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Updated: Voter Turnout Low Across Region

4:30 p.m. 

Voter turnout remains low in Prince William County today.

By 3 p.m., about 12% of registered voters in the county’s 77 precincts had turned out to vote in today’s General Election. That number was up slightly from about 11% at 10 a.m.

Those numbers include 6,264 absentee ballots that were cast.

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In Stafford County, results are not tabulated until the polls close at 7 p.m., said County Regisgtrar Greg Riddlemoser.

Manassas officials also plan to release their total voter turnout when polls close, said city spokeswoman Patty Prince.

In Manassas Park’s two precincts, a total of 1,210 of the 7,796 voters have showed up to the polls so far today. That’s about 17% of the registered voters in that city. Manassas Park also had 192 absentee ballots cast.

1:50 p.m. 

More than 650 people had filed into Bennett Elementary School in Manassas to cast their votes in today’s General Election.

Polling stations in Triangle and Quantico had both reported the lowest turnout by 10 a.m. with 60 and 33 voters, respectively.

Not all precincts had reported in to the Prince William County Voter Registrar’s office in Manassas by 10 a.m.

At stake today is the governorship of Virginia, and that has Democrat Terry McAuliffe, whose been leading in the polls, Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and Libertarian Robert Sarvis seeking to succeed Gov. Robert F. McDonnell.

Virginia Senator Ralph Northam, D, and Republican E.W. Jackson are seeking the Lt. Govenror’s seat, and Democrat Mark Herring is facing Republican Mark Obenshain to become Virginia’s next attorney general.

Also on the ballot today are several House of Delegates seats as well as municipal offices in Manassas Park. Several members of Stafford County’s Board of Supervisors are seeking reelection today, also.

MORE to the STORY: See the latest polling numbers form precincts around Prince William County

All indications seem to indicate that today’s turnout is not like last year’s crushing turnout at seen during the reelection of President Barack Obama. Long lines formed early at schools and other buildings that served as polling places.

Voter turnout was steady this morning at Mount Ararat Baptist Church. One woman who declined to give her name but said she voted for all Democrats because she “doesn’t like the Tea Party.”

McAulliffe, who is expected to do well today and has had a 12-point lead over his opponent, has worked to tie Cuccinelli to a group of Republicans who last month moved to shut down the Federal Government.

Others who spoke to Potomac Local News said they were tired of Obama and Washington Democrats and voted a straight Republican ticket.

“Keeping our military strong…that’s an important issue for us since my family is all military,” said Jennifer Jarret, of Stafford.

After growing up in Virginia, Jarret returned to the state 16 months ago because of military service orders.


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  • PeterP

    Remember this as you go to the polls today. Leave your “anger points” at home and vote your “heart” with love for all.

    “It is my advice that the law and public policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia prohibit a college or university from including ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity,’ ‘gender expression,’ or like classification, as a protected class within its nondiscrimination policy, absent specific authorization from the General Assembly.”

  • PeterP

    Remember this when you go vote:

    “If you are sued for divorce in Virginia, there’s virtually nothing you can do to stop it,” Cuccinelli said in 2008 to the Family Foundation, a socially conservative Richmond-based advocacy group. “This law has everything to do with the breakdown of the family. The state says marriage is so unimportant that if you just separate for a few months, you can basically nullify the marriage. What we’re trying to do is essentially repeal no-fault divorce when there are children involved.”
    As a state senator in 2005, Cuccinelli offered a bill that would have made it so parents initiating a no-fault divorce could have that action counted against them “when deciding custody and visitation.”

  • PeterP

    Remember this also:

    This year, 47 state attorneys general sent a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

    • joe keady

      But not our AG; he was one of the t

  • PaulP

    I wonder how it feels to be in a political party that wants LOW voter turnout?

  • PWC citizen

    Where are all of the loud mouths form last year – you know, the ones who complained about the fact that there were not enough voting booths? I see they weren’t at the polls. What a shocker.

    • PaulP

      I do not know where they are. I know that I dipped into my pocket for quite a few little ceasar pizzas for people (fellow americans) waiting in line for hours to vote. I feel like people who support 3 and 4 hour lines to vote are devils and they will lose in the long run.

      I guess my initial statement went right over your head.

      It just amazes me that a political party prays for Obama to fail, obamacare to fail and hopes turnout is low.

      Says a lot of those people.

      • PWC citizen

        I’m not really interested in any of your statements. I find that the original statement seems pretty ironic when coupled with the following four statements that are thinly veiled (at best) anger points. Says a lot about you.

        • PaulP

          You can not see the truth. You asked where are the people complaining? I said I don’t know I was busy buying pizza for people standing in line for hours.

          Anger points for me? NO. Its in certain peoples nature to want low voter turn outs nad not have a problem with people waiting 4 hours to vote. Why would I get angry. Nothing can change those types of people.

          Nothing at all. Its in their nature. I am not mad at them. I look past them and proceed to go FORWARD!

  • PWC citizen

    Whatever dude. Keep up that holier than thou attitude. It’ll take you real far in life.

    • PaulP

      I am pretty far in life. Living well. And I do not mock the poor, I do not want government programs to fail, I respect the office of presidency, and think it is beneath America to have americans wait online for 4,5, or 6 hours to vote in a election and want more people to vote not less.

      If in your very humble opinion that makes me holier than thou than so be it. It means I am doing something right.

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