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Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic Open

(Mary Davidson/

STAFFORD, Va. — There’s a low-cost alternative for animal lovers who want to care for their household pets.

The Thomas Beath Animal Spay and Neuter Clinic is now accepting patients of the four-legged persuasion.

Here, dogs and cats can be spayed and nurtured for a fraction of the cost at other animal hospitals. Owner Jeanette Allard said it’s a cost-effective way to fix their animals.

It’s become too expensive for many people to spay and neuter their pets,” said Allard.

(Mary Davidson/

The clinic charges $95 for large female dogs 50 pounds and over, and $75 for small female dogs. Owners of male dogs 50 pounds or over pay $75, and owners of smaller male dogs pay $60.

Preventive care is also offered at the clinic, where animals can also low-cost vaccinations for things like rabies and distemper.

The location of the clinic is convenient for residents of Stafford County, and Prince William County where few low-cost pet services like this are currently offered, said Allard.

Open for the first time last month, the clinic took its roots in April 2002 when Allard began rescuing animals from owners who neglected or mistreated them. It grew into 3,100 square foot operation it is today.

“I rescued animals for seven years and realized there are way too many of them to try and save,” said Allard.

After formulating a plan to open the clinic, Allard raised over $50,000 to open it. It wasn’t easy, she said.

The clinic’s top donor, Jessica Beath and her Richmond-based Jessica Beath Foundation, had a husband named Dr. Thomas who enjoyed animals. The animal medical center is named after him.


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  • Denise

    I have a, well was told she is, a pit bull and husky mix named Sadie. She is a very sweet and loving dog. We live in Prince William County. She weighs 45 pounds. I was told that she is 4 years old and has not had any shots since she was 4 months old. We have had her for a little while now and it is time to get her caught up on her all she needs to have done including spayed. It would be greatly appreciated if you could give me a ballpark cost for these services.

    Thanks for you time.


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