • Mark

        Lol definitely Mary ????????

        • Mark

          Damn auto correct was supposed to be a 🙂 not ?????? Marks

    • Sue

      Who is the ignoramus now, Mark? That would be you.

      • Mark

        Keep sucking the county’s A** and then when they need a extra ticket for the monthly quota, just make sure u pay yours when they harass you idiot.
        They might be on top of the real crime if they weren’t so busy chasing taxpayers trying to write many tickets as possible to make sure they make the country plenty to justify their existence and so they can get a raise.
        Simple people Lol
        Guess you think stricter gun laws will keep guns from criminals as well, just like it keeps crack, coke, heroine and all off the streets too right, dumba**es

        • John Q Public

          I’m sure you have an awesome driving record…. Cops write tickets damn them. Cops sit at dunkin doughnuts and don’t do anything damn them. Cops are arresting people for breaking the law damn them. Cant please everyone every day and cant please some people ever.

        • John Q Public

          You do have a valid point on guns though. Cant take away rights because they make others uncomfortable that is a slippery slope my friend.

    • Brooke

      Nice! They’ll be the first ones called when you’re in need….I’m pretty sure they just made several arrests after working around the clock to find the little fucks that were shooting at random houses just last weekend. Fun fact: never seen a cop while I’m at dunkin donuts. However, I pray to the heavens above that every officer on shift is sitting in that very establishment, stuffing their faces and sipping on some of that delicious coffee when your call is dispatched through. With any luck, they will collectively make the executive decision, over chocolate covered sprinkled donuts ( my personal fave), that their well deserved break is much more important than your petty and unimportant situation…or perhaps even your life. That would be perfection. *fingers and toes crossed*

  • Teresa

    Stabbing last month gun shots this month.Whats sad is doesn’t matter if your surrounded by $500,000 homes or $50,000.No difference anymore city and county living is about the same now.Gun control has nothing to do with this.Last incident in Stafford was a box cutter..

    • Andre

      Totally agree. I’m originally from Baltimore so this isn’t anything out of the norm, but for this area, it is, which is alarming.

  • Ashley

    This is SO sad…I don’t like seeing news like this near where I live I’m hoping that further action gets taken with the gun laws or anything to prevent more tragedies like this god bless to the family that is grieving right now

  • Lj

    Just a FYI, Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation and the highest murder rate. Gun laws are a complete and utter failure for law abiding citizens. Removing guns from stores will only stop you from being able to protect yourself from criminals who do not care about abiding gun laws.

    • Mary

      This is Stafford County. Not Chicago. I’m not sure the same statistics apply to our population….

      Chicago has a ton of gangs…… come on now…..

      • Mary

        I’ve said it 100 times….

        criminals aren’t the only ones who commit murders.

        • Ty

          Actually criminals are the only people who commit murders since murder is a crime. If this was a justified self defense shooting, it wouldn’t be murder.

        • Steven

          Actually, murder is a crime, so you are wrong again. Only criminals commit murder.

          • Rt smalwood

            There are many degrees of murder.NOT all are criminal…there are justifiable homicide.and quiet a few alil law before you try to sound like you actually know something……..rts

        • Don

          Wow, I don’t even know where to start with the irony in that statement. Get educated? Can you please post your Bar number? I want to make sure no one here ever hires you as an attorney. Oh, let me guess, you don’t have one! Justifiable homicide, by definition, isn’t murder. That’s why they don’t call it “Justifiable Murder” and it includes the word “Justified” in the name. Murder in any degree is in fact a crime, hence it being included in the criminal code. It’s amazing what passes for knowledge on the internet.

      • Dave

        And you think Stafford doesn’t have any gangs? c’mon now… In that area surrounding the wings to go, it is public knowledge that this isn’t the safest area. But it is your Constitutional Right to be ignorant about the information you could gain from taking a drive and learning the area.

        • Mary

          Okay let me rephrase myself since everyone on here loves to be so damn LITERAL.

