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Health Clinic Wins Obamacare Grant, Expanding to Manassas

MANASSAS, Va. — The Greater Prince William Community Health Center will open a second location thanks to a federal grant.

The clinic in Woodbridge that provides free or low-cost healthcare will expand to Manassas and is expected to open at 9705 Liberia Avenue, next to the Continental Events Center, and where University of Phoenix once housed its Northern Virginia campus.

The $650,000 grant to open the center was awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Announced by Director Kathleen Sebelius, the money is part of $150 million made available for public health centers as part of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare.

Like the clinic in Woodbridge, the center will also be directed by Frank Principi, who also serves as an elected member of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. He will lead a team of at least 20 new staff members at the Manassas facility when it opens in March. Many of the services at the Woodbridge clinic – which employs 68 people – will also be offered at the new clinic.

Here’s more in a press release:

The Center will replicate its award-winning health care services at the new location, including primary, dental, behavioral, and OB-GYN services for the whole family under one roof. The Center’s Level III Designation for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is currently pending a decision by the National Committee For Quality Assurance (NCQA).

The Center’s second site will provide affordable access to health care services for working families in the region. The site will also provide an economic boost to the area both in terms of job creation and economic development.

The new center has set a goal to serve 5,000 new patients during its first year, and will improve the health of those living in Manassas nad Manassas Park, according to a press release:

The Center will improve many of the existing health disparities like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and asthma that exist in the Manassas and Manassas Park areas.

“This is a major milestone for our community, declared Frank J. Principi, the Center’s Executive Director. The addition of the second site will bring high-paying careers to the area, expand economic development, and significantly improve the quality of life for thousands of our residents.” The Center will accept all patients, including the insured, uninsured, Medicaid, and Medicare recipients. According to Principi, “our integrated care model is working well and a second site will enable us to scale the business model and provide our kind of care to several thousand additional patients in our community.”

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  • PeterP

    Americans helping americans… I love this.

  • Great news for Manassas and Manassas Park!

  • Nancy

    Great News Supervisor Principi. What a boost to the Manassas area. I am fortunate to have gotten to work with you as a member of the Dumfries Town Council and the NVRC. Keep up the good work — and don’t give up on the ferry.

  • Keep your change

    Because everybody deserves what you worked hard for…

    Obama is a p.o.s. Liar

    • PeterP

      Nothing like helping people who need help in the greatest country in America….

      I love the disdain and hate you devils show for our president. We love it……


  • Billy

    I couldnt agree more!! His healthcare bs wont pan out. First off nobody is signing up for it. Only the old are. The young are needed to sign up to pay for this law because their insurance premiums are yhigher. Alot higher. Some are up300%. So pretty much were going to put this on our kids. Shoulda kept healthcare privatized. Now your business is the governments business. Way to go ya happy now? I hope and so do many many many americans that this fool will be impeached.

    “If u like your plan you can keep it”. – obama bin lyin

    Oh yea hows that hope and change working out for u?

    If you are a democrat or liberal walk into traffic please.

    • PeterP

      Insurance premium growth is at its slowest in 18 years…. fact….. You have a lot of misrepresentations but will not even waste my time. You can wish for the good old days of pre-existing conditions, insurance caps and health care being the number one cause of personal bankruptcy but those days are gone (unfortunately for you) and will not be back!

      Im sitting here laughing… impeaching president Obama….. you guys really don’t realize your not running things anymore. By you guys I mean small minded, selfish, me first type of people.

      Greatest country on earth taking care of other americans… I love it!

      As for liberals and democrats to be a certain dying breed does not realize that we love American just as much as you but happen to disagree on certain things.

      Wish you all the best.

  • John


    Its people like you that are the problem. Yes you may love america.
    But I suggest you read the constitution and study what it means. It was not designed to dismantle. If you think government should be in controll of your healthcare your an idiot. Obamacare will be repealed. Just watch. It was a farfetched failure from the start. Now your democratic buddys are voting against it. Lol

    • PeterP

      I have read the constitution and have sworn to protect it.

      Last time I checked Obamacare was ruled constitutional by the highest court in the land. SO to me that makes it constitutional.

      No one is dismantling the constitution. You can make things up all you want.

      You can go and hope and pray to your god that Obamacare will be repealed but please do not hold your breath. Unfortunately for you pre-existing conditions are gone forever. I am sure you wish that insurance companies could go back to denying based on them though. I know your upset that people cannot be dropped when they get sick. I am sure you upset that millions more will be covered. I am sure you are upset that the focus will be on preventive care and not ER visits when you get sick. I know you don’t like these things but America has spoken.

      Health care will no longer be the number one cause of personal bankruptcy.

      I know these are bad things to you but oh well.

      • Shericka

        America has spoken? No. America was lied to. People thought they would keep their policys. Now they find that a lie….. Why does congress not have to have obamacare? Kinda fishy.. Because its sucks.

        You are probably a taker of government assistance by the way you stand on your beliefs. I pity you if you are. Go get a job. But be carefull because us employers are cutting hrs back and downsizing to lessen the effect of insurance skyrocketing. But believe what you want. Its a big mess and even your democratic buddies are turning their backs on it.

