DUMFRIES, Va. — Dumfries Town officials will meet Tuesday with their county supervisor, Maureen Caddigan.

The periodic meeting is set to take place at 6 p.m. at Williams Ordinary on U.S. 1 in Dumfries. Town officials are expected to discuss issues like an ethanol facility to be built on Cockpit Point Road, roadway improvements to the intersection of U.S. 1 and Va. 234 ahead of the Potomac Shores neighborhood that is to bring some 3,000 new homes to eastern Prince William County, and update on a new county library at Montclair, and an update on Fuller Heights Park near the entrance to Quantico Marine Corps Base.

Town Manager Daniel Taber said he coordinated with Caddigan’s office to set the meeting time, date, and location. In years past, Caddigan has brought Prince William Deputy County Executive Susan Roltsch to these meetings to help field questions from Dumfries officials and staff.

But just as it does in Washington, small town politics also comes with its fair share of bickering. This will be the first meeting of town officials and Caddigan since she sent a letter to Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman stating she would not meet with him privately to discuss matters facing the town, and that she didn’t trust him.

That letter was prompted by a statement made by Foreman accusing Caddigan of not visiting Town Hall to discuss issues facing the town, but of often coming to the town for special events.

In addition to her Potomac Magisterial District and Dumfries, Caddigan also represents the Town of Quantico.

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20 Responses to “Caddigan Meeting Dumfries Officials to Talk Road Widening, Ethanol Facility” (Leave a Comment)

  1. Gone-Fish'n says:

    Check Supervisor Caddigan’s Annual Budget Submittal to the PWC BOCS for the past few years, for representing the Town of Dumfries, she has not requested a penny for any program or project within the Town. Even when she had a discretionary fund (which was taken away due to misuse) she never used any monies for the Town. These citizens pay taxes to PWC and pay her salary. The Ms. Peacor article PotomacLocal.com ran earlier says it all, “PWC to Town of Dumfries, you are on your own!”

  2. dumfries citizen says:

    In regard to Gone-Fish’n comments, it seems to me that the county provide services to the town . For instance schools, fire dept. and rescue,and library.

  3. Gone-Fish'n says:

    Great points. Then why is Supervisor Caddigan even meeting with the Town Council? Doesn’t Supervisor Caddigan participate in the PWC BOCS Annual Budget submission? Doesn’t Supervisor Caddigan request funding for projects and programs within her magisterial district?

  4. frw says:

    Maureen Caddigan is worse than useless. If she’s able to find Dumfries on a map, I’d be shocked.

  5. dumfries citizen says:

    Has the Dumfires Town Council been trying to set up a meeting with Ms. Caddigan for a while? I do not know of any county supervisor that has small town within their district that has a regular meeting with their supervisor. By way ,I forgot the county also provide police, too.

  6. The Godfather says:

    Gone Fishing you are absolutely right. Caddigan has done nothing for the Town of Dumfries. I am appalled concerning her record. I do know that she directs her money everywhere but the town. Quantico, Occoquan, Triangle but no Dumfries. She hates the town so bad she renamed her district to the Potomac District and the development across 95 she named Quantico Center even though it’s in the 22026 zip code. As for Dumfries Citizen you must be a personal friend of Caddigan and not a true dumfries citizen. Lets name you “Clueless”!

  7. dumfries citizen says:

    Dear Godfather, I am a taxpayer citizen in the town of Dumfries for many years. I am proud to say that I have know Ms.Caddigan for many years. I try to keep up on the issues affect the town and the county. So I do not think that I am clueless as you say. I think this was taken too far, I was trying to present facts. I do not try to sling mud at anyone.

    • Gone-Fish'n says:

      For living in Dumfries, I find it ironic that you continually ask naive questions about Dumfries such as “when is the Mayor up for election” – Oct 3 post. Not to mention your earlier posting on this chain, “Has the Dumfires Town Council been trying to set up a meeting with Ms. Caddigan for a while?” – Oct 29.

      The meeting agenda for last night http://www.dumfriesva.gov/wp-content/uploads/Caddigan-Council-10-29-13-2.pdf must have been interesting. Why would the Council want to hear about what Supervisor Caddigan is doing for Montclair and Fuller Heights Park? This is just more of “look what I’m doing for other people and not you”. Why can’t Supervisor Caddigan talk about what she is doing for Dumfries?

      I don’t live in Dumfries, but everything they do affects me on Possum Point Rd. My beef is with any politician promising support for Quantico Bay cleanup and then doing nothing, and if it hadn’t been for the Mayor and some citizens attacking Supervisor Caddigan on Ethanol she wouldn’t have done anything or taken a position to stop the trucks.

      Our local elected officials need to work together. I think the Mayor gets it, I’m not sure Supervisor Caddigan does. I see a lot of photos and write ups in PotomacLocal with Supervisor Caddigan at Town events, but I don’t see any photos of the Quantico Mayor or Dumfries Mayor at Supervisor Caddigan’s events. This speaks volumes of Supervisor Caddigan.

      • Dumfries Gal says:

        Gone Fishin, why don’t you go fishin – Gerry! I attended the Joint meeting last night, it was interesting. FYI the Agenda was set by the Town Council, each Council member took the lead on their respective Agenda submission. Most of us were wondering why the Dumfries Council would put these items on the Agenda, perhaps you should ask them.

        As an aside, it appears that Gone Fishin has noting better to do than create conflict and ill will in Dumfries. Just go fishing already. By the way, where was Kristin – MIA AGAIN!!!