          Convicted/Past Criminals aren’t the only ones who commit murder.
          A lawful gun-toting citizen can easily become a CRIMINAL by murdering someone with their legal weapon.

          One mans “self-defense” is another mans MURDER.

          • Mary

            No one said Stafford doesn’t have ANY gangs. But comparing Chicago and Stafford is a HUGE stretch. Don’t pretend like it isn’t -_-

            And the area surrounding Wings-to-go isn’t the “safest area” lol What are you talking about? I go to that area all the time…I go to Sams & The music store…610 car wash… Arbys… I’ve never felt like that area wasn’t the safest. That area doesn’t LOOK very wealthy. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. So as far as it being “public knowledge” that the area isn’t safe….not sure what you’re talking about.

  • Janice

    Condolences to the family and luckily no bystanders were hurt. Hopefully the family doesn’t read the comments from the disgusting people above who would probably never say these things face to face. I’m sure there are plenty of other places to “intelligently” discuss your views.

    • Teddy D.

      Agree. The lack of civility is unnecessary and highly inappropriate. Prayers to the families.

  • Luke

    gun control is stupid. Bad guys don’t get guns the legal way. Bad guys will always find a way to get a gun. Those who actually own government law-compliant weapons (99.99% of the time the good guys) are the only ones who will be screwed by gun control.

  • guns are for putting food on the table and used for getting rid of the people that don’t need to be on the street

  • Stunned

    MS13 is in Stafford…..

  • Sean

    Those townhouses back there are known trouble areas and Garrison woods is right down the street! These are KNOWN trouble spots in Stafford. How long have you live there Mary? Go walk through Foxwood at 2am one time and let me know how you feel about Stafford as a whole. Criminals will always find a way to get guns so the only sensible option is to arm yourself. By the time the police got there, dude was prob already dead. Condolences to the victims families.

    • Mary

      I thought this incident took place at a public restaurant right off 610? Next to several other safe, family owned business & chains. lol There’s nothing dangerous about Wings-to-Go

  • Garrison Woods

    So, Mary, by your logic, we need to decimate the entire highway system because there will always be licensed drivers with legal vehicles who will inevitably kill other people while driving. Or, how about we abolish the medical practice because board certified doctors practicing legally kill patients?

    Your entire argument rests on the proposition that because legal gun owners have the physical ability to murder like criminals, the entire legal firearms industry should be shut down.

    You see, the risks associated with the benefits of legal gun ownership are outweighed by the risks of stricter gun control. That, precisely, is why you are wrong. Your opinion is uneducated, ignorant, and misinformed.

    Nothing is risk-free or guaranteed to be absolute. The risks and benefits must be weighed and a decision reached.

    You say if gun laws were tighter, there would be less murder. But at what risk? The answer is more murder. That’s the risk. I strongly urge you to, instead of focusing on how many people are murdered by firearms, focus on how many people defend themselves with them anually.

    As for your implication that stricter gun control will keep guns from criminals, you’re wrong again. I am a criminal with multiple narcotics and firearms convictions. Not YOU, not the LAW, not ANYONE will keep guns out of my hands. Your stupid ass and stupid asses like you will be the helpless victims of my aggression or desperation if I chose to so exercise it.

    • Mary

      LOL your initial comparison to driving is funny. Clearly, that was a joke…. Right?

  • Don

    All of you screaming gun control are idiots! Drunk driving kills more people every year than guns and you havent pushed for prohibitiOn of alcohol! Hammers and other blunt objects have killed kore people than guns but you havemt pushed for hammer or tool control! You are idiots to think that a human being does not have the right to protect themselves against violence by applying equal or greater force! Move
    To Europe if you want a gun free country!

