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Cold Snap Alters Prince William Building Inspection Schedule

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Despite Tuesday’s cold weather, Prince William County building officials will still conduct building inspections but there will be some changes.

Here’s more in a press release:

Prince William County will be conducting Building Inspections that are scheduled for Tuesday, January 7th. However, based on the weather conditions, the Inspectors’ work will be prioritized to focus on Interior Work. Following is the general priority:

1. Residential Service Reconnects

2. Final Inspections – All trades Commercial/Residential

3. Commercial Close-In Inspections in Existing Buildings

4. Residential Close-In Inspections and Final Inspections in Existing Homes

Outside inspections will not be done because of the unsafe conditions (e.g., Footings; Ground Works; Retaining Walls; Commercial Close-In for new structures; Residential Close-Inspections for new structures).

If special consideration needs to be granted, please call the Inspections office at 703-792-7006.

High temperatures on Tuesday are forecast to be in the teens with a wind chill factor that will make it feel as low as 10 degrees below zero.

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