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Vice Mayor Arrested on Haymarket Day

Update 5:30 p.m. 

A second town official and former Haymarket Town Councilman was also arrested following Haymarket Day.

Robert Weir, who is appointed as the head of the town’s planning commission, was served with a summons charging him with “curse and abuse,” according to Virginia court documents.

Haymarket Police Chief James Roop said only the cursing portion of the statue applies to this case as “there was no abuse.”



Town Mayor David Leake pressed those charges on Weir, and claimed he was on a town street having a conversation with Haymarket Councilwoman and Planning Commission member Rebecca Bare on Sept. 21 during the annual Haymarket Day celebration and Weir interjected and began cursing at both of them.

“It was an ugly incident…we had children in the street,” said Leake.

Potomac Local News has reached out to Weir will bring you any comments he might make in an update.

Weir, a Republican, told the Washington Post he sought to unseat Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart in 2009

Town Council reacts

Monday will mark the first meeting of the Haymarket Town Council since Vice-Mayor Jay Tobias was charged with public intoxication on Sept. 21. The council is expected to review the town’s code of ethics for elected officials during the meeting.

Leake said Tobias could be removed from council with a 2/3 vote on the seven-member governing board. Such charges for both Tobias and Weir would warrant such a vote, added Leake.

“We need to show the citizens that this is unacceptable behavior,” he added.

3:20 p.m. 

HAYMARKET, Va. — An elected official in Haymarket was arrested on the day of the town’s largest celebration, Haymarket Day.

Haymarket Vice-Mayor Jay Tobias was charged with public intoxication in public on Sept. 21, following an altercation with another man at Giuseppe’s Restaurant on Haymarket Day, an annual family-friendly event that draws thousands to the tiny western Prince William County town.

Tobias was involved in an altercation with another man about 2:30 p.m. Sept. 21, said Haymarket Police Chief James Roop. Afterward, Roop and another deputy separated the men and drove both of them to their respective homes.

“I instructed [Tobias] to stay home and not come back out that day,” said Roop.

Later that evening at 7:50 p.m., Roop spotted Tobias at Giuseppe’s Restaurant drinking a beer and arrested him, and then charged him with drunk in public, said Roop.

Tobias was taken before a magistrate that evening and released.

“At no time did he cross into the jail,” said Roop.

Roop described the incident as isolated.

Tobias said he had no comment about the arrest, and he is due in court on Nov. 7 for the charge. He faces a $250 fine, according to Roop. 

Tobias has lived in Haymarket since 2003 and works as an investment banker, according to the town’s website.

More than 1,800 people, including several community groups and schools, participated in this year’s annual Haymarket Day festival.

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  • idontgiveoutmyemail

    What a joke, Haymarket is in love with its little drama wanna be mayberry. “vice mayor”? really, is this like 4-square where you can be the mayor of the water-cooler at work? or mayor of the corner table at starbucks? what a waste of space. County already provides school, fire and police, what the heck is the need for a “town”?

  • No longer…

    It is a sad day…Haymarket Day is not a “town” event. Instead, it is run by an event company who makes a lot of money from the day. The town receives $500 and provides police support (which the town has to cover salaries, etc.). Not much of a deal for the town. Comments from the day… It’s changed, no longer a small town type of event, non-profits are charged for space. Take back the day, don’t renew the contract that is only out to reap profits and take advantage of the town.

  • Enough Already

    How long is Haymarket going to put up with these two clowns? It’s time to vote out Weir & Tobias and get some responsible adults back in here.Absolutely disgusting behavior on such a great day. Enough Already!

  • Brian Griffith

    I believe these to be isolated incidents. Haymarket Day no matter who runs it, is great for the Community and the Town. I personally grew up in Haymarket, and have noticed how much better the event has gotten over the past few years. If I had a business in town, that would make me very happy. I also know a lot of the vendors that were there and even with the rain, the event was very successful for them. Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill and get back to being a community that supports one another.

    • Judith

      Well said, Brian. And Gone-fish’n. There will be a little drama in any town. Thankfully this wasn’t plastered all over the local papers the next day. The Haymarket Day event has grown so much and has been a positive for many local businesses, churches, farmers, and simply a fun-family day. This shouldn’t over-shadow the annual event. Town council members should be voted in based on how they will protect it’s town’s resources and grow it in accordance with the communities needs and wants. The drama needs to stay in the meetings, not in public places where there are children around. If you have nothing nice to say, then walk away.