  • Chris

    Lets all stop fighting and be logical here. this is not about name calling it is about the purpose and nature of the amendment. Right to bear arms was added to the constitution during the expansion out west, just after the revolutionary war. It was added because migrating Americans post Louisiana Purchase would face many enemies. You had ranch owners who would shoot you and your family and burn down your cabin to provide more land to feed their cattle. Railway barons would shoot you to take your land for a track, and you had displaced native tribes who were pissed about being lied to and killed off by the army. Back in those times you needed some protection. The right to own a weapon for protection was put in place because things had gotten so bad for your average innocent settler that you could be shot on Sunday outside the church for spitting on someone’s shoes by accident.

    So lets use some logic here. I agree the amendment has not yet been repealed by congress for lack of necessity. so I think if people want to fight to apply a period necessary amendment to their lives today, then the amendment should only allow for period weapons. So go out and get your muskets and six shooters. hang a rifle over your front door to keep rustlers at bay. I don’t care. but don’t think that gives you the right to own and carry an automatic assault rifle down main street on your back. The average take by gun owners on the amendment is ridiculous. It’s like a parent telling a kid they can have a piece of candy, and the kid arguing with the parent that all they want is the 5 pound Hershey bar, and that it counts as one piece..

    • Augustine

      you haven’t a clue and must have been asleep during history class. The 2nd Amendment was on the “books” well before the events you described in you post. It was meant to give citizens the right to both protect themselves and police their own government. You need to read the Madison papers and other documents from our forefathers who both designed and supported the second amendment. And if you feel it should be repealed, have at it. You have a better chance of seeing blue unicorns dance on your bed during a solar eclipse. There is no way the amendment can ever be repealed given the number of states and percentage of congressional representatives that need to agree.

      And for your ridiculous statement that it only/should apply to flintlocks and firearms of the time of its writing, using your logic I guess the 1st Amendment only applies to printing presses and spoken conversation. The government, under your dumb logic, would be able to restrict/eaves drop/stop all communication using computers and electronic devices.

      And finally, you’re another perfect example of someone who should not comment on firearms given your total lack of knowledge regarding them. Automatic assault weapons are not owned by the general public. To own one requires tens of thousands of dollars, special permits and background checks, and are limited to only the wealthiest people or corporations (such as those in Vegas that rent them on their ranges at great cost). Typical Americans do not own “assault rifles,” they own semi automatic firearms–one pull, one shot.

      Do you research.

      • Matt


      • Don

        People with his argument are either extremely ignorant of the facts or have selective memory. At the time the 2nd amendment was written, the vast majority of cannons in the United States were owned by private citizens. Cannons were the nuclear weapons of their day. Those debating the amendment were fully aware of this and chose to pass it with no restrictions or limitations. There was no registration requirements and no limitations on caliber or function. They knew full well when they signed it that if they got out of line the people who owned said cannons may well march on Washington and use those weapons against them. No one mentioned flintlocks, and nowhere that I know of did the framers seriously consider limiting weapons by class. The whole point was to keep the government honest and accountable. But hey, let’s not cloud history with facts.

  • If these were criminals shooting it out, there’s no law that will prevent it. They already broke existing laws that didn’t stop them.

    On the other hand, if it was a case of one party’s a criminal and the other’s are would be victims, then it’s a darned good thing that the good guys had guns to defend themselves.

  • KC


  • Chris

    ” Elliot Rodger, the disturbed 22-year-old who went on a shooting rampage in California, using three semiautomatic handguns guns he bought legally”. ~ Rush Limbaugh.

    Right to own a gun doesn’t stop stupid, or crazy. and repealing the law won’t stop criminal. Gun control simply will make weapons harder to find for criminals, and harder to obtain by the stupid or crazy. More background checks, means less guns used on people.

    • Augustine

      My my Chris, now we’re you’re suffered from selective memory. Elliot Rodger killed his first three victims by stabbing them to death and then used his car to hit another person. So, do you blame knives like you do guns? Should I begin to register my wife’s silver set given the large number of knives in my possession? My mom taught me how to use a knife, but do I need to get a background check, be fingerprinted, take expensive training, and have a permit everytime I eat dinner?

