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Dumfries Mayor Seeks Second Term

DUMFRIES, Va. — Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman wants another term.

The Republican elected Mayor in May 2012 following the death of Mayor Fred Yohey says he wants four more years to continue his work on reducing the town’s Business and Professional Licensing tax, and focus on improving the water quality of Quantico Creek.

More in a press release:

These past 18 months, Council and Staff have worked to review and update our governing instructions in order to improve our ability to operate and respond to transportation, economic, environmental, and governmental regulatory, and budgetary requirements.

I am very proud of where we are today and excited about where we are headed. I have been and will continue to be, an advocate for fiscal responsibility, transportation, economic development waterways restoration, BPOL alignment elimination ofthe Equalization initiatives of 2010, and write a vision statement that is achievable and aligns with governmental documents.

Foreman, once known for issuing statements only through his own website, has become more vocal over the years during his term as town mayor. In 2012, Foreman brought federal and state officials to Quantico Creek to get first-hand look at the waterway overgrown with a hydrilla – an invasive seaweed that clogs boat motors making many parts of the water navigable in a place once known as Virginia’s largest port.

Foreman has also been vocal about the plan to construct Bi-County Parkway from Dumfries to Dulles Airport by saying planners overlooked the small town when planning the major highway. He’s also and has drawn ire from Potomac District Supervisor Maureen Caddigan who serves on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.

Foreman is the only elected official to publically announce his candidacy. Vice Mayor Willie Toney, a Democrat, is said to also to through his name into the ring as a candidate for mayor.

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  • Gone-Fish’n

    Holy cow what an article! There is a lot wrong here, isn’t the news source supposed to stay neutral and just post the facts?

    Town elections are non-partisan which means stating Mayor Foreman is a Republican is a no-no. Why is Supervisor Caddigan (Republican) and Vice-Mayor Toney (Democrat) in this article? You are reefing for comments when you put all three of these names in the same article. I sure hope you get skunked. Supervisor Caddigan, well let’s just say I’d have to throw her back in the hydrilla invested and sediment filled Quantico Bay that she said she would support. She’s not a keeper in the livewell. To the regular reader of PotomacLocal you have overfished this story, you need new material for both these politician’s sake.

    InsideNova did a far better job at stating the facts on announcing Mayor Foreman’s bid for re-election when he announced in November 2013. Their article was neutral and focused on the politician. Seems like today’s article was a rush job in comparison to the coverage PotomacLocal has provided to Mark Gibson, Jeanine Lawson and John Foust announcements just to name a few.

    This is not one of your better articles. If this is the norm until the elections, if I was a candidate I wouldn’t talk to the press either.

    • When the Dumfries town council moved the elections to November then I would say that the town elections are no longer ‘non-partisan’.

      I would agree with you on your statement about Supervisor Caddigan. She does need to be thrown back into the ‘hydrilla’.

      At the end of the article you will see that the article does mention that Vice Mayor Willie Toney is a Democrat.

  • I am glad to hear that Mayor Foreman is running for reelection. He has worked very hard for the Town of Dumfries during his term as Mayor. As a business owner in the Town of Dumfries I will endorse his reelection for Mayor of the Town of Dumfries

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