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Dumfries Employee Resigns, Runs for Town Council

DUMFRIES, Va. — Cydny Neville has left her job has Dumfries’ Community Services Coordinator and has decided to run for Town Council.

The 37-year-old has spent the last two and a half years serving Dumfries in her weekday job planning town events such as the annual Multi-Cultural Festival in the spring, Fall Festival, and the Christmas Parade. She also applied for and won a grant for a now implemented youth program, Dumfries Cares, which pairs school students with mentors to help them with classwork.

Now, Neville (pronounced Nev’ill) says she wants to focus on the larger issues that affect the town and its residents.

“It was time for me to move on, I’ve done a lot in the community in that position, but in order to move things forward I need to be able to work on another level with the town,” she said.

Like others who are running for a Council seat, including Vice Mayor Willie Toney and Councilman Derrick Wood both who are seeking reelection, Neville has called for more civility in town government and for Council members to better work together to achieve common goals.

She has also called for more employees to help town staff, and the Dumfries Parks Commission, in their efforts to bring more special events to the town.

“Things have gotten bigger and better and we have had a lot of volunteers who have worked to improve our community outreach. But we need to realize that when things are bigger and better that’s more work on someone, and that should reflect in this budget,” said Neville.

Neville resigned her position with the town last week, during a time when Town Manager Daniel Taber has been working remotely due to a serious injury he suffered when he slipped a fell on ice in January. With budget season upon us and officials set to decide how to fund the town’s current $4.4 million budget needs, Neville says the town is already behind in the process.

“We need to be on a time schedule with the budget. We’re almost done with the fiscal year and there is no mid year budget review,” said Neville.

She called Taber a “very strong leader” and a speedy recovery, but says an interim Town Manager needs to be appointed during his recovery.

Last week, town officials read aloud a written statement from Taber assuring residents that he is indeed fulfilling his duties as Town Manager.

Neville, a Democrat, runs her non-profit company Neville Empowerment Network, and is a graduate of Leadership Prince William and works the Virginia Leadership Institute. She lives in Dumfries with her 14-year-old son who attends school in Prince William County.

Voters in the town will head to the polls May 6.

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  • concerned Dumfries Citizen

    I am very Happy Ms Neville is running for town council she will be a great asset to this town. She will bring fresh ideas and much needed order to this town. She has done wonderful things in the community & I believe she will still do GREAT things for our little town

  • PuzztheFuzz

    Cydny did a fantastic job with Community Services and demonstrated the ability to think outside of the box. She would be a calming force on a very contentious Town Council.

  • Sheriff of Nottingham Birdie

    Resigned or fired? When you are a politician it is a matter of perspective. From watching the Council on television she hasn’t attended a Council meeting in over two months. She is following Councilwoman Forrester’s policy of take the pay and don’t show up.

    As I recall the Town Manager assigned candidate Neville as a member of the Parks and Recs Committee. The Council has brought it to the Town Manager’s attention on several occasions that Neville never shows up to Parks and Recs meetings. Now she wants to raise the budget to support their programs? I guess this is how she gets Vice-Mayor Toney and Councilman Woods support for the election.

    Where is the coverage of Councilwoman “You work for me” Forrester running for re-election? Get real! Four more years of her missing meetings and yelling at town staff. Rumor has it that Forrester didn’t walk around and get her own signatures, Vice-Mayor Toney had his campaign folks get signatures for her while she sat at home. Clearly Forrester is under Vice-Mayor Toney’s thumb for votes and who knows what else.

    Councilwomen Forrester and “I don’t understand” Reynolds are known as the RAVE SISTERS where I work. We have bets which one will yell at someone first.


      I am happy she resigned, I watched several of the previous council meetings and it seemed if they had a personal attack against Mrs. Neville. I am an elderly citizen in the community, Thank God for Mrs. Neville!!! She has guided me to several resources and wonderful events so that I can still enjoy life. No one will ever run that program like she did, we have never had events in the Town of Dumfries like this and I have lived here for over 20 years. What was the real problem? Is it because Mrs. Neville is so intelligent and did a better job than most of you have ever done? I see a lot of hate, jealousy and envy. I don’t blame her I would not attend those council meetings either, especially if I am going to be personally attacked on national TV. Every executive member, staff and council person that is a member or staff for the town of Dumfries are total idiots to let her resign. Mrs. Neville is going to make it BIG and she will be a benefit and an asset to any organization!!!! The Town of Dumfries will never miss what it had until it’s gone.