      Gun control is already in effect. Its called the NICs system, which checks the background of those wishing to buy a firearm. Don’t forget, Rodger purchased his firearms LEGALLY, and went through one of the nation’s most stringent background checks system filled with a number of hurdles. Gee, worked huh?

  • Realist

    so much arrogance, as is with any argument. Let’s be real… There are segments of our population that thrive and even survive off of what has been decidedly illegal activity. They operate both independently and in groups as gangs or organized crime. They will acquire whatever means necessary to achieve the unobstructed success. They believe they are entitled to whatever they want or need. If they think you might have it, they will come and take it. It may be money, jewelry, guns, pleasure, or drugs and they will take it from you, your wife and your daughter. Like it or not. Ever heard of strong arm robberies? People die from those too. There have been absolutely no details released in this article to form a basis of argument. There are many well spoken points and some misinformed ones. The tone behind many of them, on either side, falls right in line with the anger and violence you are already discussing. The bottom line, having the ability to defend yourself, your wife, your children and your survival. Outlawing and restricting things will only make it harder to accomplish and increase the dependency on law enforcement that is statistically overwhelmed already. Don’t blame the cops for catching people breaking laws in their vehicles. It is the priority because that is what everyone complains about most.

  • Jessica

    Honestly, I think all of you are a little insensitive to the families who have lost a loved one, or are afraid they are now going to. This comment section is not to discuss gun control. That is not even in the article. What is in the article is a summary that PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED AND NEARLY KILLED, and therefore this comment section should be used to spread love and empathy to those friends and family members who need it most.

    Deepest sympathies and prayers to all of the friends and family members associated with this incident. You will be on my prayer list.

    • Stephanie

      I completely agree. Unfortunately they are being very selfish and not listening to people who have posted basically the same thing. This is not the place for that.

    • VA


  • Geo

    Every humans worst nightmare is the thought that one day (s)he might be in a life or death situation or god forbid, their families. No one with a conscious ever buys a gun thinking “I can’t wait till someone attempts to mug me in an ally” or dreams of the day (s)he walks into his house to see someone raping his daughter or beating their child. Just like no judge fantasizes about getting a chance to sentence someone to death.

    This country was founded on a single a powerful idea, that every one has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How one protects them-self to pursue these ideas is their own prerogative. If you want to learn MMA and train in hand to hand combat skills theres nothing stoping you (although if combat sports have taught us anything its that even the best fighters in the world can still lose). If you want to carry a samurai sword around like your living in feudal Japan amazingly you can. (depending on your state) If you want to protect yourself by running like Forrest Gump at the first sign of conflict its still your god given right. The only difference between those options and carrying a gun, is guns put everyone on an equal plain. Young, old, fat skinny, strong, weak, fragile, injured or broken… it doesn’t matter, anyone can learn to protect himself.

    If you don’t believe a person should be allowed to have a gun for defense because someone might misuse it for offense instead, then you must apply that logic to all items it could apply to, including learning hand to hand skills and sporting goods instruments. Because if you believe you can protect yourself with a baseball bat or a hockey stick then you must also believe a person can attack you with the same said item.

    Should weapons be kept out of the hands of dangerous criminals? Of course!! But denying everyone access to defensive weapons for fear they might possibly end up in the wrong hands one day would be to deny the right to the pursuit of happiness to everyone who can’t effectively defend themselves any other way.

    • Lena

      Has there been an update anywhere? Just looking for an update…

  • Yobbo

    Let me throw out some wild assumptions based on the evidence: Wings To Go = fried chicken. Shooting into a car = Chrysler 300 or some hooptie. 1 dead and 2 injured = lousy shooting the gun was held in a fashion that the trigger man thought would look cool if somebody was uploading to WSHH. The victims’ names will be something like Shitavious DaQuanTre.

    • And they HAD to use guns. They couldn’t run away, what with their pants around their knees and all!

  • kim

    Does anyone know who the people are that were involved

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