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Sport & Health Club Opens New Gym, Closes 2 Others

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — A new Sport and Health Club is open at Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center in Woodbridge.

The new $8.5 million facility officially opens today with new state-of-the art, like the Synergy 360 system for upper body workouts, and the TRX suspension training system used by Navy SEALs.

Sport and Health spokesman Sean Holihan said the new health club also boasts an indoor swimming pool, sauna, a full basketball court, and a childrens play area with a climbing maze.

A ribbon cutting was held for the grand opening last week and was attended by several elected officials.

As the new club opens, two older Sport and Health locations – one on Devils Reach Road near Occoquan and another in Ashdale Plaza in Dale City – both closed Sunday.

Also opening at today at Stonebridge is Charming Charlie, a store featuring womens accessories. A Starbucks coffee also opened at the center last week.


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  • Bedetermine

    I’m a little disappointed in Sport and Health. They had the opportunity to make this a mega facility. They could have gone more vertical with this facility. From the outside it appears to be big. Inside, not so much. It’s only 2 floors with the bottom floor not being much of anything. In reality it’s a one story gym that will not be able to accommodate all the current and future members. Especially after Laing down the two other Woodbridge locations, this gym will get run down pretty quick and pretty bad with all the traffic that will be in and out this building. From the outside, you can see the second section of the building is nothing but wasted space when you look through those windows. It’s a sad design, poor planning which will result in a negative life span of the equipment and possibly atmosphere. Really dropped the ball on this one Sport and Health. You really dropped the ball.

  • Charming Charlie, here I come!

  • Nancy

    The new Sport & Health has beautiful new shiny equipment. That being said, it’s also noisy, crowded and poorly laid out. Towel service is no longer offered and I think they could have gone for more mirrors and fewer windows. I think it was a big mistake to close the Devil’s Reach center. Waiting for equipment, pumping into people just trying to move from one piece to another and having to scream to communicate with my trainer are not qualities that I look for in a fitness center. In fact, those were the reasons I left LA Fitness to join Sport & Health. I can’t wait to see what crops up at the old location. Maybe a new gym???

  • Dana

    Very disappointed in S & H, I was a member for over 10 years at the Devil’s Reach location, always wondering when we would receive updated and newer equipment. It never came. I feel that your loyal members were given the shaft when you didn’t invest in our location but picked up and moved miles down the road to the newer neighborhood. It all makes sense now, you had your customers unknowingly financing this new location. For this reason I will never frequent another S & H ever. They are now in the same category to me as Bally’s from the 90’s.

  • Swany

    Another Screw up by sport & health, They will again fail to maintain this club. The sport & Health family is just a money laundring outfit, as an ex-employee -I found out that Lopiccalo and others we getting cuts from Frank Dove, Meckley, and other contractors – Corporate team steals equipment, big screen TV’s at the members cost. We all know where the scammers work!!!

  • K Martin

    One step forward two steps back. Sport and Health still has not learned their left from their right. This is a Company that must take advantage of people (members) and employees just to keep its head above water. What they lack is in the name itself and thats “Health”. Where is the health part? where are the real professionals all they bring are hacks to the table. A bigtime facility is nothing but a deception, delusion, facade, and fake. Without the health factor their just another gym hence “Sport”. They are just gyms and something of a dinosaur in DC area or as insiders like to say a dysfunctional rhinoceros. Sport and Health a typical and totally predicable series of gyms one of which at any time could go belly up. You can blame the lack of real leadership at the corporate level for your disappointing results.:( πŸ™

  • Charming Charlie, here I come!

  • Julie

    Thank you for the remarks. A few if us (about 100) were going to look at this gym since it is near our work place however we will definitely be mindful now as we do our research

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