  • Town shame

    It is very sad that these so called officials are behaving in this manner. But honestly there is way more to it then being reported. I was in line at the beer table when I witnessed these two and Rebecca behaving in an inappropriate manner. They all appeared to be highly intoxicated. I saw Rebecca hit Jay in the Gentiles and then watched her turn to walk away. But not before she threw up the middle finger to Jay and Bob and shouted the F word. All of this in front of the event coordinator, event volunteers and town citizens.

  • Haymarket deserves better

    It is beyond comprehension as to how these people who chose to represent and serve the residents of Haymarket think they can behave in such a manner & believe that they are above the law. They do not represent or serve anyone except themselves. Their overuse of alcohol in general and specifically during Haymarket days always seems to produce an embarrassing and foolish combination. Previous years have included such incidents as-council member Weir runs into a pedestrian while driving a golf cart and appears to be intoxicated, council member Tobias had to be physically escorted out of the beer garden for being intoxicated. Council member Weir, Tobias and Bare acting and speaking in an intoxicated and embarrassing manner. Then this year-council member Kenworthy also runs into a pedestrian while driving a golf cart and appearing to be intoxicated, council member Tobias, Bare, and Mr. Weir are appear to be highly intoxicated again during the event. Council member Tobias gets in a physical and verbal altercation & shortly thereafter gets arrested for drunk in pubic. It is also known that Tobias was seen throwing an object specifically at a police officer hitting him in the head during the parade. CHARACTER & INTEGRITY – you either have them or you don’t – these folks simply don’t – and they simply need to go!

  • Gone-Fish’n

    It appears that every governmental body has their share. Dumfries has Toney, Forrester and Wood. Prince William County BOCS has Stewart, Nohe and Caddigan. Towns have elections in May 2014, voters need to remember who is working for the betterment of our Towns and who isn’t. There are quite a few local politicians that lack integrity. As far as character goes, there are some snakes in the grass. Haymarket deserves better? All our Towns deserve better!

  • Behaving badly

    It’s unfortunate that Haymarket residents had to witness the inexcusable behavior of their elected officials. I’ve resided in Haymarket for 20 years and have always looked forward to all of the town’s events. As an ardent supporter of the town’s streetscape project I welcome town events which enhance the community and provide clientele for the town businesses. Each year the events are superior to prior years, drawing larger crowds and more revenue for town owned businesses. I applaud the event organizers for their hard work. Once again Haymarket day operated seamlessly and successfully. As for the town officials behaving badly maybe they need to take a good long look in the mirror and do what is best for the town and its residents…RESIGN!

  • dumfries citizen

    Could someone please answer my question, is the mayor seat in Dumfries up for election this May?

    • Nancy

      Ye, the Mayor of Dumfries is up for election (or re-election) in May 2014. When Mayor Forman was elected in May 2012 it was for a two year term to complete the unexpired term of Mayor Fred Yohey who died in office. The mayorial election in May 2014 will be for a full four year term.

  • RIchard Klein

    This is hilarious! A couple of Haymarket hillbillies get into a sloppy drunken argument and the local police have to get involved.

    This is a proud trailer trash moment for Haymarket. We sure are a long way from Disney – aren’t we! 🙂

  • Edward Wood

    Maybe trailer trash is a little extreme, but it definitely reminds one of the Orndoff days and Police Chief Vergil Jones of the 70’s. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

  • M Jean

    Both of these guys need to be removed. They are a totally worthless individuals. All they care about is that they have a title to their names. They never cared about the Historic town of Haymarket. They walk around like they are all that what an embarrassment. They are a bunch of bullies always making a scene where ever they go. Especially if you disagree with them. Both of them need to be banned from holding office in Haymarket. Term limits need to be set to keep bullies like them from continuing to be on the Council or Mayor ship. Rebecca Bare is another one that need to go to she is just like them.

  • AA

    I bet Jay finds religion fast, followed by “I’m going to seek help for this addiction” blah, blah, blah… Step down, and leave this town you drunken slob.

  • It’s time to go

    Tobias and Weir are two peas in a pod that feed off the negativity of each other. Rebecca Bare and Kentworthy are more than too happy to simply drink their kool aid rather than even try to serve the interest of the town. Haymarket is a great little town with lots of great people who want to do some great things and we deserve much better than this!

  • chase van arsdale

    David Leake has no business stealing $$$$$$$$ {raising the cigarette tax}, from the poor cigarette smokers pockets just to fix the city budget that he has squandered!

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