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Woman Robbed, Dragged at Gunpoint

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — A woman was abducted and robbed at gunpoint Saturday at a Ponderosa restaurant.

The victim was at the restaurant at 591 Warrenton Road in the southern portion of Stafford County and was checking to make sure the doors had been locked. During her rounds between 9:50 and 10:10 p.m., a masked man walked into the restaurant, pointed a gun, and demanded she take him to where cash was kept, said Stafford sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy.

It’s unclear if the woman was alone in the restaurant at the time the man walked in. The man then grabbed the woman, pointed a gun to her head, and then dragged her to a back office where he demanded cash.

She complied, and the gunman grabbed his victim once more, pulled her down a hallway and outside to her car. He forced her inside and demanded she that she drive, said Kennedy.

With the car in motion, the gunman then told the victim to pull into an Exxon gas station on Warrenton Road near Interstate 95, near the Olde Forge subdivision.

The woman was told to drive behind the gas station, was told to keep her head down. When the car stopped, the gunman got out and ran to meet a black SUV, which was seen fleeing the area in the direction of I-95, said Kennedy.

The woman was not injured, and deputies met her at the gas station following the incident.

The gunman is described as black, about six feet tall, wearing a ski mask, a hoodie, and faded jeans, said Kennedy.


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