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Moser: Climate Change is Happening — Believe it

How did climate change became such a divisive issue? How did the warming of the Earth evolve into a line in the sand for politicians? I don’t know those answers.  What I do know is that it is definitely hotter earlier in the season, year after year.

I don’t need scientific data, I can just look in my garden. All plants come up earlier. June bugs arrive in May. Lenten roses are blooming in February.

I am not politically aligned with any Democrats or Republicans or even independents, but I have noticed the majority of my Republican friends seem to believe there is no global warming, there is no climate change and there are no melting ice caps.

I guess, like reading the Bible, you can find evidence to support anything you believe, so if you do believe in climate change, you can find lots of evidence that confirms your personal belief. Likewise, if you don’t believe in global warming, you can find lots of expert reference to support that. If you are a middle of the road sort of person, you can collect reference and back up your arguments on both sides.

I admit I have a jaded way of thinking about global policies and politics. I’m pretty sure everything revolves around money. Whether war or famine, health or religion, climate change, corporate policy, automation, jobs, benefits or any number of big think items, money is at the heart. Someone is getting rich either by spending vast amounts of money or saving vast amounts of money.

Jobs are created or jobs are lost because of profit. Wars are waged to absorb countries and gain their resources. Religions collect untold fortunes to help the poor, but don’t you think for one moment no one is profiting from their bounty.

Regardless what you think about climate change, SOMETHING is happening. What might bring it home for non-believers is the recent lawsuit by Farmers Insurance Company against Chicago, alleging the city is not preparing the infrastructure for increased flooding due to climate change.

So, here’s the deal; it doesn’t matter whether you believe climate change is occurring. There are plenty of people who do believe it. Businesses, concerned about their profits believe in climate change. The United States Government has a Climate Change Adaptation Task Force. There are literally thousands of scholarly articles and volumes of research indicating that climate change is occurring.

You don’t have to believe it. There are enough people who do believe and enough of those big money makers who do believe that new policies are going to be crafted, new ways of responding are going to be developed. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree. So if you’ve been resistant to get on the bandwagon about climate change or you’ve been straddling the fence, you may as well jump in and get wet. It looks like everyone else is!

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  • William Golden

    This is one of your best columns yet!

    Yes, tis true: “…I admit I have a jaded way of thinking about global policies and politics. I’m pretty sure everything revolves around money…”

  • Cindy Brookshire

    Lifelong Learning Institute-Manassas recently offered an informative course on “Climate Change – Myth or Realty?”, all leading the participants to find out more facts on their own, and encouraging everyone to make better decisions for our future. Thanks for getting the message out, Connie.

  • Bill Card

    Connie, If one actually wanted to chart a course between the “alarmists” and the “deniers” one might take the position that we at least shouldn’t destroy our economy, freedoms, and government while we figure it out.

    Having lived through the life cycle of multiple “scientific” doomsday predictions (Population Bomb, Global Ice Age, Global Warming, and now Climate Change) I remain skeptical. What you appear to be experiencing is called “weather.” You are correct that there are billions of dollars to be made – what I object to is the government redistributing wealth in order to support questionable solutions to these scams.

    You should be equally concerned with the lives lost through government interference with the free market – funneling food into bad gas for our cars or CAFE standards that are responsible for tens of thousands of highway deaths.

    I think the suit by Farmer’s is probably a stunt to protect corporate profits or at least diffuse responsibility – that may be cynical but I think that’s what we will find. If I were Farmer’s I might also sue the government for enticing people to drive dinky little cars that are freeway death traps. The suit also might be a backdoor path to corporate welfare at it’s very worst – forcing a gullible government into ruinous taxation to pay for “improvements” of questionable effectiveness to solve a problem that no one understands.

    Lastly – I like your correlation but would say that the political “right” generally thinks that the government shouldn’t be involved in most solutions while the political “left” wants to dabble in all aspects of our life based on the slimmest of evidence to support their schemes. The last organization that you should want adjudicating Climate _______ (fill in the blank) is the Federal Government.

    • Thanks for reading, Bill Card! I can definitely appreciate your last comment! 🙂
      If I were prone to long discourse in public venues, I would have a few questions about a couple of your comments, but all your points are worthy of discussion.

      My goal is just to get people to talking about tough issues, ideally not the ones they currently hold, but rather to consider a possibility other than what you already think.

      I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind…you can only do that for yourself. I will say this about my personal beliefs, though: The last thought I have before I make any public declaration is always this: “What if you’re wrong?” 🙂

      • Bill Card

        I do ponder “What if I’m wrong” but the the left should as well. Generally they are more reckless than that (“You have to pass it to see what’s in it.”). You need the urgency or the emergency to make people submit to bad solutions. (You mean we’re going to take food and make bad gas with it to save the planet? Yeah – I’m cool with that.) That’s why weather is being spoken of in apocalyptic terms.

        So far on hysteria from the left – they are 0-4 in my lifetime. Once you take our freedom, our money, and explode our already burgeoning government – I’d like to see how you put that toothpaste back in the tube.

        Your quest for the truth isn’t complete but you are right to follow the money – to the left and the right.

  • Al Alborn

    Good column, Connie. You are tackling rough issues. Keep it up!

  • Parry DuBois

    Climate Change is Real. AND it is man made. However, the men making the climate change in dramatic fashion are few. The elite group with the ability to create such anomalies as the “polar vortex” reside in military installations and science laboratories. They cloak their existence in secrecy as the US air force did with “Project Popeye” during the Vietman war and the Royal Air Force with the Lynmouth flood of 1952. So if you think the Military Industrial complex hasn’t perfected the art of weather modification in the past 60 years you might want to just put down that smartphone and/or close that laptop. Just return to the dark ages of weather modification when geoengineers weren’t spraying aerosols into the sky to dim the sun and “cool the globe” Harken back to the days before Ionospheric heaters like HAARP didn’t heat the upper atmosphere and move the jetstream or create and strengthen low pressure systems. Oh, I’m not a “denier” of “global warming”. It’s real alright, and the elite oligarch’s are going to see to it that it continues unabated. How else can they get rich on the CME’s “weather future’s” market, sell us all GMO foods and commence on a massive land grab. Sustainable development is also right around the corner as they insist we all live like huddled masses in their “sustainable communities” while they live like kings they way they always have. Fat and “happy”. Wake up folks. You have bought into “The Climate Change LIe”.

  • Great 2 minute explanation:

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