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Potomac Nationals Unveil Renderings of New Stadium Planned for 2015

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On Sunday night the Potomac Nationals celebrated their 18th annual Hot Stove Banquet and Silent Auction with 131 employees and fans in attendance. The Hyatt at Fair Lakes was the site for the event.

“Our Hot Stove Banquet is a popular event with the fans,” said team owner Art Silber, “It’s really the unofficial start to a new season and this year, I’m excited to show everyone the plans for the new park.”

Fans greeted Silber’s grandchildren with hugs and smiles during the evening. The Silbers have owned the Nationals for 21 years and the overall feeling for the evening was like a large family reunion.

The evening kicked off with an open cocktail hour and bidding on a silent auction, prizes included everything from a night at the Hyatt to baseball memorabilia. All proceeds benefit the Prince William County Public Schools SPARK program, which allows middle school children in the county to attend a Nationals game during the school year.

“This is our fifth year supporting the SPARK program,” said Nationals General Manager Josh Olerud. “By the end of the year, 25,000 students will have seen a game. The program covers all the transportation, ticket cost and food. We’re very proud of it.”

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Along with the continued support of the SPARK program, in 2013 fans can look forward to 17 fireworks nights, 5 celebrity appearances, and lots of giveaways during the games.

Finally, the evening ended with the presentation of plans for the new stadium. Fans cheered at images of a stadium that would include over 400 parking spaces, easy access to Interstate 95, a large beer garden, a new playground, several new concession stands and views of the Potomac River on three levels.

“We worked hard to make the design of the new stadium harkens back to the days of Griffith Field,” Silber said during the presentation. “There will be a large presidential box just like the old Senator Stadium had and the complex is designed with the same asymmetrical style in mind.”

Currently, plans for the new stadium are going trough the permitting process in Prince William County. Silber said that the project would be fast tracked once the initial paperwork is complete. The team is expected to be in its new home by 2015.

“I understand there are some concerns as there will be with any new project,” Silber said after the presentation. “But it’s my money, not the county’s and I want to build a new stadium. I think once people see the new stadium and appreciate the amenities it offers the community, they will be pleased,” said Silber.

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  • I don’t see how we can have any objection to adding a jewel like this to PWC. As long as tax dollars are not used for construction and maintenance, the traffic issued are assuaged, and Mr. Silber is willing to make the investment, it looks like an opportunity for PWC.

  • I need an editor 🙂 The word “issued” should be “issues”. My apologies.

  • Scott

    It would be nice to see this overlayed on a real map. I’m still having trouble seeing how this is situated in relation to the shopping center and the space available there.

    But glad to see the hospital didn’t object to the noise of the fireworks.

    And how about ticket prices? Don’t see any mention of that either…..

    • response

      The building on the left of photo 2 is a medical center. The hospital can be seen clearly in photo 1, right above the stadium.

      • response

        OOOPS… not sure what the building on the top of photo 1 is. Probably the site of the bar/restaurant with views of the Potomac.

  • Jim Riley

    Scott, look at picture 2 of 11. The hospital is across the street to the left. The road at the very bottom of the picture is the new one that goes over to Wegman’s across the new bridge. This definitely gives a much better idea of where the stadium will be. This view would be directly above the ramp to go from Opitz onto I-95 North.

  • Dan

    The stadium definately looks great. I just don’t see any details on how they are going to actually address the traffic concerns. With the main entrance of the stadium not being directly on a I-95 exit, that will cause 158 and 156 to pick up all the traffic. I am in favor of this project, just show us the proposed solutions already.

  • Priscilla Winslow

    It’s so lovely for Mr. Silber that he is wealthy enough to do whatever he damn pleases! (“It’s my money and I’ll build wherever I want to!”)

    He loves baseball; so do I. Perhaps he’d like to build a baseball stadium across the street from HIS home — in FLORIDA!

  • Priscilla Winslow

    P.S. WHEN did this become a done deal? Why do they play at holding “town meetings”?

  • Brian

    I own a condo in the Potomac Club community but can’t decide whether this will increase or decrease the value of my property. Overall in favor of the project.

    • Priscilla Winslow

      I own a condo in the Potomac Club community also. Could traffic get any worse? Keep in mind that the stadium complex will also include a commuter parking garage! Unless they plan to build triple-decker roads, I don’t see how they can deal with this. When everything is functioning, I don’t ever expect to get out of Potomac Club, by car, again.

      I think Mr. Silber has delusions of grandeur and really wants to pretend to own his old favorites, the Brooklyn Dodgers.

      The county board of supervisors also has delusions of grandeur. I’m surprised they haven’t courted the Washington Nationals. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Disbeliever

    Where will people go after parking in the commuter parking garage??? Will they hitchhike up I95? Or will there be a line of buses coming and going?

  • prices

    According to Mr. Silber, tickets will be ~$9.00/person. Not sure if that includes food/parking. If anybody is concerned or interested, please try to attend the next “town meeting” concerning this subject… IF there is one. You can express your opinion there, although there is no guarantee that anyone is listening.

  • Overkill

    This does seem to be quite a fancy shmancy place for a minor baseball team. I suspect that all the BOS will have assigned boxes.

  • ALAN

    Nice project, can’t wait to see it in operation. I love the
    Potomac Nationals. When will this project be completed?

  • Bruce

    This turns the area around Wegman’s, Potomac Hospital, I-95 into the new mixing bowl. Great idea, but the location is an abomination.

  • Wendy

    Abomination is an understatement. Let us not forget Potomac Mills — stores, restaurants, movie theater — and its environs. Honk, honk…

  • Jenny

    I’m a Potomac Club reident and Stonebridge project is great. However, as a direct ipmacted resident by upcoming traffic due to the park, I’m very concerned about this project!!!!!

    Where is the traffic study I assumed was performed during design phase?

  • Resident

    I don’t see that the traffic will be as difficult as people fear. Police monitor traffic at the current stadium and it has much fewer avenues of exit than the new location. Opitz to I-95 north or Telegraph Rd to the Prince William Parkway, Potomac Center to Dale Blvd, Rt. 1 north and south, etc. All will be easy to navigate and multiple work arounds will exist for current residents. Plus the allure of the many new restaurants in the plaza lend itself to a full night out experience. I think this is a much better location when you look at what many things can be experienced by those who attend.

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