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Power Restored in Occoquan

We lost one relatively low and weak sea wall at 307 Mill Street (Brambles), but luckily it did not result in flooding of adjoining properties. (Photo/ Occoquan Mayor Earnie Porta)

2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012

Power in Occoquan has been restored. An update from Mayor Earnie Porta.

Power has been restored in Occoquan’s business district (i.e. north of Commerce Street). As of the time of this writing Dominion and their contractors are working on the power lines that pass adjacent to the Route 123 bridge, travel out of town, cross Route 123, and come back into town via Washington Street.

They have indicated that once repaired these lines should bring back online almost everyone else in Occoquan except those living on Poplar Lane. The latter will be offline at least until [Thursday], as damage to two houses must first be addressed.

Dominion and contractor crews are working throughout the evening.

1:25 p.m. Tuesday

OCCOQUAN, Va. — The tiny village of Occoquan remains without power this afternoon, and is cleaning up after a seawall failed.

About 1,000 customers have been without power since the height of Sandy when power lines fell on Mount High Street, just outside the town limits. A tree also fell on Popular Lane near Prince William Marina and that spelled no electrical service for town residents.

“Dominion is working on it and they tell us it is a matter of hours, not days, as to when we should expect the service back on,” said Porta.

Rushing water took down a seawall behind Brambles at 307 Mill Street, and Sandy also

Decent amount of water coming down the Occoquan below the High and Low Dams at the moment. (Photo: Occoquan Mayor Earine Porta)

claimed one of the town’s iconic gas-powered streetlights.

Officials in the town have also been watching the water levels on the Occoquan River, which in the past has flooded busy Mill Street. Porta said water levels at the Big Occoquan Dam are normal.

He added no water level problems were seen during high tide at 8 a.m.

Storm drains were also able to keep up with the pace of rain dumped on the region from the storm.


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  • OccoquanRez

    I am a current Occoquan resident and I am disappointed that it has been more than a matter of hours for the outage to be resolved. It has now been 24 hours without power (no heat!!!). I went out about an hour ago and saw crews on Occoquan rd. working on the situation, only to return back home within 30mins to find them gone. I’m hoping to see some resolve soon because this is ridiculous!

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