    • Disgusted in Dumfries

      Fired. She was absolutely fired. She did not resign. I am surprised Potomac Local did not check that fact before putting it in a headline.

  • Gone Fish’n

    I don’t see any candidate talking about transportation, protecting the environment, economic development, and infrastructure just to mention a few hot button issues. All I read about is candidates adding money for social programs, working with elected officials and raising taxes.

    Not one of the council reports talking with elected officials except the Mayor. How is it Vice-Mayor Toney hasn’t spoken to elected officials yet anyone can google the internet and find that Congressman Connolly endorses Toney for Mayor on twitter? So who is lying? Congressman Connolly endorsing Vice-Mayor Toney without talking to him? Or Vice-Mayor Toney not reporting talking with elected officials? The Mayor caught the Vice-Mayor lying about meeting with Supervisor Caddigan and not reporting it a few months back. If this is Vice-Mayor Toney’s example of transparency then Dumfries is in for heavy seas ahead. Where is the reporter who will do an exposé’ on candidates? Clearly the sunshine law has been violated by Vice-Mayor Toney and no reporter stepped up to that story.

    I don’t know about Ms. Neville, but it doesn’t sound right that she resigns as she says during the most important time of the year. I question how much she cares about the town to resign when the Town Manager is not there and not submit her budget. This speaks volumes of the type of Councilmember she will be if elected. When you are in a storm at sea I was taught to step up when our leader is absent, not cut and run.


      I know her & the young lady has a very beautiful spirit inside and out. I met her at one of the senior events. You made a nice point but we don’t know the dirt that was going on in that office. That could be the reason for her leaving. I remember the last young lady that was in that position before Mrs. Neville started she did not stay very long either. I smell a dead fish…..people keeping leaving a position it’s something shady going on…

  • The Godfather

    As Paul Harvey Says, Here is the rest of the story.
    Years ago, the former Community Services Director would receive proposals from different non profit organizations trying to pry their way in and partner with the town. Ms. Neville as well as many others were turned down numerous times because the programs she and others peddled were not part of what the town was really wanting to get into. Babysitting, showing parents of young kids how to be a parent, giving her an income, riding on the coat tails of the tax paying citizens.As time went on, without Ms. Nevelle and others sucking the hind teet of the local government draining the town of it’s resources, the Community Services Director moved onto bigger and better things. Then the flood gates opened. Ms. Neville at the time was a Zumba teacher.Just so happened,one of her students,fortunately for her,was a councilwoman from the Town of Dumfries,how fitting. She was hired as a grant writer then low and behold before the council and citizens could blink their eyes, she became the Community Services Director. She had no idea how to run this department and had the entire staff including certain council members show her how to do her job. After these certain council women left office, she still had no idea how to carry out the programs that were in place for years. This is evident in the past Christmes Parade.
    Now she seeks office as retribution against the town manager and current council for her loosing her job. Now, the council finds out she also had her own business as Neville Empowerment Network (non profit) which she used her job as the Community Services Director to further her own business. Conflict of Interest at it’s best!Remember council, stupid is, as stupid does!
    Now that is the rest of the story!
    Instead of Uriah Kiser doing a story about her running for office, he should have ask her,” Since you have your own business and it parallels with exactly what you are doing for the town, wouldn’t you consider this a conflict of interest? Instead of starring on her company website!Local reporting at it’s best!
    Oh, what tangled webs we weave!
    Now as for Forrester, the staunch Republican! Limp, lame and lazy. Oh, and currently working with Willie Toney and the Democratic Party. Who do you think is getting her signatures. So much for non partisan politics in the Town of Dumfries!
    This election, above all other elections, will be the funniest fiascos in town history!
    Can’t wait for it to play out!

  • The Godfather

    Willie Toney, Derek Wood, Gwen Washington, Helen Reynolds and Kristen Forrester along with members of the democratic party including Congressman Connolly gathered at Helen Reynolds home for the announcment of their running for office.All the above are current council members! AND YES THEY HAD TO DISCUSS TOWN BUSINESS, AFTER ALL THEY ARE RUNNING FOR OFFICE!
    This constitutes a “Sunshine Meeting” AND VIOLATES THE SUNSHINE LAW! and Commonwealth Attorney Ebert should investigate this immediately.

  • Watchful Citizen

    I think it is funny how Ms. Neville uses the word “resign”, the Sheriff’s Birdie is spot on. I think some digging around is in order, there’s got to be another story here somewhere.