        • PeterP

          When america elects a president she has spoken. Just like with godly annointed Bush. Same rules apply.

          “But be carefull because us employers are cutting hrs back and downsizing to lessen the effect of insurance skyrocketing”

          – A study was recently released and this is simply not true. Some employers are using Obamacare as a reason but the fact is hours being cut and downsizing is no different that other years.

          “You are probably a taker of government assistance by the way you stand on your beliefs. I pity you if you are. Go get a job.”

          – I dont have a job, i have a career a very rewarding one. I like fact that my tax dollars help those less fortunate. If that makes me a bad person to you, i really dont care.

          Have a good day.

  • PeterP

    I am a weener suckin idiot. I need to get an iq test before i vote nxt time. Im a democratic liberal idiot. Its nice getting handouts from people who work. I am stupid and poopd my pants

    • PeterP

      What is wrong with you guys?

      Just so much hate and looking down on people. And rather juvenile I might add.

  • Josh

    They have till nov 30th to fix osama care…

    60-70% of website is not even designed they are not gonna fix anytime soon. Windows code is 50x more secure than osamas website. Which is pretty basic and easy to hack. Your medical info is worth 100 $ bucks on street and your ss# is 25$…

    It will be repealed give it some time and let the debackle unfold…..Who wants to pay for others healthcare? I dont. And I wont.

    • PeterP

      Funny thing is Josh is that before Obama care we were already paying for the millions of uninsured’s health care. to bad you were not aware of that.

      Keep sitting back hoping for american failure – good luck with that.

      Anbd lastly, federal grants have always been tax payer grants. Big deal. This new center will help americans who need help. ahhhhhh the outrage.


  • Josh

    They have till nov 30th to fix osama care…

    60-70% of website is not even designed they are not gonna fix anytime soon. Windows code is 50x more secure than osamas website. Which is pretty basic and easy to hack. Your medical info is worth 100 $ bucks on street and your ss# is 25$…

    It will be repealed give it some time and let the debackle unfold…..Who wants to pay for others healthcare? I dont. And I wont.

    Oh yeah Federal grant = tax payer grant

  • Shericka

    Wealth redistribution . Impeach that illegal homo

  • PeterP

    Real patriotic of you.

    I bet you call yourself a christian also. You guys true colors sure do come out.

    ps. paying taxes is wealth redistribution always has been always will be – its not some socialist plot. That bridge I drove over today – yup, you helped build it. That new road you drove over today – yup, I helped build it.

    its just depressing that their is so much hate and juvenile petty name calling when we should be patriots who happen to disagree. I was brouth up by people who demonized the right and when I got out on my own I realized that many of them are just like me but just disagree on policy.

    I would suggest trying to love your neighbor even those who dissagree with you.

  • Andy buchachis

    Last time we checked the election was rigged. Hmm IRS ring a bell?
    Lois lerner plead the fifth.. Democrats rigged it this time.

    America did not vote for him. The ones who did vote for him have no reason other than hes black. They couldnt even tell you what party he is in. Or give an explanation of his beliefs. The black panthers intimadated voters, Many illegals were shipped in dropped off and told who to vote for and many many voted 10 times. So you might want to check your facts. America is waking up to see his socialistic ways and having nothing to do with him now. Look at his ratings. They are the worst since polling began. Facts are facts

    Its Disgraceful he is absolutely the worst president in history.

    Impeach his tyrannic ass. Keep the change we dont want it

    • PeterP

      Actually america did vote for him. I have never seen a black panther.

      “The ones who did vote for him have no reason other than hes black. They couldnt even tell you what party he is in. Or give an explanation of his beliefs.”

      its to bad you feel that way but its the white superiority complex thing you got going on that makes you feel that way. Your comment sounds like a justification for a poll tax or IQ test befire voting…. unreal.

      You guys really need to stop being so hateful. really. At some point realize no matter how vile you get, how low you go you will not get me or people like me to match your disdain for others.

      You bring up color… Obama won with only 39 percent of the white vote…. A all time low. Which means he trounced with Asians, latinos, blacks and every other ethnic group and they are forming the new majority.

      In 2016 the white vote could be as low as 33 percent and a dem can still win.

      Keep holding onto your disdain and fake white superiority. Cling to it tight. Love conquesrs HATE everytime. peace be unto you and may you find love, compassion and understanding.

    • PeterP

      Do you have ONE link to any proof of these felonies being committed?

      “Many illegals were shipped in dropped off and told who to vote for and many many voted 10 times.”

      Or are you just making it up becuase you are a sore loser and america does not agree with you?

      We did and do want the change and elected him TWICE by wide margins.

  • Kristine bell

    You are poorly misinformed on your data about employers. Unemployment is hight than its ever ever been. More Hourly employees are working 2 jobs because they cannot work more than 30 hrs. 30 hrs is considered a full time job with dept. of labor. Employers are not hiring the way they would like to in fear of obamacare.

    • PeterP

      A little fact with your fiction.

