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News & Messenger Closing

MANASSAS, Va. — In business for more than 100 years, The Manassas News and Messenger and its companion website will publish it’s last edition on Dec. 30.

The News and Messenger was purchased this year by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Company, which owns The Omaha World Herald.

The company stated the news organization, which covers Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park, was located in a competitive media market just outside Washington, D.C., is losing money, and “had a tough time finding the sense of community that a community newspaper needs to prosper.”

Berskshire Hathaway purchased News and Messenger and, as well as 62 other newspaper properties from Media General. The Manassas-baesed newspaper is the only property that will close its doors.

A statement released by the organization notes they will continue to publish a 20,000 circulation, weekly paper, the Stafford County Sun, the Belvoir Eagle at Fort Belvoir and Quantico Sentry at Quantico Marine Corps Base.

The company will sell its building in Old Town Manassas as well as a nearby parking lot it owns.



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  • Brian T

    loosing? no wonder local media is failing.


      Brian, I used one too many letters O in that sentence. It’s a regrettable mistake, and one that I should’ve caught before posting to our website. Being a small community news shop dedicated to this community, we (and I use the “royal we” as me) often forgo editors that are afforded by larger media outlets.
      Maybe someday, with the support of the community, we will hire a full time editor.
      But please know the state of community news is strong. Now more than ever as newspapers and TV have scaled back as large companies swallow up once independently-owned news sources, it’s up to news sites like ours to bring you the “can’t get it anywhere else” coverage no longer afforded by other news media. is dedicated to Prince William and Stafford counties, its residents, businesses, who are all our readers.
      Thanks for pointing out our editing mistake. Thankfully it was easily fixed.
      I hope you continue to read our site, comment, and contribute often.

  • Ben Blankenship

    As a contributing columnist to the Stafford Sun since 1995, I feel sad for our “big brother” daily, formerly Potomac News and the now-deceased
    News and Messenger. I hope you good guys get good jobs elsewhere and the best of luck in any event. We’ll all need all we can get. Personal regards to a few staffers I’ve known, but now can’t remember their names, only their friendly faces. Fond memories all. –Ben Blankenship

  • Dan Heuchert

    So sad. As a former sports and news editor, I know the Potomac News DID have a dedicated readership. Alas, times have changed. My condolences to the current staff. Best of luck as you move on. I hope the company treats you fairly.


      Dan, thanks! I actually walked away from News & Messenger and founded this company. I saw the future of local news going in a different direction.

  • I hope you are people in other places to find good job, the best of luck in any event. We all need all we can get. Individual thinks, only a few staff I know, but now he doesn’t remember their name, only their friendly face. All my best memories. Ben cloth

  • josephz2va

    They used to be called Potomac News, but because they covered the general assembly of Prince William County, they merged and closed their center in Potomac Mills.

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