    Ms. Neville will bring more chaos to the Council. She speaks well and puts on a good front but underneath she is all about Ms. Neville.

    I have attended her Town programs and the Town Farmers Market. All are great ideas that her predecessor formulated, Ms. Neville put the programs into place but then abandoned them after only doing half the job. Ms. Neville wants a name for herself so therefore she does a lot that she can boast about, but that leads to poor or chaotic events. Once her programs and her Farmers Market were up and running she did nothing to further them, they just scrape by or she lets them peter-out slowly.

    Like Mr. Wood, Ms. Neville is an “idea” person who would rather look good on paper than actually do any work to see things through. I do have to admit that she may be more civil to Councilmembers and Town Staff than Ms. Forrester or Ms. Reynolds. So you’re kind of dancing with the Devil on all accounts.

    I’m not able to run for Council, but I will say this, I can vote and make my voice heard. I will vote for the Mayor’s seat but I WILL NOT be voting for any of the Council seats. None of the candidates is a fair and decent representation of what Dumfries should be. They each bring their own agendas, ones that suit their own needs (b-b-q vendors, raised taxes to generate money for parks, letting children into closed sessions, and on and on). Ignoring what is best for our Town.

  • Michele

    Backoff Godfather.

  • Disgusted in Dumfries

    She did NOT resign. She was FIRED! And it probably should have happened a lot sooner. Ms. Neville has been using the town’s resources for her own personal gain for far too long. She has even gone as far as sabotaging events and endeavors in Dumfries that did not directly benefit her.

    Cydny Neville CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!


    Wow, this is a lot of negativity!! Are all of you negative folks on the council??? I bet you are. I say that we need some new/young fresh ideas for the town of Dumfries, and for all of you hate mongers, your energy will be best served if you use it for the positions that you were elected for. You must view Ms. Neville as a threat!! Haha!! I can’t wait to vote in May. Trust me, I will remember names, because I know that you are council members! Check the facts first before you post that slander! Hope all of you are voted out so you can sit in your rocking chairs where you belong. Oh, and I will be voting for MS. NEVILLE!!!!!!

  • Glockman

    I have heard a lot of negativity too there “Scoop”!
    But if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck well then it must be a duck.
    What I don’t understand is if she it elected, what is she going to do? According to her platform as well as Mr. Toney, they want to have more social programs for people like her so they don’t have to get real jobs like the rest of us. She wants everyone to become a non profit group so they don’t have to pay taxes and essentially live off of us hard working people.Her, people like her and organizations such as churches, “empowerment groups” ie the “Neville Empowerment Network” bring nothing to the hard working citizens that pay taxes in the working class town of Dumfries.She has weseled her way into the county, by way of Dumfries and pushed her social agenda so she could apply for county and state grants. This is taxpayers money! Our Money! She has, well according to her, a degree in education. What’s wrong teacher’s pay not quite enough? Trying to find an easy way out? Become a rapper, that’s what every kid’s dream is now!
    I read the Godfather’s comments about sucking the hind teet of the town. It’s not just the town it’s the county and state too, and I think this is exactly what she wants to accomplish. The town with her vision will be bankrupt in 3 years!Is this not what the citizen’s of Dumfries need? I think not! We need experience and leadership on the town council. We need elected officials that work for the citizens and are willing to put in the time and effort to make this town a modern town with plenty of businesses to support the citizens. Not giving hand outs to the first non profit around the corner. Like what’s been done in the last 3 years. I’m 68 years old,don’t want to retire,love to work, I have 6 votes in my household and none of us will be voting for Neville, Toney, Woods, or Washington.It’s time this town wakes up!!They all have hidden agendas don’t let em fool you.

    • Disgusted in Dumfries

      Fired. She was absolutely fired. She did not resign. I am surprised Potomac Local did not check that fact before putting it in a headline.

  • Disgusted in Dumfries

    Go, Glockman! You speak the truth!

  • Anonymous

    Cydny Neville’s top priority is Cydny Neville.

    She is a spiteful, vengeful, and extremely narcissistic.

    If she is elected, you will get to see her true colors real quick!

