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Candidates Accepted for School Board Seat

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Want to be on the Prince William County School Board?

The oversight Board is taking applications for its next Woodbridge District Representative after Denita Ramirez handed in her resignation Nov. 7. 

More in a statement from Prince William schools:

As required by Virginia law, the School Board will appoint an interim member who must be a qualified voter and bona fide resident of the Woodbridge District. The appointment must be made within 45 days of the occurrence of the vacancy, or by January 14, 2013.

Under the law, a special election to replace the interim appointee will be held in the spring of 2013. The timing is tied both to the date of the departing member’s original election, and to the time of her resignation. Mrs. Ramirez’s resignation is effective November 30.

For the School Board and voters, it’s almost like déjà vu.  Ramirez’s resignation came just one day after the General Election that saw the election of Democrat Lillie Jessie to the School Board, ousting appointed Republican Michael Wooten.

Wooten was appointed to the School Board by its sitting members following the spring resignation of Occoquan District Representative Grant Lattin.

Wooten served during the summer and early fall, but it was Jessie who was elected to represent the Occoquan District.

Prince William County Schools has more on the nomination process for those interested in applying to represent Woodbridge.

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