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Aquia Harbour’s New Police Station Opens

NORTH STAFFORD, Va. — There’s a whole new meaning to the phrase “you’re going downtown” in Aquia Harbour.

The gated community of 2,300 homes in North Stafford celebrated the opening of the neighborhood’s first police station. A dedication ceremony was held Friday afternoon. 

A three-year project, the new station includes 1,600 square feet of space, two offices, an area for patrolmen to work, and a new locker room. It’s the first time since the community opened in 1969 that the community-funded police force has not been located in the development’s original home sales office.

Police Chief Trish Harman said the new building is not only designed to better serve her seven-member force, but it also community gathering place where residents can meet with law enforcement.

“If you saw my vision for what we wanted the building to look like, and then take a look at what the architects and contractors delivered, it’s incredible how similar they are,” said Harman.

She was on Prince William County police force when its two major stations were built – the Gar-Field, or Eastern District Station in Woodbridge, and the Western District Station near Manassas. Harman said she took some pages of Prince William’s book when it came to the design and implementation of this new police station.

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The dedication ceremony and ribbon-cutting of the new Aquia Harbour police station took place Friday, Oct. 25 and was attended by many local dignitaries. An open house for the community was held the next day. Photos by: KJ Mushung/Potomac Local News


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  • Andrew

    The police in Aquia Harbour are actually “special conservators of the peace.” Their authority to make arrests and write traffic citations on the association’s private property is granted by a circuit court judge.

  • Suzi McKeen

    It’s a bit disappointing that the writer could not even spare one line to mention that this new police station was dedicated and named the “Bill Carpenter Memorial Aquia Harbor Police Station.” Had it not been for Capt. Carpenter’s vision in 1977 to change the contract security force to a fully deputized police force, the Aquia Harbor Police Force and its new station would probably not exist.

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