    • SCOOP

      To Anonymous – how do you know whether or not she is spiteful, vengeful and extremely narcissistic? These words can be used to describe all of you SPITEFUL, VENGEFUL AND EXTREMELY NARCISSISTIC “council members”, and I know that you are on the Dumfries council! What a bunch of losers you are! Wheat did you do when you were elected?? I am sick of all of you. Again, you are all hate mongers! You were all elected to serve on the council, and to look out for the town’s best interest. What a waste of an election. You all need to re-direct your ‘anger’ from Ms. Neville, and do what the citizens elected you to do!! I am totally disgusted with all of you, and I honestly think that you ALL see her as a threat!! The true colors are certainly coming out in all of you!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        “Scoop” I am not on the Town Council and I know she is spiteful, vengeful, and extremely narcissistic because I know the woman! All you have to do is spend time with Cydny Neville and it becomes very clear quite quickly what she is really like.

        Though I do agree with you on one point…I do view Ms. Neville as a threat. She is a threat to the well-being of the Town of Dumfries. Someone who is as self-serving as she is, cannot serve the public.

  • Anonymous

    Hey “Scoop”, how about all of the town council members who are supporting Ms. Neville? Willie Toney who went out and canvassed for signatures for her? Gwen Washington? Derrick Wood? Helen Reynolds and her pink laptop?

    You really think it is a good idea to call her supporters currently on the town council “hate mongers” and “a waste of an election”?

    That’s a pretty bold and risky statement from somebody who supposedly supports her. Maybe if some the Town Council members see what Ms. Neville and her “supporters” really think of them, they will rethink their backing.

  • Really!

    This is not the type of person that would do justice for the Town of Dumfries. I’ve seen her in action – she is self engaged at all times. Our town needs less drama and more action, commitment to service rather than setting up a pretense. It’s about the people and making this town a place to be proud of, not a time to use the town as a stepping stone for political posturing. Isn’t everyone tired of hearing her talk about how humble she is? Boasting of being humble negates the true act of being humble. LOL

    • LOL!

      Good point! “I am so humble… here are all my awards…I am so humble… here are all the great things about me…I am so humble… let’s talk more about me!”

      Cydny’s favorite topic? Why Cydny of course!

  • Not As As You Thought

    The bottom line here is apparently the people of Dumfries know way more about Ms. Neville’s antics than she ever imagined.

  • Not As Dumb As You Thought

    sorry, typo in my name in last comment.

  • Noah Webster

    Oportunist (noun)
    1. One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.
    2. Cydny Neville

    • Really!

      Spot on!!!

  • Running Right?

    So everyone saying that Dumfries needs better leadership, less drama and people with more character than Neville, Toney, Forrester, Wood, Washington and Reynolds are running for election right? I’m in complete agreement with all of you and if I lived in the town (from Dumfries, but moved just down the road), I would run. Dumfries is always going to have these issues unless people like yourselves run and change it.

    • sue

      I am so confused by some of these comments. I was under the impress that Ms, Forrester was not running for town council again, It was in the INOVA newspaper that she said that she was not running again. Was the story wrong or is Ms. Forrester running on Mr. Toney coattails?

  • She is a Slick One!

    I have seen Ms. Neville at several Chamber of Commerce functions. She was supposed to be there on behalf of the Town of Dumfries but was instead promoting her Zumba events and Neville Empowerment. Seems very unfair since it was The Town of Dumfries who paid for that membership. If she is going to attend Chamber of Commerce events on behalf of her business, she should be made to buy a membership. My organization has to pay to be a member and so should she. I hope somebody from the Chamber of Commerce takes notice of this!

    • Anonymous

      Not to worry, The Chamber of Commerce has been informed 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of needing to pay for things, how is it that Mayor Gerry Foreman has to pay for an ad on this site (see right-hand sidebar) but Ms. Neville gets an article and all this free publicity? She should have been made to purchase an ad as well. Kind of unfair, don’t you think?

  • Mr.Unbias

    Town of Dumfries is long overdue for major social as well as economical reform, the town really leaves a lot to be desired. If you asked me Ms.Neville’s performance as the community services coordinator has been honorable and sincere, the public service’s she has provided for the town (Dumfries Cares Mentoring Program,Senior Retiree Group Meetings,English as a Second Language Classes,Annual Easter Egg Hunt,Annual Multicultural Festival,among others)are a step in the right direction. I feel she would add contrast to the very bland town council, a council that is only involved in the “community” when running for re-election. Ladies and gentlemen if you feel something is wrong within the town fix it or work with someone who will. Until then stfu – live long and prosper.

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Unbias,

      You actually had some valid points credibility until you added “stfu” at the end thus showing a mental age of about 13. Well, at least we know what maturity level we are dealing with here.

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Unbias,

      You actually had some valid points and credibility until you added “stfu” at the end thus showing a mental age of about 13. Well, at least we know what maturity level we are dealing with here.

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