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Town Asks VDOT to Clear Drains after Minor Flooding in Occoquan

OCCOQUAN, Va. — Clogged drains in Occoquan could have contributed to some minor flooding Tuesday night.

As heavy rain moved through the region about 7:30 p.m. the Ballywhack Creek that runs alongside Tanyard Hill Road spilled its banks. The creek is known to flood.

No damage was reported to any public properties in the town, and it didn’t flood for long.

“It was quick, and it receded fairly quickly,” said Occoquan Mayor Liz Quist.

The town manager on Wednesday called the Virginia Department of Transportation to the town and asked to them to unclog storm drains.

There was also minor flooding on nearby Popular Lane which, along with Tanyard Hill Road, serve as gateways to the small town.

Occoquan flooded in 2011 when the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee inundated our area leaving many in the Holly Acres trailer park in nearby Woodbridge homeless.

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  • JRMusselman

    Seriously?!! I saw the “minor” flooding. I’m fairly certain the people whose properties were involved, (land, don’t think there wasn’t “any damage”. If those were my homes, I would be angry to be told by my mayor that this was “…minor and receded quickly”, as if I could look away from my insurance reportable damage. It’s a shame. The first serious (and yes, this is serious) issue, mayor didn’t represent her people.well. While she is not expected to have fixed the drainage issue in her brief tenure, it is.expected that she truly see the people who voted her into office, and their issues, no matter how “minor”.

  • mary ann phelps

    Clarification, as the photo shows, is that there was loss and damage along Union Street. Ballywhack Creek at no time left its banks. There was immense capacity left….if the water had been maintained in the creek by the County and LRPRA there would have been no flood. This is day 3 of my crews working here to clean up from a routine summer afternoon thunderstorm. My friends at Prince William County Storm Water Management and Lake Ridge Park and Recreation do not write, apparently have no phone, and certainly have not picked up a shovel! Union Street is eroding, trees are falling, the creek, itself, is at risk. I’d ask everyone who travels into and out of town and enjoys the view to pause and look at what the County and LRPRA failure to protect its neighbors may cost us all in the next few months.

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