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Man With His Pants Around Knees Attacks Woman

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Multiple witnesses  help stop an attempted rape, police say.

More in a press release:

Attempted Rape – On December 13th at 6:13PM, police responded to the 14500 block of Potomac Mills Rd in Woodbridge (22192) to investigate a sexual assault.

The victim, a 19 year old woman of Woodbridge, reported to police that she and a male acquaintance were walking into the HH Gregg when an unknown man ran up to them.

The man’s pants were down to his knees as he approached the victim. Once close enough, the man picked up the victim and took her to the ground where he then got on top of her.

Multiple witnesses intervened to get the man off of the victim. Officers arrived at the location and detained the man, identified as the accused.

The victim was not injured during the altercation. Following the investigation, the accused was arrested.

Arrested on December 13th:

Jaguar Robert WILLIAMS-PALMER, 20, of no fixed address

Charged with attempted rape

Court date: January 14, 2014 | Bond: held WITHOUT bond

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  • SouthBeachboy

    Homeless scumbag….

  • I just want to know how it is possible to run with “pants down to his knees”?

  • Captain George S. Harris USN (Ret)

    What the hell was the “male acquaintance” doing that allowed the perp to trap the woman?

    • Andrew

      The male did not let it happen. This creep ran at them in the parking lot and tackled her. Within seconds people were wrestling him off her.

      • concerned male

        i was there when this occurred INSIDE THE STORE, not in the parking lot. the dirtbag criminal grabbed the woman from behind and took her to the ground. her boyfriend started beating on the guy and actually broke his hand doing so. the perp didnt feel a goddam thing. it took a large person to pull the guy off the poor woman and another one to hold the boyfriend back from killing the guy. the dude was very obviously messed up and fought to get back up and go after the woman several times during the 20 MINUTES IT TOOK THE POLICE TO SHOW UP.

  • Andrew

    All the shopping center parking lots in the Potomac Mills area are filled with homeless beggars who camp in the woods.

  • PeterP

    Whatever drug he was on was a very strong one. When in that area I am always concerened about the large amount of seemingly homeless in the area.

    I am sure his long jail term will help him kick that habit.

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