      “That is because only 3 percent of small businesses — those with fewer than 500 employees — have more than 50 workers, so 97 percent of small employers are exempt from the law’s mandates. Meanwhile, virtually all large companies already offer health insurance to their employees. Aside from things such as reporting requirements, Obamacare’s mandates will directly obligate only about 1 percent of American businesses to do anything different.”

      “Also, the number of part-time workers spiked in 2008, well before Obamacare was enacted, and has been slowly falling as a share of total employment since 2010. In September, people working part time because they could not find full-time work made up 5.5 percent of the employed, unchanged from August.

      The spike in 2008 and the steady drift downward since then suggests the elevated level of part-time workers is more likely due to the economy’s weakness.”

  • James

    I made 4700 for two weeks. Federal tax was 1567.00. Makes me not wanna work hard. Coulda used that to get ahead… 401k, home repairs etc. nope!!!! Gotta support a lazy ass who doesnt want to work. Wake the hell up.

    • PeterP

      We are just different. I know that most people on government assistance are one of these three groups:

      a) Seniors
      b) Children
      c) veterans

      I also know that more than a third of those on government assistance work full time and are just still to poor to make ends meet.

      I also know that federal taxes are lower than they have been in 60 years.

      So taken all togeather we just see the world differently. based on your provided salary I am doing a little better financially than you but I have no problem at all with my a SMALL percentage of my tax dollars helping other americans. But thats just who I am.

      I am sure you are not a christian but I am and I live by this and am glad to live in a christian nation that we ask GOD TO BLESS on a regular basis.

      1 John 3:17-
      But whoever has the world’s goods, and beholds his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?

  • James

    Yeah I highly doubt you make more.. I have contracts w the biggest corporate companys in the usa. Thats my xtra income.

    Not including my day job which consists of 20 hrs a week and make over 350,000 a year. Its great. I just draw a survivable salary and pay my expenses and write myself a big check at end of year.

    As far as links go

    Bengazi scandal
    Irs scandel
    Obama voter fraud rigged election
    Fast and furious
    Nsa spying on journalists
    Nsa spying on us citizens

    Need i go on????

    • PeterP

      Where do I start…

      1. Income: based on 4,700 gross every two weeks I make considerably more than that. Now that you corrected me and you make well over a 3rd of a million a year. Yes you make more than me. Cool. I am very comfortable and do not have ANY issue with my money helping the poor via welfare (about 9 percent of the federal budget). I already told you christanity guides my thinking and I am blessed to be in the greatest country on earth that is a CHRISTIAN nation so helping the poor is near and dear to me.

      2. You are talking to a patriot not a partisan. I am a liberal but a American who served and loves his country, a Christian, a patriot, a father, a husband, a community volunteer and then we can get to being a democrat way down the line.

      3. Scandal. Both NSA issues are sickening to me. The patriot act is un-American to me. Benghazi was a attack on AMERICA not a coverup… at the same time I am LIVID we did not protect our folks overseas better on the 9/11 anniversary, I do not know if I can forgive Hillary for that. Fast and Furious was a continuation of a Bush era program that was run by a career civil servant. IT WAS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Since I have been a adult I learned one thing EVERY administration has had multiple scandals. Actually the first Bush seems to have been fairly clean. How do you feel about?

      a) THe terror alerts being raised prior to the 2004 election? Ridge said on record that he was pressured to raise the terror alerts?
      b) The Goodling scandal (trying to make sure only republicans got career positions – illegal).
      c) Outting a CIA agent because her husband would not go along with LIES.
      d) the executive branch being so WRONG about WMD?
      e) Planting a fake reporter in the WH pool (gannon)
      f) Bush changing the reason for the Iraq war?

      Oh, I almost forgot. You have no proof the election was rigged and Romney won. Please provide it. Please, please please. I am a patriot and if Obama rigged the election I will be in the streets WITH YOU making sure the man who got the most votes is in the white house whether a Dem or a REP does not matter to me… again… I am a patriot.

      And lastly, career IRS employees and a bush appointee ran the IRS as a American I do not like it and if you are republican I can understand your anger. But investiogation after investigation has not been able to prove it came from the WH.

      • James

        You are a good person and i commend you for serving the country. I also like your open beliefs. My parents voted obama and my dad is a Dr. Phd p.e. Why? I still dont know. He is a genius . Graduate professor at vt. He is a democrat and supports obama. Maybe all the media got me paranoid… I dunno. I just love this country. Hate to see it go to crap… Im still a republican . Im 31 and havent seen the long track record of either party.. Or the political games they all play. Go USA .

  • James

    Bengazi was a cover up. Why did they gag order familys and witnesses? Its all over news.. Mainstream news i may add.

    Why did lois lerner plead fifth. She was appointed by obama and that guy that worked under her went to white house like 175 times… All swept under the rug as a phoney scandal.

    And obamas faked birth certificate is a layered document not an original. Look it up please.

    Alot of shady things goin on up in the white house..

    I also love how Pelosi said ” you gotta pass the bill to read whats inside it.”

  • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to
    make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your
    intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when
    you could be giving us something informative to read?

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