        • Watchful Citizen says:

          You know Dorothe (mistake intended!)Barr, first Mayor Foreman’s name is Jerry, not Gerry, if you’re so informed about things then get it together Girl. Seems like you’re obsessed with Mayor Foreman and frankly, it’s kind of scary. Since you think that every time a comment is written he wrote it, you must have nothing better to think about. I understand that sitting in the audience is hard for you because you are not privy to ALL the information, but instead of just accusing without having all the pieces maybe you should first ask the Councilmembers why they are doing or thinking something before you go off half-cocked. Gone Fish’n has it absolutely correct, you, Ms. Barr would do well to learn from him.

          • Dumfries gal says:

            Writen like a campaign supporter, how much have you given him. Maybe this is why the billboard is still down on rt 1. Gerry is a poor excuse for a Mayzor, I have several documents and CDs to prove it, this is simply a fact. So I spelled his name wrong, just call me Goddess Barr and we will call it even.

            Ps… I have lived in this Town for over 22 years, and I do still have property in this Town. That being said, I am a Dumfries Gal!

  8. Dumfries says:

    Seriously, Dorothea. No one is fooled by your ridiculous (and creepy) vendetta against the mayor. And now that you no longer are, in fact, a Dumfries Gal, please slink away for good.

  9. Dumfries gal says:

    You are bizarro, we all no that gone fishin is gf or Gerald zForeman, by the way everyone already knows. I guess this is a surprise to you. Why does everyone hide behind monickers, how silly. You like to hide behind these ids so that you can write hideous untruths to hurt others and make yourself look better. How very sad.

    I am tired of how small, petty,and flat out rude our elected officials are. They complain that others are not giving the Town enough! Yet they have failed to take the funds at they do have to move our Town forward. A sidewalk joining the County thru to Quantico would have shown some intelligence and would have helped our Town, fat chance of getting that. The billboard on route one, which could be cited and even seized under a blight ordinance, is looked at by millions of travelers daily – for over 6 mons. The only one who seems to be cleaning up this Town is Jim Vinson!

    I have moved to Stafford, that is true.

    I once mentioned my frustrations to several friends, and mentioned that I really just wanted to live In a small Town with small Town values. They responded by saying, you picked the wrong Town.

    I do not think that I picked the wrong Town, but it is clear that the Town can not function. My vote is to turn it over to the County. Further, I would support the County annexation of The Knolls of Dumfries, we can not get into Town without leaving it anyhow, might as well go where we can get something accomplished.

  10. Dumfries Voter says:

    Ms. Barr (aka Dumfries gal, Dumfries Citizen), I voted for you when you ran for Council and was shocked afterwards to learn that you didn’t pay for your taxes for years. I watched Council meetings bad sound and all as you dramatized every issue. I was going to vote for Nancy West I’ve known her and Gary for years then I watched the horrible videos you and Ms. Jurgenson made of Councilman Foreman.

    You are a business owner of BARCO Reality and people are supposed to trust you. If you lied about your taxes, if you lied about using pseudo names, if you lied about people, how can anyone trust you in business?

    I ended up not voting for Nancy West because of your videos (you deleted the comments attached to them by the way), I will not vote for Caddigan because of your posting today and in the past. Why do you argue every posting?

    You try too hard young lady. You should go back and read your postings, there is clearly a double standard that you operate from. We used to call people like you “Hypocrites” in the 70’s, you call yourself normal I suppose. You drive down good news sources such as Potomaclocal and InsideNova.

    Darn right there are supporters reading these sources and making sure the correct points are being made. We care about our Town and politicians that are trying to make a difference. You didn’t pay taxes and took a salary. This guy pays his taxes and doesn’t take a salary.

    • Dumfries gal says:

      Seriously, this was a trash bill that was paid late, and billed only once in five years. I was in good company, a lot of people were in that same group. Since you are so well informed of whom you have elected, tell which current Council members have declared bankruptcy. Here is a hint, 0 is not the answer.

      Personally, I am thrilled that I lost, because it resulted in a much bigger success for me.

      Finally, if either I or Nancy were the problems on the Council, how is it they still exist. Yep, you are an informed voter. Congratulations. Ps, use your real name and let me research you!

  11. Gone-Fish'n says:

    Ms. Barr, it appears readers have gone chumming and you should change your fake and real name to “Bottom Feeder” when posting from now on. Definition: leech, or in other words a total lack of responsibility to provide for oneself. Relies heavily upon friends, neighbors or anyone really for sustenance. a slacker through and through.

    Oh and the elected officials in Stafford County have a program to eradicate Hydrilla from their waterways. Of course Quantico Bay is not your concern now that you moved. Wasn’t your concern when you were on Council either I suppose.

    I’ve got to go get my boat out of the water while the weather is nice today.

  12. Watchful Citizen says:

    It seems to me Ms. Barr that you, my poor dear, are starving for attention. This article was about the Dumfries Town Council and Ms. Caddigan meeting but you have once again made it all about you and your negative vibes. I’m sorry that you are no longer in front of the camera where you can play out your soap opera drama, maybe Stafford would like you to star in a role there.

    You have this vendetta against Mayor Foreman because he was the only one who had the nerve to put you back in your box when you were veering wildly out of control.

    Please stick to the subjects in the article, speak on those points, and STOP with
    all the theatrics, it gets you nowhere and just makes you look silly.

    We are a proud Town and don’t need you to muck it all up!

  13. dumfries citizen says:

    In regard to gone-fish’n and Dumfries voter, as my late father use to say the less said the better. Ms Barr did a good job on the Dumfries Town Council. To me it seems to since the new council went into office, not a lot has got done. There is bickering and snide remarks.Like I say I try not to sling mud. Enough said!

    • Dumfries citizen says:

      Too bad Dorothea can’t say the same. All she does is sling mud and create drama. GOOD RIDDANCE DOROTHEA. Hope the door smacked you in the @$$ on the way out of town!!! Bye bye now!!

  14. Richard says:

    Maureen. How about talking about and taking action to get some businesses back in Triangle.

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