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Immigration Program Extended in Prince William

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — A special agreement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Prince William County will continue.

The 287 (g) program pairs select members of local law enforcement with federal immigration officials who train them on inquiring about processing the legal statuses of suspected criminals arrested in Prince William County.  That program, which was in jeopardy last fall, will continue for the next three years, according to a press release from Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart.

Stewart, who built his political career on taking a tough stance against illegal immigration, has been one of the staunchest supporters of the program.

“I am very pleased that ICE decided to renew their agreement with the county. This program has made our county a safer and more desirable place to live. The positive results of this program have been undeniable,” said Stewart in his release.

The the 287 (g) program’s future in Prince William County was questioned last fall when federal officials announced they were moving away from the program, an extension of the 287 (g) was permitted for Prince William County at the request of local officials.

After a suspect is arrested, their immigration status is checked while at the county’s courthouse. If the suspect is found to be in the U.S. illegally, they are turned over to ICE.

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  • Kevin Raymond

    Why is Prince William still in the program? How much does it cost? Have we turned over any dangerous criminals? What does ICE do with the ones that are turned over, and MOST IMPORTANT, ARE WE NEEDLESSLY RIPPING APART FAMILIES WHO ARE SIMPLY EEKING OUT A LIVING AND TRYING TO SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES?? There are only 2 Virginia jurisdications in the 287 program and only 39 nationwide. S T R A N G E

    • Dumfries Business

      I can give you a reason why Prince William needs to stay in this program. Remember the Nun that was killed by Carlos Montano an illegal immigrant?


      • Kevin Raymond

        Yes i do remember. It was a horrible incident in which the guilty party was brought over here by his parents at age 3…lived and went to school here and killed the nun on a sunday morning when he was driving drunk……i understand he will be prosecuted and serve time and then deported……..while you may think this one incident, caused by a drunken driver, warrants the millions spent on the program and persecution of all of the other 11 million undocumented residents, that certainly is your right. I do not.

  • Potomac Clubber

    This program has saved Prince William County from ruin.

    • Jessica Smith

      I agree at Kevin Raymond @ Potomac clubber this program saved Prince William from ruin? when we were on ruin in first place,and if we were this has nothing to do with illegal immigrants the majority aren’t criminals but for a traffic ticket I have seen many departed and deported (by the way they go to jail first for several months…) leaving young kids under the care of sometimes young american brothers or sisters not even father or mother cause they were deported, yes they came illegally but should they now be deprived of paternity ? our system must be reformed it’s malfunctioning … from a paralegal of an immigration law office .

      • Kevin Raymond

        I agree with Jessica that, in my opinion, it is morally wrong to go about separating families when, in most instances, the ‘captured’ received a traffic ticket or some other misdemeanor offense. I strongly disagree that the original resolution by the BOCS saved us from ruin. To the contrary, it expedited the ruin when so many undocumented and documented immigrants simply left the County. The UVa study in the aftermath of the resolution was lukewarm as to positive effects. Bottom line, it screwed up real estate values for years to come. Why is it that only 2 Virginia counties are in the program and only 39 out of thousands of local jurisdictions nationally? Because the rest of the counties know how destructive the 287g program is….if it was worthwhile why are there so few?

  • Dick Longfellow

    Deport them all. if they dont want to break up families, then they can go back home! Why do they breed like coachroaches here and infest our hospitals and schools and expect me to pick up the tab. If I go to their country, will they do this for me??? Heck no!

    • Kevin Raymond

      “Deport them all”…….And to think Dick has a say in anything!!!

  • Joshua Veritas

    I live in Woodbridge, Prince William County, VA and my wife and I cannot even go to the local 7-11 or U-haul without being harassed by a host of illegal aliens soliciting work. Kudos to Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart for being a good steward of the public trust he has been given. Individuals who entered our country illegally and/or unlawfully overstayed a tourist or student visa (that is, a non-immigrant visa which to obtain they had to lie to our consulate abroad to obtain b/c their intent was to emigrate to the US, not visit Disneyland, etc.) cannot be heard to complain when they are deported once caught. It is a situation of their own making.

  • Dumfries Bussiness

    It is not the illegal immigrants that are at fault and they should not be victimized. It is the business owners that employee the illegal immigrants that is the problem. There should be stricter enforcement of law for businesses that employ illegal immigrants. There should laws passed for high fines and jail time for business owners that knowingly violate the law.

    In addition, we need to stop giving illegal immigrants free/reduced cost education, health care, food and housing.

    If illegal immigrants could no longer fine employment and free/reduced cost programs then they would not be attracted to come to our country to live.

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