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Out to Expose Bad Drivers, Video Shows Truck Knocking Over Stafford Highway Sign


NORTH STAFFORD, Va. — Smile. You’re on candid camera from behind the wheel.

New video obtained by Potomac Local News shows a tractor trailer knocking over what the Virginia Department of Transportation calls a chevron sign on Interstate 95, at mile post 143 in Stafford County. The sign denotes an exit number, and, at six minutes into the video, a tractor trailer that has seen consistently swerving on the highway is crashes into the sign, knocking it over, and then continues on with its drive north.

The incident was caught on tape by a videographer who told Potomac Local News they wish to remain anonymous. The video is branded with a logo that states “bad drivers exposed.”

In an email conversation, the videographer stated the video was shot with a dashboard-mounted camera similar to what police officers use in their patrol cars. It’s also simlar to a camera used to capture footage of a meteor falling to earth over the skies of Russia earlier this year.

The video was obtained by Potomac Local on Wednesday, and VDOT spokeswoman Kelly Hannon said the sign was replaced the day before. The video was shot sometime between 7 and 8 o’clock in the morning, the videographer stated.

With its own YouTube page, this is “bad drivers exposed” 27th video posted to the site. It is the first “bad drivers” video to be shot in Virginia. The videographer used to produce bad drivers videos shot during a commute when the videographer lived in North Carolina.

“I started after one of my neighbors was killed by an irresponsible driver… Basically, even the nicest people can become animals when they’re driving as long as they think they’re anonymous,” stated the videographer in an email. “My intent is to remove anonymity, publish license plates, and shame people into driving safer.”

The videographer chooses to remain anonymous to protect family members, the email stated.

“Removing anonymity is a means, not an end. My aim is safety. If people drive safely; they remain anonymous. If I remain anonymous, my family remains safe,” the videographer stated in an email.

The video begins as the videographer’s vehicle is traveling in Fredericksburg and ends when the videographer exits I-95 at Aquia. A male voice can be heard on the video calling police and reporting the driver of the swerving tractor trailer. It’s unclear if the driver of the tractor trailer was ever stopped by police.



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  • Chantell

    Would love to share pics of hazardous drivers in Stafford/Woodbridge/Manassas areas. Great idea for a ‘wall of shame’ – what do you think?

  • Lee

    If you staered shooting video of all the lousy drivers in this area it would be never ending. I have lived in many areas, and thus area has the WORST drivers by far.

    • LetsComplainAboutEveryone

      …and the worst spellers. Did you type that with your feeeeeeal;iuaeoiat?

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