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Yard Sale Signs Banned from Utility Poles, Roadways, County Reminds

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. – Planning to have a yard sale? In Prince William County there are rules as to how you can advertise that yard sale.

More in a press release:

With spring yard sale season right around the corner, Prince William County would like to remind residents that it is illegal under state law to place signs in the right-of-way of all public roads. These include signs placed on traffic signs, staked in the medians, tacked on utility poles and nailed to fences. Property owners are allowed to place a yard or garage sale sign that is no larger than 2 feet by 2 feet on their own private property or other private properties where they have received permission.

Signs posted in the VDOT right-of-way pose a potential safety problem for drivers and pedestrians by distracting motorists, creating blind spots and presenting hazards for people walking. Nails, screws, tacks and plastic ties used on utility poles are hazardous for utility workers. Often, these signs are never removed and quickly litter the streets detracting from the appearance of our roadways and neighborhoods.

The Neighborhood Services Litter Crew and VDOT remove any signs placed illegally in the public right-of-way. If you have any questions on where to place your sign, please contact Neighborhood Services at 703-792-7018

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  • Advocator

    Neighborhood services should leave individual residents alone and enforce this law against businesses, primarily realtors, who place hundreds of signs in the right of ways every weekend. Once again, the county goes after the little guy, instead of the deep pockets.

  • Sylvia Wagner

    Some things are just plain American tradition.
    Maybe require that people have to place their name & address on the signs to enforce that the signs are subject to fine if not removed after the event is over.

  • Go liberal government

    Well the government gets no $ off a yardsale.
    But they do when a house is sold or when a merchant makes a sale..

    Then they are gonna hire more tattletales to drive around on our tax dime and nitpick and write violations. Then raise taxes again on our land assesments to pay for this.
    This is a bunch of b s.

  • Fred Grabner

    Why is this limited to just yard sale signs? I have seen hundreds of political signs posted everywhere. Various businesses also post along the road ways. Give a limited time say 24 hours then fine would be ok by me.

  • oakley ???? ???

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