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Student in Banana Costume Suspended

Stafford, Va. — At Colonial Forge High School in Stafford, students have been chanting “free Banana Man.”

According to WTTG-TV, Banana Man is 14-year-old Brian Thompson who donned a banana costume and ran down the football field at Colonial Forge on Friday night. The student, who is autistic, thought running down the field in the suit would be a harmless prank.

The student was later placed in handcuffs and placed into the back of a sheriff’s cruiser following is run downfield but no charges were filed, said Stafford sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy.

The student was suspended from school, according to WTTG-TV. A Stafford schools spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment Wednesday afternoon.

This is the second time in over a year and half an autistic person has been detained by police.

Last year, 19-year-old Reginald “Neli” Latson beat up a sheriff’s deputy outside North Stafford High School. He was sentenced to 10-years in prison in March, a sentence his mother vows to appeal.

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  • Pete Deming

    One would think in this time of constrained budgets, the school administration would focus their “efforts” on more sensible items instead of a harmless student prank. Was anyone hurt? Where is the turmoil and psychological damage caused by this vicious banana man? Perhaps an announcement of “Hey – there goes Peanut Butter Jelly” would have difused the situation??? Perhaps even Banana Man and CF Eagle could join together for future engagements during the game. Why make it negative – make it positive.

    Sometimes no action is much more. Looks like the administration is off to a good start. Kind of blew this one eh? Oh aren’t the school board members voted in?

    The suspension letter authored by Ms Spillman cites several violations of Stafford County School System rules. On any occasion, you can walk into CFHS and find all kinds of violations. How about the dress codes being enforced, or the profanity laced music played before games, the lack of respect displayed by students and school officials during the national anthem. Of course, since this was a football game and no fun should be had…isn’t it disturbing when parents get a little overzealous in the stands. But who decides what is overboard? Why arent school officials running / falling in to help in the stands? Perhaps the good taxpayers of Stafford County want Sheriff Jett and the Boys called to quell these disturbances?

    CFHS is a great academic environment and has some excellent people running the ship. C’mon folks…dont out think common sense. Remember when you were kids….we have been blessed by our students and I thank God we dont have the issues of other schools listed in the news.

    Go Eagles!!!!

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